SJW Nikki Delamotte Is No Loss

Straight outta Cleveland, another crazy-ass bimbo, hooked up with her uncle in the trailer-park jungle. Cue a double homicide that her skank-ho mother saw coming. I love a true-crime mystery and this one is special because… why? Why is a no-name “culture reporter” in flyover country getting killed in some domestic incident national news?

Nikki Delamotte

Nikki Delamotte was a hang-fired fat grenade. The pin has been pulled–classic SJW glasses, lower eyelids flattened into a reptilian stare, manjaw, young career as a college-brainwashed “style and culture” journalist, getting chunky around the biceps–yet no explosion yet. Her hair is still long and she uses makeup, so she still wants to attract male attention. Probably was trying to fuck her way to the top of the journalism world.

It’s good that she’s dead because this was destined to be her future:

SocialJusticeWarriors -Trigglypuff by KurtMetz

SocialJusticeWarriors -Trigglypuff

Check out Kurt Metz’s other works on Deviantart. His parodies of comic covers are awesome and spot-on.

Popular Cleveland reporter, 30, shot dead in trailer with uncle

A popular Cleveland reporter was reportedly found shot to death Monday inside a trailer with her uncle, who she recently reconnected with following her grandmother’s death.

Wow, that said so much! Let’s unpack: Nikki was alienated from her father and his family after her mother’s frivorce. Mommy (JoAnne Ullman) used Nikki as a meal ticket until she grew up, after which she lived with her grandmother and got paid to care for her in old age (while starting a ‘career’ in food, alcohol, clubbing, fad dancing and marketing). When Granny died of old age and with Mommy unable/unwilling to support her, Nikki decided to reconnect with her extended family because she still doesn’t have a husband at age 30. Maybe one of them would pay her to care for them in old age.

The bodies of Nikki Delamotte, a 30-year-old culture reporter for, and her uncle Robert J. Delamotte, 67, were found inside a trailer in Perrysburg Township in Ohio, about 10 miles southeast of Toledo, reported. Police told the news site the death was being investigated as a homicide investigation.

120 miles away from her hometown per Google Earth. I doubt a 67-year old trailer parker was enthusiastic about a new, legal-age mouth to feed.

Delamotte recently traveled to Wood County to reconnect with her father’s brother following the death of her maternal grandmother. She met up with her uncle last month and the two made plans to meet up again Sunday at a bar to watch football, JoAnne Ullman, Delamotte’s mother, told

“So she was going go over and they were going go to some neighborhood bar and watch the game,” Ullman said.

If I ever reconnect with my long-lost, beloved family, it’ll be while watching television in a sports bar. I never miss a game.

Ullman reported the 30-year-old reporter missing Monday after she didn’t get a response to text messages. Someone also reached out to Ullman on Facebook and was also concerned about Nikki Delamotte, reported.

Text messages that were sent Sunday night. On the one hand, I want to say that’s a suspiciously fast report of a missing person. On the other hand, maybe it really was unusual for a young, college-educated, cock-seeking, attention whoring, skanky “culture journalist” like Nikki to go more than four hours without social media activity even in her sleep. This is the 21st Century.

How much longer until young wimminz’ Tinder accounts directly alert law enforcement that their user’s life signs have suddenly stopped during a one-night stand? I hope when the feature is added, it also directly updates law enforcement with her consent status. Maybe it could update her lover with her consent status, too. He has a need to know.

Ullman said she went to the trailer and found her daughter’s car with her cell phone and wallet inside. Police soon arrived at the scene and confirmed two bodies were inside the residence.

She got there before the cops–a trip of 120 miles–and apparently went through her daughter’s car. I doubt Nikki left her wallet on the car seat.

“I’m sorry to tell you they’re both dead and they both had gunshot wounds,” she recalled an officer saying.

I hope the cop’s next words were “hold out your hands. I need to test them for gunshot residue.” Because Occam’s Razor says Mommy was jealous of Nikki getting extended-family support money without getting a piece of the action herself. Uncle might have been willing to help Nikki but probably not the bitch who ruined his brother’s life. This explains 100-miles-away Mommy reaching the scene before the local cops did.

It’s not plausible that this second meeting/reunion just happened to be the night a home invasion robbery went bad. My money’s on Ullman with a new insurance policy because Uncle capping his niece at hello is just too fast. Most murder-suicides are premediated. I wrote this before knowing the conclusion; make your guess and find out at the end!

Delamotte’s colleagues remembered the reporter as the “embodiment of kindness” with “a knack for telling stories that highlighted Cleveland’s diversity.”

Translation, she was the office mattress. To confirm/deny, let’s go to her home paper’s eulogy. culture reporter Nikki Delamotte found shot to death in Wood County

By Evan MacDonald, 13 November 2018

CLEVELAND, Ohio — Nikki Delamotte, a culture reporter whose passionate storytelling and kindness left an indelible mark on her community and newsroom, was found shot to death in a suspected homicide Monday in Wood County. She was 30 years old.

