The Next Type of False Accusation: Restraining Children From Hurting Themselves And Others

A significant part of Current Matriarchy is the fear with which women and the State view male use of force on children. As I reported in

3. AB 2657: Student Restraint and Seclusion in Schools. Prohibits the use of restraint or seclusion on any student except when behavior poses a clear and present danger to the student or others. It also prohibits using for the purpose of coercion, discipline, convenience or retaliation, and requires data collection and reporting on the use of restraint and seclusion to the California Department of Education.

This is the current law of California and here is the first “by way of not-the-example-we-wanted” article making the rounds.

13-year-old student with autism dies after being physically restrained at school

By Kerry Justich, 7 December 2018

Oh noes! The big bad male guards crushed him to death! Toxic masculinity! Now as a blogger, I know that a headline must communicate what’s most significant about an article. This headline sounds as though a teen with mild cognition issues was forcibly restrained in such a way that the act of restraint was the cause of death.

A 13-year-old boy with autism died in Northern California last week after becoming unresponsive at school while staff physically restrained him, authorities said.

The boy became violent and needed to be restrained by staff at Guiding Hands School in El Dorado Hills on Nov. 28 to “prevent the injury of staff and students,” Sgt. Anthony Prencipe of the El Dorado County Sheriff’s Office said in a statement Thursday.

Guiding Hands is a private, K-12, “special needs” school with an incredible staff:student ratio of 1:5. “Special needs” in this context means “brain-damaged” or “uncontrollably violent” and the two often appear together. A child in an adult’s body is like a toddler driving a car: mayhem is guaranteed.

The unidentified student, who was described as being 6 feet tall, 280 pounds and having “severe autism”…

Holy shit. 13 Years old, 6′ tall, 280lbs? That is not most people’s mental image of “autistic child”. “Thick-headed teenage Neanderthal”, maybe. That body mass would be mostly fat but y’know, cars don’t know martial arts, either. Try holding one back when it wants to go.

…became unresponsive while being restrained. A teacher then began administering CPR until a medic arrived, Prencipe said.

A prompt First Response. This is not the brutality case the headline suggested.

The boy was taken to Mercy Hospital of Folsom in critical condition and later transferred to UC Davis Medical Center, officials said.

Cause of death isn’t given but if security’s restraint had caused the fatal injury then the first hospital would have been able to stabilize him. Broken bones and interrupted circulation, any ER can handle that. Cerebral hemorrhaging or organ failure, not always.

The El Dorado County Sheriff’s Office was informed two days later that the student had died.

“EDSO deputies and detectives interviewed the parties involved and are completing a full investigation,” Prencipe said. “At this time, there appears to be no evidence of foul play or criminal intent.”

A full investigation that was required by Assembly-Person Weber’s man-hate-motivated law, which didn’t start with any criminal suspicion. It started with the fact of “security used restraint on a child”.

What was security supposed to do? Let a brain-damaged kid the size of a football linebacker face-smash a glass window or punch a classmate one-third his size? Incredibly, the answer is “yes until proven necessary after the fact”. The police didn’t start this investigation because they had “evidence of foul play or criminal intent”. They started this investigation to see if what security did could be justified after the fact.

This time, it’s easy to prove security’s innocence because the violent moron was a circus freak. Next time, the truth might not be so physically obvious… and men will be more afraid to punish disorderly conduct until blood gets spilled. And that’s what security is paid to prevent!


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