Professional Surfing Cucks Up

Move over, ban-happy YouTube & Twitter. Social Justice Warriors have been deplatforming organizations and people in meatspace, too, using the power of the State. The World Surfing League based in California was ready to stand its ground on pay “inequality” until entryists opened the door.


Mavericks Challenge California Surf Contest: What You Need to Know

The Mavericks Challenge California surf contest gives the world’s best surfers a chance to test their skills against monster waves that can rise as much as 60 feet high. It all sounds simple enough, but this contest has an interesting twist. It doesn’t have a fixed date. In fact, no one knows precisely when it will be held until just 24 hours before it starts.

The big waves at Mavericks near Half Moon Bay, California that are the reason for this contest of big wave surfing control the calendar. Just off a rugged, rocky point along the coast, winter storms and underwater geography combine to create some the biggest and most dangerous waves in the world. …

Late each year, contest organizers announce the official waiting period for the Mavericks surf contest. This year, the competition window opens on November 1. When conditions look like they are going to be right, the organizers call a group of pre-selected surfers to let them know when the Mavericks Challenge will begin. The contestants have just 48 hours to get there. That’s all the time you’ll have to prepare to watch them, too.

The first Mavericks surf contest was held in 1999. The name and the group running it has changed every few years. In fact, Mavericks may be one of the unluckiest events in the entire surfing world, with a long tale of things gone wrong. The World Surf League whos was its sponsor in 2017-18 renamed it the Mavericks Challenge. They held an opening ceremony for the 2018-2019 contest in October 2018.

The bad luck appears to be continuing:

The Story

California just forced equal pay for female surfers. Could that change other games?

By Laurel Rosenhall, 6 September 2018

Bianca Valenti conquered 20-foot waves at a surfing competition in Mexico this summer, winning first place in Latin America’s first big-wave contest to include women. Her prize: $1,750. The surfer who won the men’s division at the same competition walked away with four times as much prize money: $7,000.

Video: Rabbi Marvin Hier, Surfer Bianca Valenti, Political Roundup | Watch KQED NEWSROOM Online ...

Bianca Valenti, age 28 and hitting the wall early due to manjaw and Million Cock Stare. The Internet has no bikini pics of this professional female surfer! The mind boggles at the implications.

But when Valenti, of San Francisco, competes on the shores of northern California in the famous Mavericks surfing challenge this winter, she’ll be eligible for the same amount of prize money as the men. Why? Because the state of California insisted on it.

Behold the face of equality: George Orwell’s boot heel.

Like Hollywood, tech and many other industries, the sports world is being forced to confront its historic practice of paying women less than men. Though the ranks of female athletes have grown dramatically since 1972, when federal law, through Title IX, began prohibiting gender discrimination in schools and colleges, pay gaps remain huge in most sports. Basketball and golf have struggled for years with pay equity issues, and female players have sued U.S. Soccer for wage discrimination, arguing they’re paid 40 percent of what their male counterparts earn, despite outperforming them on the field.

The wage gap has been debunked so many, many times already. It would be curious if women are paid less than men in an activity that gives women a chance to show some skin but remember this is professional surfing in dangerous conditions and cold water, not a swimsuit modeling contest. I did find some wetsuit pics of Bianca:

The Badass Women of Big Wave Surfing Today -

Boner test: FAIL.

What’s unusual with the Mavericks surf competition is that the government—a state commission, in this case—preemptively stepped in to compel equal pay as a condition of holding the event. Experts said they couldn’t think of a similar situation in another sport.

They helpfully included a link to the actual document. Relevant excerpt:

Click to access StateLands_Mavericks.pdf

Staff Report C36 dated 8/23/18

While safety concerns make it infeasible to open up this area to all surfers, the Commissions consideration includes whether authorizing exclusive use to this Applicant  is in the best interests of the state. This includes considering how the Applicant intends to run the competition and ensure equity among its participants. Staff believes it is in the best interests of the state to require the event to implement certain measures to promote equity by requiring that the amount of compensation awarded to any participants does not depend on gender for the reasons described below. Staff has received inquiries expressing concern about the lack of equity in the competition between female and male athletes.

Doubtless the lawyers I’ll soon be talking about.

