Pastor Jeff Sanders of Canton, Ohio: Armed Tradcon Churchian

Pastor Jeff Sanders is the Pastor of Grace Family Fellowship in Canton, Ohio and pundit author of a recent “How To Defend Your Church” article on PJ Media. I’ll start with a fisking of his amazingly disproportionate article, then expose the factors of Cuck Churchianity in his background (there is some hope for him) and finish with an offering of more relevant advice for the modern church’s current threats.

Four Things You Can Do Right Now to Harden Your Place of Worship Against a Shooter

By Jeff Sanders, 18 October 2018

Sadly, America has experienced yet another maniac shooting up innocent people at a house of worship. On Saturday, a man armed with an AR-15 semi-automatic rifle (which is NOT an “assault rifle” since it cannot fire automatically as only a true assault rifle can) and three semi-automatic pistols murdered 11 people in a Pittsburgh synagogue and wounded several others (including four police officers).

He’s correct to care more about the media calling the rifle an “assault gun” than the actual usage of it. If he was giving this advice to all churches for use in the three weeks leading up to an election the Democrats aren’t likely to win then there’d be some merit but instead, Pastor Sanders advocates a general attitude of fear and helplessness for the American Church.

This kind of attack on houses of worship is no longer unheard of. Last year, the First Baptist Church of Sutherland Springs, Texas, was attacked, with 26 killed and 20 wounded. In 2015 Emmanuel AME Church in Charleston, S.C., was attacked and nine were murdered in cold blood. Christians and Jews are not the only ones targeted. Last year, a gunman invaded a mosque in Quebec City, Canada, and murdered six people. In 2012, a killer entered the Sikh temple in Wisconsin and gunned down six innocent people.

Why does Sanders give a damn about Jews, Muslims and Sikhs? They can handle their own business. Even so, in 8 years 58 innocents were murdered in religious institutions in North America. ANY response to that level of threat is overreaction. This guy must be selling something.

When people gather to worship, unless there are some well-thought-out security measures in place, the worshipers are going to be sitting ducks for any nut case out there who wants to come in with guns blazing. What are some specific things you and your people can do right now to harden your house of worship from an active shooter?

Ban all men expect Pastor AMOG and his castrati chorus? I’m not far wrong:

1. Form a security team

If you don’t already have this in place, you need to get on the phone right now and start calling people to form a security team. The people on this team must be reasonable and level-headed. You do not need some hot-tempered yahoo who wants to make a name for himself. Find people who have experience in law enforcement and seek out their advice on what areas in the church need to be physically watched, and how the building can be patrolled to keep violent people out while at the same time letting peaceful people in.

I’m as pro-cop as anybody in the Manosphere but come on, they’re janitors. They clean human trash off the streets with some First Responding on the side just because the public expects it. They are not counterterrorism experts. They are not our guardian angels. Furthermore, nobody who is reasonable and level-headed will work for free, let alone risk his life for free.

Put it down in writing that the church allows people who are licensed to carry concealed firearms on the premises, but stipulate that these people must be known and approved by the church leadership. Even though this is a dangerous, fallen world and you want protection, you still do not want to unnecessarily scare people into thinking that you must now worship in an armed camp.

But that’s what he’s proposing, doing worship in an armed camp patrolled by law enforcement or the closest equivalents available. Hypocrisy.

I love the police, and they are the professionals, but they cannot be everywhere at once. Seconds count. Worshipers are the first ones on the scene, so I highly recommend that you have a force of people (paid or volunteers, whatever you can do) who are well trained and licensed to carry a pistol. They should also be trained in defensive hand-to-hand tactics (not every situation calls for bullets).

A smarter pastor would have them licensed and paid as security guards, so they won’t be vigilantes in the sight of the law. Don’t forget to insure them! $$$

How many stone-cold Krav Maga deadeye-shot counterterror professionals does Pastor Sanders thinks attend the average church? It’d be lucky to have just the one guy who lied about his age to join the Army for WW1.

2. Harden the building

You want to be a hard target. You want to make it difficult for a terrorist to enter the building and start shooting or stabbing or blowing people up with a bomb vest (God forbid!).

For Fuck’s Sake, dude. USA is not Beirut. Oakland is not Beirut.

Does your church have a fence around the parking lot? That might discourage some. I notice in front of my Sam’s Club there are large cement pillars directly in front of all the doors. Shoppers can go in and out, but it would certainly prevent someone with a truck from ramming their way into the store. Can you have something like that built in front of your place of worship? If not, how about parking large pickup trucks directly in front of all entrances?

