Gov. Kim Reynolds Targets Iowa’s Children

Why do I stay in Commiefornia? Today’s answer: the alternative is Iowa.

Reynolds' Statement On Branstad's New Job In China

This is Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds.

Kim Reynolds - Wikipedia

This is Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds on drugs. She probably needs them to sleep at night, no sarcasm. Her concave and upwards-pointing nose indicate she started adulthood with an open, emotional, fairly typical feminine personality. Now that her career has reached apogee, however, she’s become the empowered feminist dream of a bitter, alcoholic dyke.

Exactly the person to trust with your children’s mental health!

Iowa children would be routinely screened for mental illness under new state plan

By Tony Leys, 16 November 2018

Iowa children would be routinely screened for mental health issues, under a proposal delivered to the governor and top legislators Thursday. The plan also would expand and organize services for children showing signs of mental struggles.

Testosterone? Homophobia? Christianity?

The recommendations came from Gov. Kim Reynolds’ children mental health board. The governor has emphasized the need to bolster Iowa’s spotty system for helping children with mental illnesses, such as depression or anxiety.

That board was created by Reynolds’ Executive Order 2 and told Reynolds that what she planned to do anyway was critically, urgently necessary. “Spotty” means “decentralized”. For fun, here’s her EO #1:

Gov. Kim Reynolds, joined by Lt. Gov. Adam Gregg and state business and education leaders, signed Executive Order No. 1 on Monday establishing the Iowa Clearinghouse for Work-Based Learning. “We have to think longer term about how to help all K-12 students connect what they learn in the classroom to future careers,” Gov. Reynolds said. “Expanding work-based learning is an essential step in that direction.”

If their public schools aren’t already preparing kids for the working world then the system needs to be shut down, not reinforced with more staff and programs.

And EO #3:

Gov. Kim Reynolds signed Executive Order No. 3 Wednesday, creating the Governor’s Empower Rural Iowa Initiative. … “I’m a product of rural Iowa, and I’m driven to create opportunity throughout this state,” Gov. Reynolds said. “I believe the heart, soul and spirit of Iowa will always remain in our small towns and rural communities. That’s why I’m creating the Governor’s Empower Rural Iowa Initiative. I want concrete solutions for the unique challenges of rural Iowa in order to maintain its vibrancy and ensure there is opportunity everywhere.”

The initiative establishes a partnership with the Iowa Rural Development Council to identify needed legislative, regulatory and policy changes.

Wow, she created a new gov’t department to identify the parts of rural Iowan life that need more gov’t. “Your job is to create your next job!” That’s even scarier than “maintaining the vibrancy of rural Iowa”.

Three executive orders, three new gov’t think tank oversight committees. For a supposed Red State, Reynolds has a lot of white knights kissing her ass. Back to the original article,

Three previous committees in the past seven years have proposed improvements to Iowa’s mental health system for kids. None of those plans were carried out.

But Reynolds’ human services director, Jerry Foxhoven, predicted Friday that the new proposal will win unanimous approval in next year’s Legislature.

That’s, um, that seems optimistic given the history. But that’s Leftoids for you, they always try again until the insanity is legalized. Using taxpayer funds for these efforts prevents donor fatigue.

“Now’s the right time,” Foxhoven told a Des Moines conference of the National Alliance on Mental Illness. “If we don’t do it now, we’re just a lost cause. Because right now we have the will — from legislators, the governor, across the board — of saying, ‘We need to do something. It’s urgent.'”

It’s urgent, why? Because of all the killing sprees in Des Moines lately? No, because Iowa Dems must have done well in the election and have this window of opportunity. This is the perfect moment to do what’s good for the people even if they’ve shot it down three times already. Imagine how grateful the general public will be once they adjust to your New World Order!

Have you ever noticed that leftists think about mental illness much more than we do? As if it’s a common problem for them.

Critics have complained for years that Iowa has few services for children with mental health issues and that the available services are scattered. Families are left to flounder, trying to find help for kids before relatively minor behavioral issues lead to school failure, family ruptures or even suicide.

Those are the typical consequences of broken homes/fatherless children. Memo to Leftoids, mental illness isn’t randomly acquired like the flu. Especially “illnesses” like depression and disruptive behavior in public school horror factories.

Does “critic” mean “single mother”?

Foxhoven said the new children’s mental health system would be overseen by the board, but it would be run by regional boards. The new children’s mental health regions would mirror 14 regional authorities already overseeing mental health services for Iowa adults. That would allow the two systems to share staff members and coordinate assistance for children as they grow into adults, Foxhoven said.