Staff has independently evaluated the issues raised relating to equity among athletes participating in the Mavericks Challenge. The Public Trust Doctrine at its foundation is a common law doctrine that requires the state to protect and manage its tide and submerged lands for the benefit of all the people of California. A core principle of the Commission’s draft Environmental Justice Policy is to promote the fair treatment of people of all races, cultures, national origins, genders, gender identities, gender expressions, religions, sexual orientation, and socioeconomic status concerning the implementation and enforcement of laws and regulations within the Commission’s jurisdiction.

A perfect example of unequal enforcement of partiality allows SJWs to simultaneous claim they’re respresenting everybody while issuing agenda-driven ultimatums. Are they going to prohibit beach pageants until men are allowed to participate and given an equal share of the purse?

The Maverick’s Challenge is unique among surfing contests around the world due to its popularity and intrigue. The Mavericks Challenge relies solely on the exclusive access to and use of public lands and resources to ensure a successful contest.

Best Mustaches in Sports

In fact, the core element and major draw of the Mavericks Challenge are the waves, a
public resource on public lands. The waves do not discriminate. Male athletes are surfing and competing on the same waves as the female athletes. While, according to staff’s understanding, the prize formula is based on the number of female and male athletes competing

There it is. Women are paid less (assuming they are participating) because there’s fewer of them. No systematic bias until the bureaucrats saw a chance to correct that.

…the Applicant has sole discretion in determining the standards participants must meet in order to qualify for the event. So other than the participation evaluation process which is controlled solely by the Applicant, there doesn’t appear to be any reasonable justification to treat prize compensation differently for female athletes versus male athletes.

Back to the previous article.

[This] Mavericks case could set a precedent for local governments to demand equal pay in any sporting event held on public property, said David Berri, a professor of economics at Southern Utah University who researches gender in sports.

“In any event where you are going across public land, then any government entity could say ‘You have to make this equal,’” he said.

Why did the chicken cross the road? Because it agreed to equality with the wolf.

Following the lead set by some tennis and cycling competitions, the World Surf League, which runs the Mavericks contest near Half Moon Bay, announced a new plan this week to pay men and women equal prize money starting on October 1. It came after an obscure three-person state panel indicated last month that it would only lease the public beach for Mavericks if women and men are awarded the same prize money.

The World Surf League. Remember that name for later in this post.

The commission—which includes prominent Democratic politicians Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom and Controller Betty Yee—hasn’t yet voted on the issue because the league pulled its application for the lease when the report came out. But the panel was likely to approve the equal pay requirement.

“We believe there ought to be gender equity with respect to the purposes of any use of our state lands,” Yee said in an interview.

Newsom also supported the requirement, said his chief of staff Rhys Williams: “A lease application that doesn’t reflect equal pay isn’t going to fly with him.”

Yay, State coercion on private enterprise! I love these precedents the wicked are setting and intend to remember every one of them. God willing, we’ll regain power while they’re still alive to be on the receiving end of the shit they shovel at us today. Hmm, do you think Newsom gives as money to Father God as he does to his wife? I think Sacramento should force Newsom to build Christ a new cathedral, at his personal expense, that costs at least as much as his wife’s movie career. This is an urgent State priority because some people think Newsom is Christ-O-Phobic! He must prove himself innocent! And who gave him permission to use public roads? Those are public lands! He’s not under house arrest but he’s trespassing if he leaves home without a permit.

But wait, the WSL pulled its application?

Under the original plan, the prize purse for women was set at $44,400 while the prize purse for men was $106,600. The purse was to be divided among all competitors in each division, with $15,000 for the woman winning first place and $25,000 for the man earning first place. Second- and third-place prizes were to have even greater gaps, with the women earning less than half of what men would. The league previously defended the plan as fair because the men’s division included more competitors.

The league did not specify the prize purse or number of competitors under the new plan, saying only that it involved “equal prize money” for male and female athletes. It declined to answer questions for this article and, in a press release, cast its new arrangement as part of a “long-planned strategy to elevate women’s surfing.”

A long-planned strategy of feminist lawyers on retainer. I’m getting to it.

But women who have been advocating for equal pay for surfers said the change never would have come about without the government taking a stand.

That’s right. Most men won’t pander to Ugly Barbie and give her free money without State thugs breathing threats at us. Is this how you want to do business, women? Think VERY carefully because whatever game you pick, we men will play it.

The Convergence Tactics

Said Sabrina Brennan of the Committee for Equity in Women’s Surfing: “It’s what gave us leverage.”

