Pastor John Gray, the Finished Product of Matriarchy

A minor church scandal opens up a canker crater of all that is wrong with the modern Church. Physiognomy is swift to clear the smoke screens.

Pastor John Gray Used Bible Verses to Explain Why He Bought His Wife a $200,000 Lamborghini

Pastor John Gray Used Bible Verses to Explain Why He Bought His Wife a $200,000 Lamborghini

By Kate Prengel, 14 December 2018

Pastor John Gray is an associate pastor at Joel Osteen’s Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas. He and his wife have their own show on the Oprah Winfrey network, and Gray has just signed his second book deal.

Further research identifies him as the current head pastor of Relentless Church in Greenville, SC, so that’s an old affiliation. But the book deal and Orca Winfrey are confirmed.

In other words, Gray is not a poor man. That’s what the 45 year old pastor tried to explain during a Facebook live post he made, after he got lambasted for buying his wife a Lamborghini. You can watch Gray’s Facebook Live post here.

Gray’s critics were worried about the “optics” of the gift, with many suggesting that it would look bad to have a Christian leader shelling out hundreds of thousands of dollars on a luxury car. But Gray shrugged off their criticism, saying that he didn’t use a penny of church funds on the Lamborghini. (“May God take my life on this feed if I did,” he added.) He also said that he didn’t buy the gift as a pastor — he bought it “as a man,” looking to make his wife happy.

On the one hand, I fully agree with Gray. His dollar, his choice. But on the other hand, buying a $200k car to make his wife happy is a big red flag. The “optics” are indeed worrisome because Pastor Gray does not present himself like a Lamborghini Man:

Picture is from the Relentless Church directory. Pastor Grey has a pear-shaped head, indicating a personality that insists on treating others kindly and being treated kindly in return. The beard is probably compensation for a fat neck. Not a DODO, that’s good.

He affects a watch that might or might not be expensive but for sure, that is not an expensive suit he’s wearing in this professional photograph for his church’s website. Even allowing he’s dressing down to not flaunt his wealth, a self-confident millionaire accustomed to the nice things in life would at least still wear a tie.

His wife has strongly upward-slanting eye canthus, indicating a personality that is optimistic, risk-taking and aggressive. Aggression is confirmed by her sharp, jutting chin and prominent cheekbones. A forceful personality and notice, she even posed with arms akimbo… a dominant posture.

She cut her hair short: doesn’t want to look pretty for her husband.

If Gray’s wife is driving a Lamborghini then he better be driving a Ferrari, but something tells me a Toyota pickup is a better guess. She’s nagging Pastor Gray into all kinds of concessions. He capitulates because of Male Guilt:

During a long Facebook Live post, Gray quoted Bible verses from the Book of Ephesians to explain why he spent $200,000 on a Lamborghini for his wife, Aventer. The couple celebrated their eighth wedding anniversary on December 11. You can watch Gray’s talk, explaining his purchase, right here.

On her wedding anniversary? A spontaneous gift, it was not. In the video I’m about to link to, Pastor Gray references Mosaic law that the number 8 is special to God; for example, Jewish boys were circumcised on the eighth day.

Wow. That’s the most tragic Freudian slip ever. Looking back at that family picture, his hands are protectively on his son’s shoulders. His subconscious knows the truth: his kids are the right age for her to trigger a frivorce.

Gray talked about the importance of a “good marriage,” explaining that he had never seen a succesful marriage when he was a boy growing up. And he said that, since he had never seen a happy marriage, he used to worry that he’d never be able to be a good husband. He mentioned men in his family who had abandoned their wives and family, leaving the women alone to raise their children. “I grew up with those stories,” he said. “I grew up seeing physical abuse, seeing domestic violence.” Gray talked about seeing men in his family abusing drugs and threatening their families with wives. “I swore to God I’d never perpetuate that,” he said. “I swore I’d be more.”

This man’s home is not in good order, which makes him unfit for Church leadership. The hot car itself is not the problem, it’s the symptom. Aventer’s loyalty to her husband should not come with a price. Why does he bend over for her?

The relevant stuff begins at 3:30. Partial transcript: “My mother’s dad was a preacher, had five children. He walked away. So, you can be saved and preaching and walk away from your family. My grandmother got remarried and had three more kids, and then he walked away. So, my grandmother who loved God was stuck with eight kids, two ex-husband, none of them gave her one dollar. I grew up with those stories. I grew up seeing physical abuse, domestic abuse, domestic violence, saw my aunt’s boyfriend threaten her with a knife… and he came after me… he was high on drugs, or whatever…”

Sigh, multigenerational matriarchy in the ghetto. He was raised by women teaching him that everything wrong with family life is caused by the men, when it’s actually the women choosing bad men. As for that preacher, I’d guess he found out Grandma was a shameless skank having other mens’ babies. Don’t be too hard on the guy without a trip through the family photo album.

