Senator White Boy Arrested for Spanking?

Tell me if I’m being oversensitive here. While scrolling through the daily headlines, I saw a headline for a California State Assemblyman who was arrested for spanking his 7-year old daughter.

Arambula Mugshot

Photograph taken from the Fresno Bee’s original article on… Assemblyman Joaquin Arambula?

A recent photo of Mr. Arambula per Yahoo! News. Mexican, as expected by his name… but wow, what a Photoshop job to create the first pic, which even lacks his mustache. Somebody worked hard on the George Zimmerman treatment. Curious.

Physiognomy indicates a masculine, rules-oriented personality–strong brow, flat ears, thin nose. He seems to have some jowls forming, indicating anger as well as determination, but not to the point of personality-defining. The tops of his ears being turned make me wonder if he often wears glasses.

I’m loath to use that first image but one reason men adopt the basic mustache is to make their upper lip look bigger, hence more masculine. The upper lip is often considered masculine while the lower lip is considered feminine. But the ‘stache is so common in Mexican culture that it could simply be a choice of conformity.

California Assemblyman Joaquin Arambula Arrested on Misdemeanor Child Abuse Charge in Fresno

California Assemblyman Joaquin Arambula Arrested on Misdemeanor Child Abuse Charge in Fresno: Police

Associated Press, 11 December 2018

California state lawmaker Joaquin Arambula was arrested Monday on suspicion of misdemeanor child cruelty, Fresno police Chief Jerry Dyer said.

The arrest came after officials at Dailey Elementary Charter School discovered an injury on a child who came into an office Monday afternoon, Dyer said. He did not describe the injury or Arambula’s relationship to the child. He was cited for willful cruelty to a child,

Arambula, a Democratic state assemblyman, is married with three young daughters.

A Mexican DODO.

Officials at the elementary school reported the child’s injury to child protective services, which called Fresno police, Dyer said. Officers called Arambula and his wife, Elizabeth, who both arrived at the scene.

The child described how the injury occurred and said Arambula inflicted it, Dyer said. The police determined the injury happened Sunday evening. Arambula was cooperative and cordial, but he did not provide a statement to officers based on advice from his attorney, Dyer said.

Indicating he got a lawyer before answering the summons. That was fast moving; must be nice to have legal representation on retainer while making a living off thwarting due process for everybody else.

Officers were “confident that a crime had occurred” and arrested Arambula on suspicion of willful cruelty to a child, Dyer said. He was taken in a patrol car to police headquarter, finger-printed, photographed and then released because his crime is a misdemeanor. The injury did not rise to the level of a felony.

More from:

Arambula was arrested on Monday night and accused of willful cruelty to a child. As of Wednesday, CPS and the Department of Social Services declared Arambula and his wife, Elizabeth, fit to bring their three children — aged 3, 6 and 7 — who had been staying with Arambula’s parents, back home.

Fast moving by CPS.

“It was us disciplining — normal discipline to our child,” Arambula said. “And I’m in the midst of a process that is playing out as we speak.”

The Fresno Bee additionally reports, “Arambula thanked his daughter’s teacher, Fresno police and Child Protective Services for ‘doing their jobs’ and ‘following the process.’” Family psychologist Barbara Greenberg tells Yahoo Lifestyle that the incident was “handled beautifully.”

Yeah, Barbie, having a lawyer present and advising at every step is how things get “handled beautifully”. If you can afford it. On the surface, Arambula handled things the way I would: go through the motions, be courteous at every point, imply this was all an unfortunate misunderstanding. Not hard to imagine that his kid was having a 24-hour temper tantrum and told a teacher in order to get Daddy in trouble.

If this Democrat has any sanity, he’ll begin pushing back against the feminist-industrial complex that came this close to ruining his family. But more likely, he’ll just lawyer up tighter and be surprised when his time comes for real. Not to mention being DODO.

“Anything that hurts a child physically and emotionally, in my opinion, is abuse and should be reported,” Greenberg says. “Too often kids go to school looking for help and they’re not taken seriously. The school took this very seriously, as they should, and they did what they were supposed to do.”

As for the assemblyman’s actions, however, Greenberg says, “Nothing good comes from [spanking].”

“There are much, much better ways to teach your children, and losing control and putting your hands on a child, there’s nothing good that comes from it,” she says. “You don’t create kids with self-esteem and with the ability to handle frustration by spanking them.”

Greenberg is a published author of a book on teenager psychology and a pundit with an advice column at Psychology Today.

Contact | Dr. Barbara Greenberg, PhD | Teen, Adolescent ...

Surprisingly normal physiognomy. She’s definitely more of a care-based moralizer than a CPS battleaxe.

Arambula told the publication that he has no plans to resign. If convicted, the assemblyman could face up to six months in jail and possible probation.

On a closing note, however, Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer has gone on record that the injury to the child was not located on the buttocks and is not consistent with the practice of spanking. The possibility exists that this isn’t merely a case of Leftoids getting the treatment they give others but an actual case of child abuse… in which case, CPS swiftly returned the kids to a known abusive parent because he was a VIP. This could explode.

The fact that the first picture of Arambula being circulated was heavily, obviously doctored to make him look white instead of Latino indicates somebody in media thinks the matter WILL explode.

For now, however, the story ends here until charges are filed… caught between child-crime confidentiality and Assemblyman Arambula’s legal defense team.


3 thoughts on “Senator White Boy Arrested for Spanking?

  1. ‘Surprisingly normal physiognomy. She’s definitely more of a care-based moralizer than a CPS battleaxe.’

    That being said taking an educated guess here….I doubt she’s conceived and birthed any children.


  2. It’s hilarious watching all these Mexicans who kissed decrepit white Democrat butt to get a place in power be hoisted by their own petards.

    For this to be a crime, the daughter probably had some mark on her, otherwise the police have nothing to go on.

    ((Barbara Greenberg)) is not wearing a wedding ring and her FB page shows no children or husband. Her articles speak of children abstractly, in the third person. In other words, she’s barren.

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