Brennan is not a surfer but she sits on the board of the San Mateo County Harbor District, so she knows a little something about government approval processes. Her fight for women surfers began in 2015, when she learned Mavericks could only take place with a permit from the California Coastal Commission. At that time women weren’t allowed to compete in the event.

Brennan discovered a male space! Three years later, Mavericks is pozzed by State decree.

“That’s when I initially realized there was an opportunity to ask a state agency to intervene and add a condition on the permit that would require women be allowed to compete,” Brennan said.

The commission agreed, and in 2016 required Mavericks to include a heat for women. But the event hasn’t been held since then, due to a lack of ideal surf conditions and a change of ownership in the management of Mavericks. So this winter was set to be the first time women would compete at the event.

As the surf league sought a new round of government permits, Brennan began to focus her lobbying on the issue of equal pay. She organized some of the world’s top female surfers—including Valenti—to send letters to the Coastal and State Lands commissions asking that they require Mavericks to pay equal prize money. A lawyer volunteered to beef up their letters with citations to relevant civil rights cases.

“It’s unfortunate that it took a tiny group of women athletes, an activist, an attorney and a couple state agencies to get them to do the right thing,” Brennan said after the league announced its new pay plan.

“But, whatever. I’m just glad it happened.”

Barbie whistled and the white knights came.

Sabrina Brennan - Bilder, News, Infos aus dem Web

Sabrina Brennan, probably lesbian because she’s a high-powered lawyer in the Gay Area, isn’t trying to attract male attention and has eyes like that.

The Rest Of The Story

Remember the World Surf League mentioned above?

Finally, World Surf League offers equal prize money for women and men

By Bruce Jenkins, 6 September 2018

Of the many permits needed to hold the Mavericks contest, the most crucial are approved by the California Coastal Commission, which has recommended equality for years, and the State Lands Commission. When the [State Lands Commission] announced in August that it would require equal pay for women before issuing approval, the WSL withdrew its permit request — a sign that it had no intention of altering its policy.

…The event’s previous owners, Cartel Management, balked at the notion of including women until finally agreeing last year to a six-woman heat that would accompany the men’s competition (poor conditions prevented the contest from being held).

There was never a pay gap at Maverick’s because there were no women competing at Maverick’s. Re-read the previous article, above the first pic of Valenti. The pay gap it mentioned was in Mexico… and maybe that pay gap existed because that was the first womens’ big-wave event ever in Latin America, as reported?


Cartel arrogantly excluded Valenti from the entry list…

Ooh, hardball. I approve. Wasn’t Valenti doing this for the sake of global gender equality and not her personal career? She was content to see her sisters get in the door, right?


And to finish this post, why Cartel, or at least the World Surfing League part of it, gave in to this evil after trying to fight it:

Hangin’ With … World Surf League CEO Sophie Goldschmidt

By Travis Ostrander, 9 February 2018

SOPHIE GOLDSCHMIDT is the CEO of the World Surf League. She began her career with adidas and has since held positions with the WTA, NBA and Rugby Football Union. Goldschmidt brought her experience helping organizations enter new markets and developing sports in various global regions to L.A. five months ago when she took over the reins at the WSL.

Sophie is the first female CEO of the World Surfing League.

Five months age from February is October 2017 or so. That explains much of WSL suddenly knuckling under to Commiefornia gov’t demands of helpin’ da wimminz. It ceased being a private vs public issue and became private-public collusion against men and profits.

Under Goldschmidt’s leadership, the organization recently agreed to an exclusive distribution partnership with Facebook. She spoke with SBD Global about that deal, the WSL-owned Kelly Slater Wave Company, which develops man-made wave facilities, and the league’s ambition to play a role in surfing’s inclusion at Tokyo 2020.

That’s the Tokyo Olympics 2020. Corruption up the wazoo, in only six months of (((Goldschmidt’s))) leadership. Indicating Jewishness like that is lame but damn if that particular group doesn’t keep turning up in this kind of suspicious circumstance. Not to mention how Sophie could have collected all these high-level contacts. There’s always the old-fashioned way of pressing mattresses except she isn’t pretty enough to have pulled it off. (See the post’s end.)

On the recent partnership with Facebook …
Sophie Goldschmidt: We were delighted that they chose us as their first top-tier professional sports organization to partner with exclusively on a global basis. It’s really transformative for us to be able to tap into the biggest distribution platform in the world, with over 2 billion users. Our audience is growing fast but our relationship with them certainly helps to further accelerate that. We love what they stand for. They’re about community. The surfing world is a very tight global community, so right back to that main value, we’re very symbiotic.