Translation, the new system would centralize the current system, steal its staff and appropriate its budget. Did somebody say Convergence? “Identify a respectable institution, kill it, gut it, wear it as a skin suit demanding respect.”

The new plan still needs funding. The proposal released this week says money could come from Medicaid, private insurance, county property taxes and the state’s general fund. It doesn’t estimate how much would be needed.

Translation: Money could come from whoring out to the Feds, whoring out to Big Pharma and raising taxes.

Foxhoven said the new costs should be relatively low in the first year or two, as the system is being set up, but he said the costs would grow as services ramp up. He said he’s confident legislators will find money for the project.

A shameless liar… who likes being around children? You wouldn’t think he’s…

SCJ EXCLUSIVE: Iowa DHS head says Woodbury County can't form its own mental health group ...

Not Pedoface but he’s got some marital/sexual problems to judge from his baggy eyes and crows-feet. I would guess marital from the stress fold over his left eye. Bulbous nose indicates concern with wealth, flat ears with conformity, thin eyebrows with chameleonic personality: an opportunistic bureaucrat. I’ve noticed rectangular glasses are much more popular with bureaucrats than rimless or round ones, although it’s not a strong tell. The lipless mouth denotes a lack of affection. Hair is orderly and accents the square-ness of his head. The Chinese associate square face with diplomacy, reliability, stubbornness and ego.

*checks* He was a Drake University law professor prior to gov’t service. No public info on his marriage.

The committee deliberately left many details out of the new plan, to give legislators and administrators room to tweak it, Foxhoven said. For example, it doesn’t specify at what age the new mental health screenings would take place or how they would be carried out. But he said the screenings should have broad participation, so signs of children’s mental struggles are caught early, and kids who are being screened aren’t singled out and stigmatized by their peers.

While Foxhoven isn’t Pedo, he’s absolutely a shameless liar. Details get left out of such plans because the authors are more eager for it to be approved than understood. The appropriate reaction to such treachery is a firing squad.

He said Iowa may still face the challenge of finding mental health professionals to provide care for children. But he predicted professionals would be drawn to Iowa if it builds a national reputation for setting up an innovative system.

Predators, not professionals. Predators go where the food is and if Iowa centralizes the supply of exploitable kids then it’s child sex predators that will be attracted.

Hey, isn’t Iowa the land of corn? What unique mental health problems do their kids have? Boredom watching the crops grow? No Somali neighbors available to enrich their lives? The first detail I would want to hear of these new centralized institutions is exactly what problems they’re looking for, that aren’t known to be directly linked to frivorce, and the second detail is what kind of sex crime ombudsman they’ll permit to oversee a gov’t operation whose primary purpose is identifying emotionally vulnerable children for “intervention”.

In an age with sexual perversion is pandemic and being normalized by many governments, a feminist dyke unilaterally implementing a centralized system for identifying vulnerable children is a sickeningly horrible idea. If the RCC can go as badly wrong as it has at this kind of activity then one hates to imagine the consequences of a Godless, feminized State gov’t doing it.

Iowa, they are coming for your children RIGHT NOW. But you won’t do anything about it for the same reason we Californians didn’t. You have no representation in the halls of power. The Baby Boomers put their full trust in the State and abandoned any kind of citizen oversight. Once lost, the chance for citizen oversight is hard to regain.

Which is why there’s nowhere to go.


4 thoughts on “Gov. Kim Reynolds Targets Iowa’s Children

  1. Iowa? Oh yes, the “heartland”. 3rd state to legalize same sex marriage, following the lead of Massachusetts (we’re number one!) and Connecticut.


  2. I didn’t know that. To me, Iowa is the kind of sane Red state that I’m supposed to leave California for, per cuckservative commenters everywhere. For all their eagerness to see Commiefornia leave the Union, however, they elect/tolerate their own Commie leaders well enough.



  3. For all their eagerness to see Commiefornia leave the Union, however, they elect/tolerate their own Commie leaders well enough.


    It doesn’t make a damned bit of difference what state you live in; they’re ALL socioeconomically and politically compromised/converged/cucked. I also don’t share the optimism of those who say that secession/break up is the answer; the divide between Americans isn’t based on geography, but moral philosophy. In no part of America do those who genuinely profess and adhere to traditional Christian American values and lifestyle constitute a majority.

    There are really only two options: stay where you are and live according to your own values (and fight to continue doing so if necessary), or expatriate to another country that is less militantly antagonistic to your lifestyle than this one.

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