MGTOW Life: Revisiting Sigma

My readers are aware of Vox Day’s iconic Alpha-Omega sociosexual hierarchy. Solitary Wolf has an interesting post up about the traits of the Sigma ranking:

I noticed he didn’t mention maintaining harems or being popular. Sigma is a variant of Alpha, after all, not a “successful not-Alpha”. A very common mistake.

The thing to know about Alphas, they not only enjoy high status but are obsessed with attaining & keeping it. Being Alpha doesn’t happen in a vacuum; most Alphas are constantly playing social games. It’s the same reason nearly all superwealthy men are FIRE experts–finance, insurance & real estate–because the reliable way to get superwealth is to be super-obsessed about building wealth.

The Sigma is a Dark Triad Alpha. This combination attracts women without the Sigma having to make deliberate effort. That’s the key.

Sigma is the sociosexual type that attains top sexual status without putting in the usual effort, comparable to a hillbilly who found oil on his farm. The hillbilly billionaire is not going to fit into the conventional rich-man contexts or stereotypes; he’s an outsider with the same standing as an insider. Trying to act Sigma is like trying to find free money under your bed. Either it’s there or it isn’t.

I once read an article by a psychiatrist complaining about requests from guys asking how to acquire sociopathy. That’s because chicks love sociopaths and shit test healthy men. Being Alpha without putting in the normal effort is attractive to men who’ve already tried the Alpha path and failed. Sociopathy is attractive also because healthy men are hurt by social isolation. Men don’t like being vulnerable so for those of us who leave society because we were forced to, the idea of changing our personality to no longer be capable of vulnerability interests us.

There’s a converse to this. It’s possible to be an “Omega who didn’t earn it”. To be somebody who should be attractive to women but isn’t. Perhaps this should be the true definition of Incel. The sexual marketplace is a marketplace, after all, and market disruptions mean not everyone gets exactly their value in trade.

It’s okay to try achieving Alpha. It’s not okay to try achieving Sigma because it isn’t a state that can be achieved. Trying to copy Sigma traits risks embracing narcissism or manipulative coldness.

It is not always a compliment when women find you exciting.


7 thoughts on “MGTOW Life: Revisiting Sigma

  1. I read it as well…the part that went ‘uh oh’ to me was the contempt for authority. Sure you’ll attract women that way too because they have their own ethos that teaches that…but it’ll bite you in the long run.

    ‘I once read an article by a psychiatrist complaining about requests from guys asking how to acquire sociopathy. That’s because chicks love sociopaths and shit test healthy men.’

    Yet another example of what happens when men stop imitating and worshiping God and worship women.


  2. What most men don’t think about….

    Sure there will be women that go for sociopaths…but what type of women are those?

    If you guessed ‘sociopaths’ you are on the correct path.

    Which is why if she’s writing love letters to local bad boy famous serial killer…I don’t go to the generalization AWALT…those women are sociopaths.


  3. “I don’t believe all Sigma’s are Sociopathic.”

    True, there are a few other personality traits that women find irresistible. Dark Triad is the most common and visible, however; even Vox Day self-identifies as 2/3 DT (lacking narcissism, IIRC).


  4. Hi Gunner Q, I have had some reponses on YouTube about the Sigma Male being a psychopath/sociopath while I did not intend to portray the Sigma Male like that. Perhaps the manipulative part, yes, that could be (potentially) dark triad material. Why would you label him a narcissist? I think Alpha Males are more narcissistic because they want to be the center of the attention. They dominate and control, can be abusive, exploitative, judgemental, etcetera. The Sigma Male rather minds his own business and is not seeking to dominate. He can still be a psychopath though, but he can also use his strength to do good.

    What about Gandalf from LotR for example? I think he has most of the traits I have listed and his intentions are good. Saruman however, the big white alpha wizard, is the bad guy.


  5. “I did not intend to portray the Sigma Male like that.”

    I believe you were using Sigma as a stand-in for MGTOW. It is a common confusion, to interpret success with women specifically into success at life generally; but there’s the problems that becoming Sigma can’t be taught and most men who leave society aren’t the popular ones. My apologies if I misunderstood.

    I put this on my own blog where it wouldn’t derail your post. There should have been a pingback, however.

    “The Sigma Male rather minds his own business and is not seeking to dominate.”

    But the Sigma DOES dominate. He simply doesn’t need to try and might even resent being dominant, like a 10-foot-tall chess master constantly approached by basketball recruiters. This is not the experience of most MGTOWs.

    As I said to Honeycomb, there are non-Dark Triad traits the are inherently sexy. Musical talent, risk-taking and being tall definitely work. I chose the Dark Triad personality traits as the example for what Sigma is because those are the most attractive traits and because it’s why Vox Day created the Sigma class in the first place, to explain how DT persons like himself enjoy Alpha-level success without putting in the usual amount of work to reach/attain the status.

    That’s not a criticism of Vox Day, by the way. He is a fellow Christian and objectively self-identifies with DT traits. It’s just who he is.

    “What about Gandalf from LotR for example? I think he has most of the traits I have listed and his intentions are good.”

    Gandalf was a great leader but not highly successful with women, which is what the Alpha-Omega ranking is intended to rank. It’s unfortunate but true that most of humanity’s best men are unsexy. This is why civilizations die when matriarchy rises,

    Aragorn was the Sigma of the Fellowship. He was destined to be a ruler in society and had his pick of brides despite preferring the freedom of the wildlands. He wasn’t Dark Triad; his innate sexiness came from being heir to the throne. He didn’t care to lead but stepped up after Gandalf fell in Moria.

    But in real life, DT is much more common than crown prince.

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  6. Thank you for the reply. That Vox Day description of the Sigma male is different than my own and the reason is the “woman” thing. I have never mentioned that Sigmas are as successful with women as Alphas and, personally, I do not see why that should be the case. I think it is quite a contradicting personality if we put it that way. And there should be an underlying reason (money, status) why a Sigma is still so attractive without being the Alpha in the room.

    Many MGTOW would fit the Gamma type, though, while thinking they are Sigma.

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