Facebook’s audience is shrinking from what I’ve heard so maybe they’re rebranding themselves in preparation for social media’s well-deserved collapse.

On the appeal of Facebook …
Goldschmidt: We are able to be very nimble, very flexible. We want to be innovative, we want to be pioneering. Because of how we’re structured and we centrally control all our rights, it means that we can maybe afford to be a bit of a guinea pig, unlike some other leagues. So we really want to push the boundaries. … Another key criteria for us was that our content, for the most part, would still be accessible free of charge and Facebook allows us to do that. We didn’t want to go behind a paywall, we didn’t just want to be available on pay-TV platforms. So, the fact that the majority of our content is still going to be available for free around the world is hugely important for us.

As annoying as paywalls and pay-per-view can be for the consumer, Goldschmidt is throwing away bushels of money here. This does not strike me as a good business decision, which again raises questions about how she became a well-connected CEO outside of ingroup preference.

Which in turn, raises questions about how she expects to pay men and women the same amount of prize money. The professional tier of any sport needs financial compensation because there are costs associated with performing at that level. You may not win every event but you need to win a few in order to fuel the machine. Goldschmidt is reducing incentives while making the profitable content “accessible free of charge and Facebook allows us to do that”.

On the league’s conservation efforts …
Goldschmidt: We just relaunched our ocean conservation arm at the end of the year, which is called P.U.R.E. — Protect, Understand and Respect the Environment. It’s absolutely front and center of what we’re doing as an organization, heavily supported by the surfers. We’ve repositioned it to be much more inclusive. Previously, we were very much about sustainability but a lot of our focus and attention went toward research, which is still very important to us. But we really want to use our platforms to help amplify all the great work that’s out there. We felt that the world didn’t really need another ocean conservation charity and we wanted to see how we could just better support all the work that’s out there, which will involve financial investment, partnering our commercial partners with important NGOs and local projects and highlighting through our social channels all the great work that is happening.

Is she Deep State? Environmentalism is a notorious front for dirty politics and globalist economic initiatives. She really is connected… and none of her interests appear to be surfing. She’s converging the surfing world to the globalist agenda via social media.

Sophie. All these women have flat chests, manjaws, thousand-cock stares and no hair. Well, Sophie has a little hair remaining but it looks like it’s dying on the vine.

Envy and hatred of men turns women ugly inside and out. The cock carousel doesn’t help and how strange they all end up devoted to globalism and Convergence as a result.

I wonder how many female surfers are going to die in 60ft waves near Santa Cruz this winter? Used to be zero because women weren’t allowed… maybe there was a safety reason they weren’t allowed? We’ll find out.


6 thoughts on “Professional Surfing Cucks Up

  1. ‘All these women have flat chests, manjaws, thousand-cock stares and no hair. ‘

    That’s what happens when they submit to the Satanic globohomos rather than God and their husband…which is they will most likely never marry.


  2. ((Sophie Goldschmidt)) cancelled some other contest in Oz because sharks were spotted in the water, or something. Women are just the kiss of death for male organizations. The ASP was way better. With Quik folding and Kelly, Bobby, and Dane off the tour, there’s not much reason to watch.


  3. Don’t see a problem. Rule that all surfing competitions are open to all, and let women and men fight it out competing against each other. It’s a test of skill, isn’t it?.


  4. Welcome, Hans! Your comment is so perfectly Tradcon that like a mosquito in a nudist colony, I am giddy with indecision over where to start.

    Perhaps with the obvious: you missed the point of the post. My complaint is not that an all-male organization is now mixed. My complaint is that the government coerced a private organization into accepting women. That is a shameless, totalitarian violation of our liberty to peacefully associate with who we want and your response was Don’t see a problem. Perhaps, now, you do.

    “It’s a test of skill, isn’t it?”

    No, it’s entertainment. Women don’t need membership in a professional organization to test her skill against Nature. The reason for organizing events like this one are for the entertainment value, which is also where the prize money comes from. It’s not a reward for participation, it’s a reward for giving the audience the show they want.

    Besides, we don’t need a competition to tell us what biology already told us: women are inferior to men. Life is easier for men and happier for women when our society accepts this reality instead of providing ever-more forums for challenging reality.

    Incidentally, the Maverick’s Challenge wasn’t held this 2018-2019 season.


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