… editor Chris Quinn said Delamotte was the “embodiment of kindness” and never failed to leave an impression on people. She also had a special ability to tap into pop culture trends.

“What I appreciated most were the unique perspectives she brought to brainstorm sessions — her ability to make me see things I would not have considered otherwise,” Quinn said. “She had strong positions and backed down from no one, but she did so with gentleness and, always, respect. She was such a bright light, and Cleveland has a dimmer future for her loss.”

Chris had been fucking her. There’s no other way an aspiring Trigglypuff with strong positions, who backed down from no one, could be considered gentle and respectful by her direct superior.

Delamotte, who attended Springfield High School in Holland and graduated from Cleveland State University, also worked previously at Allied Integrated Marketing in Cleveland.

How did she get her big break into journalism from marketing, one wonders? Intelligence and work ethic are less valuable in a “culture reporter” than, how can I phrase this, experience in festivity participation. “I’m an expert in nightclubbing!” said no virgin ever.

She drove out to Perrysburg Township last month and saw her uncle walking along the street. She stopped and talked with him, and they made plans to meet again to catch up Sunday, to watch the Miami Dolphins vs. Green Bay Packers football game at a bar, Delamotte’s mother, JoAnne Ullman, said.

That was a shameless lie. Why would Nikki’s mother lie about this reunion?

Delamotte had also talked to coworkers about trying to get tickets to go with her uncle to an upcoming Bob Seger concert in Toledo.

Now gold-digger detected. The Manosphere tropes are lining up.

Delamotte was at Ullman’s house before she headed to Perrysburg Township on Sunday. She planned to drive to a bar to watch football with her uncle, because she did not drink, Ullman said.

BULLSHIT! A “culture reporter” for a major city doesn’t drink? I bet she didn’t plan to have sex, either. We know how this story goes. “I’m too drunk to drive home.” “You can crash at my place.” “Thanks! …He raaaaped me! I want his money!”

“So she was going go over and they were going go to some neighborhood bar and watch the game,” Ullman said.

Delamotte did not return to Cleveland on Sunday night. Someone familiar with her movements reached out to her mother on Facebook early Monday after not hearing from Delamotte.

When women date mystery meat, they send texts hourly or so to a trusted friend in case her hunky noble savage is more savage than expected. Men don’t do this because our big head stops us from doing stupid in the first place and our little head stops us from NOT doing stupid. All or nothing, baby.

Ullman, who said her daughter did not return a text message sent at 10:30 p.m. Sunday, called police to report her daughter missing. She said she arrived at the trailer park before police. Once officers arrived, they were able to get inside the trailer, she said.

Mommy was Nikki’s slut-safety? Or, did Mommy put Nikki up to this meeting? Nikki probably didn’t have any memory of her uncle, having been ten years old twenty years ago with no contact since.

Investigators from Perrysburg Township and the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation were in the trailer park for several hours on Monday, collecting evidence from a search warrant signed by a municipal court judge. Neighbors said they did not hear any commotion coming from the trailer where police found the bodies, and that her uncle mostly kept to himself.

If I know trailer parks, Uncle could have detonated a dirty nuke and neighbors would not have heard any commotion.

Delamotte had a knack for telling stories that highlighted Cleveland’s diversity, and took great pride in shining a light on important people and issues in the community, said Mike Norman,’s entertainment editor.

She viewed her last feature for, about La Plaza Supermarket expanding its in-store restaurant, as a success story for the local Latino community.

Did she cover any success stories for the local White community? Bueller?

She was also proud of a recent story she wrote about mental health and addiction in Northeast Ohio’s restaurant and service industries in the aftermath of the death of celebrity chef and TV host Anthony Bourdain.

Facepalm. Bourdain wasn’t mentally ill, he’d caught his wife cheating on him and it broke his heart.

“I’ve never met a journalist with a kinder heart,” Norman said.

Norman was fucking her, too. You can even see it in her problem glasses-framed eyes: Nikki does not have a kind heart.

She loved to tell stories about the underdog, and often gave a voice to lesser-known artists, musician and restaurant owners in Greater Cleveland. She RSVP’d to every Facebook event she got invited to, even if she couldn’t attend; she did that because she wanted to support artists their creative endeavors, said Kris Wernowsky,’s crime and courts editor.

“Her articles were the ones most shared by Cleveland creative folks on social media. And they were always fun to read because she took the time to learn and understand what she wrote about,” Wernowsky said. “Her natural curiosity and her love of everything artistic was evident in everything she wrote.”

That wasn’t curiosity. That was Barbie living the high life.

Delamotte was beloved among her coworkers and in the community, but she was humble, reluctant to acknowledge the impact she had on others, her colleagues said.

In 2016, she was concerned no one would show up to the release party for her book, “100 Things to Do in Cleveland Before You Die,” at the Superelectric Pinball Parlor in Gordon Square. But the line of people who came to see her stretched out the door, said Troy Smith, an entertainment reporter for

I have to ask, how far did she get herself? *checks* 40, judging from this article (in photo format):

“Nikki was a rock star, only she didn’t know. Or, maybe more accurate, she would never admit it,” Smith said. “So many people in the community knew and loved her. Yet she was so humble and accommodating to all people.”

