SF Mayor London Breed’s Murdering Brother

London Breed (what a ghetto rat name! Imagine Ocasio-Cortes with an extra hundred pounds of blubber) has petitioned Governor Moonbeam for amnesty for her misunderstood brother who because of poverty and a childhood history of crack flu, murdered his getaway-driver girlfriend while fleeing the cops after the armed robbery of a restaurant. Moonbeam, furiously signing … Continue reading SF Mayor London Breed’s Murdering Brother

Sheriff Adam Christianson Calls Out the Sacramento Traitors

California officer’s killing reignites sanctuary law fight https://www.breitbart.com/news/california-officers-killing-reignites-sanctuary-law-fight/ By AP, 29 December 2018 SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — A man suspected of killing a California policeman was in the U.S. illegally and captured while planning to flee to his native Mexico, a sheriff said as he all but blamed the state’s sanctuary law for the officer’s … Continue reading Sheriff Adam Christianson Calls Out the Sacramento Traitors

She Nags!

This post was some time in coming, as personnel issues in the workplace are something to think twice about discussing on a public forum. However, I could certainly use advice. I've had a female subordinate for several years. One that is willing to get dirty and do math, therefore the higher-ups are glad to have … Continue reading She Nags!

Only Stupid People Leave California

So claimed the Los Angeles Times this holiday weekend. This promises to be a most interesting whitewashing of the latest census figures, aka Hard Reality. Who moves to California? The wealthier and better educated, mostly https://www.latimes.com/business/la-fi-california-census-migration-20181221-story.html By Margot Roosevelt, 21 December 2018 Caption: Alexandra Bede, a supply chain manager for an e-commerce firm, and Paul … Continue reading Only Stupid People Leave California

Christ, Not America, Is Great

Instapundit linked to this, an immigrant's spectacular failure to understand Western Civilization in general and America in particular. He was impressed with her attitude but she completely failed to give God the credit He is due. I Am an Immigrant and this is Why America is Great https://medium com/@s.g.cheah/i-am-an-immigrant-and-this-why-america-is-great-5d009ae8b532 By S.G. Cheah (A female self-identifying … Continue reading Christ, Not America, Is Great

Burning Coal In Morocco

Just because the men in your home country have been fully emasculated, don't expect the men in the countries you visit to act the same, ladies. Two Scandinavian women were raped and murdered while backpacking through Morocco, leaving behind memories and teachable moments: https://heavy.com/news/2018/12/maren-ueland-video-louisa-jespersen-graphic/ Maren Ueland and Louisa Jespersen, two Scandinavian tourists who were backpacking … Continue reading Burning Coal In Morocco

Doug Wilson Multi-Cucks

Hat tip to Jack for noticing a Douglas Wilson comment about Dalrock, posted at https://dalrock.wordpress.com/2018/12/18/gone-fishin-4/#comment-295373 Even better, Wilson answers some other letters that give insight into why the organized Protestant Church is dying on his watch. https://dougwils.com/books-and-culture/s7-engaging-the-culture/so-here-come-the-letters.html What is “the Dalrock route?” Keith Keith, from what I have seen, I would describe the Dalrock route … Continue reading Doug Wilson Multi-Cucks

Deck the Halls With Daddy Issues

Feminism is ugly. Normal, natural, healthy human behaviors are corrupted into the maw of the all-consuming Convergence. Here's example #(Finite). I’m Not Seeing My Trump-Loving Family On Christmas And I Couldn’t Be Happier About It https://www.yahoo.com/huffpost/m-not-seeing-trump-loving-143016336.html By Ashley Scoby writing for the Huffington Post, 20 December 2018 This Christmas will be the third one I … Continue reading Deck the Halls With Daddy Issues

Women Are Going Off the Pill

But anti-natalism is still going full speed. We don't need no stinkin' babies! More women now rely on female sterilization than the pill — experts unpack why https://www.yahoo.com/lifestyle/women-now-rely-female-sterilization-pill-experts-unpack-202508533.html By Korin Miller, 19 December 2018 My guess upfront will be that the cost/risk of female sterilization has dropped thanks to improved surgical techniques. In discussing female … Continue reading Women Are Going Off the Pill