Start at 5:30 to reach his comment about circumcision and the number 8. (I can’t confirm the significance he attaches to the number 8 despite having studied Christian numerology. In addition to circumcision, the eighth day of ritual cleanliness from skin disease is the day on which livestock are sacrificed per Leviticus 14, which again is not promising in this context.)

Gray turned to the importance of being a good husband, taking a verse from Ephesians. He said, “Here’s the truth, husbands love your wives like Christ loves the Church. Even giving himself a ransom. That means give everything. Sow everything. Give the best of everything. And that’s where I’m at,” Gray said.

Dude, no. You’re living the feminist lie, that men exist to martyr themselves for women and give Pussy everything she ever wants. That is NOT REPEAT NOT how Christ loves the Church! He gives commands and expects to be obeyed, He gives punishments when He isn’t, He tests us to know our character whenever He is pleased to do so, He ruins us when it suits His purposes, He gives us advice that is not to be ignored. God is not our bitch and not our butler!

You’ve been killing yourself to make your wife happy and it’s a safe bet it hasn’t been working. How often does she do her part? How often does she obey you, does she stay loyal when it hurts, does she speak admiringly of you to others, does she ask your opinion and work to please you? I know the answer from her mutilated hair and drill-sergeant pose.

And here are the consequences of Pastor Grey’s internal unwillingness to control women: his church’s external unwillingness to control women:

“Pastors” Trevor & Aime, Young Adults

“Pastors” Byron & Mariah

“Pastors” Anzeo & Lauren. Dear God, the body postures in these photos!

“Pastor” Paola

“Pastor” Tasha Cobbs-Leonard, space alien who didn’t take her husband’s name.

“Pastor” Falon

“Pastor” Lacey

Pastor Herpes.

I can’t even guess at his problems.

This isn’t the complete directory, there are male-only pastor pictures, but the correct number of female pastors for any church is zero.

Pastor Gray’s inability to tell his wife “No” has led to Relentless Church becoming a den of rebellious women, manginas and probable homosexuals. The misery of his home life is righteous punishment for spreading that misery to innocents.

He can repent at any time but at this point in the game, repentance will cost him everything.

It was just last night that I went to bed and stared at the ceiling, wondering where I’d gone wrong. A career professional in his prime, living alone in a crackerbox apartment with nothing to show for his life’s work but a modest car and enough pay saved up for the next job loss. No close family, few friends, no social status, no retirement, not even a pet to welcome me home.

And then I read the next morning about a successful pastor bribing his wife with six-digit gifts in return for enough time for his son to grow up and follow his idolatrous example. It does provide a certain perspective.

If you’re debt-free, right with Christ and not beholden to parasites then you’re living better than Pastor Grey with his book deals on the Oprah Network.


9 thoughts on “Pastor John Gray, the Finished Product of Matriarchy

  1. ‘Aggression is confirmed by her sharp, jutting chin and prominent cheekbones. ‘

    The sharp jutting chin I’ve noticed is a physical red flag on a woman. I’ve known a few of these women who have that and soft & feminine is certainly not in the top 100 characteristics they have.

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  2. Gunner Q, I didn’t know you had a blog. Good on you! If I ever decide to shutter mine (not that it would be missed, I think) I’m glad to know others will carry on.

    And here are the consequences of Pastor Grey’s internal unwillingness to control women: his church’s external unwillingness to control women

    Change control to discipline and we are in agreement.


  3. Hi Gunner!

    I decided to check out your blog. So when are you leaving that hellhole we call California and come to the United States? We can use more Christian Conservative votes here out West (CO, AZ, NM, etc).

    Your “fav” commenter on Dalrock (ChristianCool). 🙂 lol


  4. Ps. What is the name of that church on the article again? Cuckistan Church, located in Idiotsville USA? 🙄

    I guess these who attend such a “church” are the same types of morons that are willing to send money to TV prosperity gospel types like Creflo Dollar. 🙄 What was this whole thing Jesus said about…. oh I don’t know… storing up treasures in Heaven? $200k could end hunger in hundreds of homes each year or buy a several homeless veterans a small condo so they are off the streets?

    A new idiot born every hour, I suppose. *shrug*


  5. Welcome, ChristianCool!

    “So when are you leaving that hellhole we call California and come to the United States? We can use more Christian Conservative votes here out West (CO, AZ, NM, etc).”

    Might not actually be long, as you’ve no doubt read in another recent post.


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