This is excellent advice because Grandma might have gotten a pussy pass on her latest driving test. That’s why Sam’s Club does concrete barricades.

Your house of worship may not be able to replace all windows with bullet-proof glass (it probably is not feasible for most), but if you can — do it. Lock all doors once activities have started. Maybe give some time (like 10-15 minutes) for latecomers, but then lock the doors and keep them locked until the activities are done. I know that sounds harsh, but being invaded by a terrorist with guns or bombs is pretty harsh too.

For. Fuck’s. Sake. Pastor Sanders desperately needs a sabbatical from reading headlines. While advocating turning our spiritual homes into literal armed camps living in fear of passers-by, he’s not saying a word about how gov’t is perverting society to the point of these steps being necessary.

What about Romans 8:15? “For you have not received a spirit of slavery leading to fear again, but you have received a spirit of adoption as sons…”

Or 2 Timothy 1:7? “For God has not given us a spirit of timidity, but of power and love and discipline.”

Pastor Sanders is a dhimmi and the Muzzies haven’t even shown up in Ohio yet.

3. Monitor the perimeter

Have cameras set up around the building to monitor any suspicious activity at all times. Bad people tend to stay away or refrain from casing out the building for an attack if they know they are being filmed. Have part of your security team roving around the building while activities are taking place inside (this includes not just regular worship services, but also when Bible studies or children’s or students’ activities are taking place throughout the week). Make sure they have the ability to communicate with each other and with the police in case there is any suspicious activity.

At this point, I’m just waiting for the sales pitch.

4. Train your leadership in active shooter response

By that, I mean train your pastoral staff, lay leaders, and teachers in a tried and true program that works, such as ALICE training. ALICE is an acrostic naming the five responses to an active shooter: Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, and Evacuate.

I recommend GOLD training. GOLD is an acrostic naming the two responses to an active shooter: Get Out or Lie Down. The average age of American churchgoers makes even the first response optimistic.

And I made that up just now.

I am a certified instructor in ALICE training and have educated several people in how to respond to someone coming in with guns blazing. For a detailed discussion of what to do according to ALICE training guidelines, please check out my PJ Media article from last year. Please, get your leadership together, contact someone who is qualified to teach this, and host a seminar right away.

Ah, the sales pitch. A mercifully short wait.

I can’t do a physiognomy analysis for lack of a decent picture, so let’s go to Pastor Sanders’ church website.

Pastor Jeff was born in High Point, North Carolina and raised in Savannah Georgia. He has a BA in history from Armstrong State College, an M.Div and Th.M from Capital Bible Seminary, and a D.Min from Grand Rapids Theological Seminary.

Not one day spent in the real world.

[From Pjmedia] Sanders is a self-defense instructor and a black belt in Okinawan Kempo with 20 years experience in martial arts.

Okay, maybe one day in the real world. But living in academia until age 30 is a terrible way to develop the spiritual maturity needed for high-level church work.

The only other staffmember of the church is Director of Music Angela Rose. A feminist, to judge from pixie haircut and crazy eyes.

Grace Martial Arts VBS

The most unique VBS in Ohio! Pastor Jeff (a black belt in kempo karate) periodically offers a martial arts-based VBS (with Bible studies) for kids age 8-14. This is a fun, non-violent, biblical approach to self defense for kids.

Interesting. I’ve seen this a few times, Pastors who are trying to foster healthy masculinity but don’t really know how. It’s tragicomic. They don’t realize that their monopoly on church authority is half the problem… and the other half is their refusal to confront the misandric evil in modern society.

Refuge of Hope’s shelter is not just a place where a homeless man can sleep at night. Rather, it’s a support center, in a safe environment, where men can come to grips with the personal, economical and societal issues that caused them to become homeless. We provide a hand up to encourage homeless men, to help them realize that positive life changes are possible regardless of their current circumstances. …

We were able to move over 132 men into permanent housing last year and through March of 2018 over 30 additional men are now living in their own apartments. Refuge of Hope is the only such shelter in Stark County for men.

Credit where it’s due, Pastor Sanders’ church is the only one I’ve heard sponsor any kind of mens’ support beyond free Thanksgiving dinners.

His favorite things in life are being with his wife and four kids, fellowshipping and worshipping with his church family, preaching/teaching the Bible, and eating really good barbeque and Italian food.

That’s bad. His first comment about his personal life is being with his family. Total cuck. At least his one picture didn’t have his wife in it also.