Troy was fucking her, too. Such a kind, humble, gentle-hearted Social Justice Warrior interrupted between pulling the pin on her fat grenade and true greatness. Perhaps I’m being too cynical… no, her huge manjaw indicated high testosterone and sex was how she got started as a journalist in the first place.

The impact she had in the community was evident Monday as Cleveland organizations, artists and venues — such as the Cleveland Institute of Art, the Beachland Ballroom, Cleveland Flea and Mahall’s — reacted to her death.

N count approaching Avogadro’s Number. Those organizations have no reason to even remember who did the article mentioning them, let alone offer a eulogy, unless she was personally and Biblically known to the higher-ups.

Delamotte approached many of her stories with gentleness, but she was never afraid to stand up for herself and what she believed in, colleagues said. She had her own voice, and was not afraid to be heard, said web producer Mike Rose.

“Days in the office will definitely be a little dimmer without her here to brighten them up,” Rose said.

Because Mike was fucking her, too.

The same qualities that made Delamotte a cherished friend also helped her stand out as a reporter. She was a great listener, and had a personality that made anyone feel comfortable about opening up to her, entertainment reporter Anne Nickoloff said.

“I’ve never met anyone with as much empathy as Nikki, and I wanted to be more like her,” Nickoloff said. “I still want to be more like her.”

Empathy? A battle-hardened SJW? Anne must… be speaking well of the dead.

Delamotte loved animals, and cats in particular. She was always the first person to “like” cat photos that her colleagues posted on Facebook. She memorably served as a judge for’s “Cutest Cat” contest in 2017, arguing the merits of thousands of cat photographs sent in for consideration.


“When we reminded her we needed to pare it down to just 100 [cats], she would argue that they were all cute in their own way, and made the world a better place by just being,” said Brenda Cain, a member of’s Best Of team. “There was no getting around her that day.”

Brenda was not having sex with her.

She was equally kind to her coworkers. When crime reporter Kaylee Remington had a surgery that left her hospitalized, Delamotte was among the first to visit her. She continued to check on Remington almost daily.

“She sat with me and I didn’t have to speak at all. She brought stuffed animals and all things that would make me comfortable,” Remington said. “Her words: ‘Well, you look adorable in that hospital gown. I’m just saying.’”

Nikki didn’t have a real job anyway. I’m just saying.

Marc Bona, a features reporter, said Delamotte offered to buy a copy of his book “The Game Changer” even though she did not like sports. She just wanted to support a coworker, he said.

“The last email I received from her was an unsolicited comment a few days ago pulling out a line from a story I wrote, telling me it was her favorite part,” Bona said. “She did that all the time. That was Nikki.”

Not buying it. She was trying to impress Marc… and the most common way for sluts to impress high-status men is sex.

The Exciting Conclusion

A highly regarded young reporter in Cleveland, Nikki Delamotte, who was found dead with her uncle in his trailer, died of multiple gunshot wounds in an apparent murder-suicide, authorities said Wednesday.

Police in Perrysburg, Ohio, about 100 miles from Cleveland, found the two bodies Monday morning after Nikki Delamotte’s mother reported her missing and drove to the scene, where she discovered her daughter’s car parked outside the trailer with her phone and wallet still inside.

An autopsy showed Nicole Delamotte had three gunshot wounds: in the left chest, right side, and in the head. Her uncle, Robert J. Delamotte, 67, was meanwhile found to have died of a single gunshot wound to the head and appeared to be self-inflicted, according to police Wednesday.

There goes my Mommy Did It theory. This is why I’m not a betting man.

Investigators are looking at the case as a murder-suicide, but have not determined a motive.

Here it comes:

Nicole Delamotte, 30, had only recently gotten in touch with her uncle on her father’s side after losing touch with him when her parents divorced, her mother, JoAnne Ullman, told NBC News on Tuesday. …

After the recent death of her maternal grandmother, “Nikki was trying to reconnect with the small family left and did detective work to find her Uncle Bob on her father’s side,” Ullman said. …

…A GoFundMe page that was set up to help her boyfriend and mother with memorial costs had raised more than $15,000 by Wednesday morning.

Ullman can’t afford a burial?

Sounds like Uncle had some “unresolved feelings” about watching JoAnne destroy his brother’s life. When Nikki came into the picture trying to dig into his pocketbook just like her mother had done 20 years before, that may have been the final straw.

As for Nikki, she lost her source of income and tried to monkey-branch to estranged-for-good-reasons relatives, proving that 1. her journalism job wasn’t paying the bills, 2. her mother was equally irresponsible with money and 3. her boyfriend is a Chad Cock not an Ernie Engineer. We could add 4. Nikki’s SJW education apparently taught her the wrong things to say to a male relative not doing well in this feminized world. We’ll never know if her last words were “pay up or I’ll cry rape at you!”


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  1. N count approaching Avogadro’s Number.


    I agree .. she was fawkin’ everybody .. and threats of ex-tore-shun will get you shot!


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