Pastor Jeff also spends time as a writer for the American Policy Roundtable and panelist on The Public Square radio program, writer for PJ Media, chaplain for Marketplace Ministries, and the Executive Director for Free Agents PAC.

A good but doomed effort to be politically active without compromising 501c3 status. If his church does not call out and oppose evil then it’s useless and has no reason for existing. We have many political action committees; we don’t have a single church willing to buck the Johnson Amendment. How can any church be relevant to its congregants’ lives if it refuses to comment on current events? Much less confront the feminist idols of Duluth, VAWA and sodomy.

There’s some hope for Sanders to break free of the feminist Cuck-hold but the journey will not be without cost:

1. Get rid of female staff. Don’t pretend there’s an exception for “female leaders who don’t actually, technically, lead”. This includes retasking the Womens’ Bible Study to Womens’ “Art of Making Hubby Happy” Study.

If he can’t tell women “no” then he can’t oppose feminism.

2. Preach correct marriage and sexual roles. There’s no way to do this without violating 501c3 restrictions about commenting on gov’t behavior so

3. Get rid of 501c3. Just say “no” to the devil’s tax exemptions.

4. Be held responsible to fellow believers. Pastor Sanders desperately needs to internalize the fact that his purpose is to assist his congregants, not to lead them or protect them. If he disagrees then he can convert to Catholicism but there must be an end to these “Pastor AMOG” churches. Either your peers hold you responsible or the hierarchy does, but it must be somebody besides a “board of directors” beholden first to the tax man.

5. Get a day job. He should try living as an ordinary mortal in order to better understand the people’s plight. A year in the private sector will teach him a lot about modern life, particularly if wifey divorces him because she’s no longer Queen Bee of the church. If Sanders truly intends to fight evil then he’ll need a backup career anyway.

Many of us mere congregants already have a backup career.

This is my advice on how his church can handle modern threats. Notice that all of these threats are either internal or a form of gov’t overreach. None of them are white male loners wandering in from the cold packing heat.


5 thoughts on “Pastor Jeff Sanders of Canton, Ohio: Armed Tradcon Churchian

  1. MPAI (most pastors are idiots). Sanders seems hellbent on proving this.

    Get a day job. He should try living as an ordinary mortal in order to better understand the people’s plight. A year in the private sector will teach him a lot about modern life, particularly if wifey divorces him because she’s no longer Queen Bee of the church. If Sanders truly intends to fight evil then he’ll need a backup career anyway.

    I’m the last person on earth to say “there oughta be a law,” but I’d support one barring anyone under 35 years old from attending seminary/Bible college. A MASSIVE part of the reason that the church is failing so miserably today is that its “leadership” consists of incompetent dweebs who have ZE-RO experience with life in the real world and thus cannot begin to relate to the people they’re supposed to be nurturing in the Word. That’s because most of them are incapable of holding real jobs, which is why they go to seminary/Bible college in the first place.

    Aa for 501C3 status, no church should have it because no church needs it for tax exemption. It just makes accounting easier.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. I just love people who throw rocks from across the river because they might have to get to KNOW the person they are throwing at if they were on the same side of the river. That said, I know Jeff Sanders, Have for 35+ years, I’m a personal friend. And I do have experience in the real world–spent 8 years active duty and 13 in the reserves flying as a pilot in the United States Marine Corps. I also went to seminary and was pastor of several churches in addition to teaching several years at Grace Christian University (then Grace Bible College). With that said, as I said, I KNOW Dr. Sanders. Jeff is an ordinary everyday well-grounded individual with his head on straight. Of course, to looney liberals, both politically and religiously, he causes great pain and discomfort and for that I give him a thumb’s up. I know, that if a death occurred in my family or some life-shattering event happened, he would be one of the first pastors I’ve known through out my 40+ years in Christian ministry (now retired) I’d call in the middle of the night without hesitation or reservation. By the way, I’m proud to have introduced him to the seminary I attended–Capital Bible Seminary. As a normal guy who didn’t amass tons of student debt, Jeff worked his way through seminary at ordinary jobs rubbing elbows with ordinary people. Last comment–it is good to get to know the people you are trying to belittle before you so publically show your ignorance.


  3. Jim, if you find fault with my advice or analysis then I’ll happily listen, but nothing you said is remotely relevant. You’re a good Christian pastor because you were a helicopter pilot? And Jeff is a good pastor because he’s your friend? Whatever, dude.

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