Choose the Form of the Destructor 4!

It must be getting tough for colleges to out-diversify each other these days.

‘Plastic bags filled with urine’ plague dorm at preppy California college

An elite private college in Southern California is facing a unique health and hygiene problem — “plastic bags filled with urine” are being thrown away in hallway dorm trashcans.

What’s more, “some students had even urinated into bins located within the residence hall, rather than bothering to use the lavatory facilities,” reports the Claremont Independent.

The problem is centered at Walker Hall at Pomona College, a private institution nestled near the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains, that costs $70,000 a year in tuition and fees to attend.

An email was recently sent to residents living in the co-ed Walker dorm. They were informed “this behavior is unacceptable, and must stop.”

The email was sent by Pomona’s Residence Life Coordinator, Andrew Castro, who added the building attendants “have been taking extra precautions and steps in order to deal with these incidents. Additionally, the smells start to permeate the general hallway.”

Naturally, whenever I see evidence of a “no indoor plumbing” culture I look at the racial statistics. Pomona College freshmen, then and now:

Race 2006 2017 %change
Nonresident aliens 40 186 365
Black, non-Hispanic 117 158 35
American Indian or Alaska Native 7 8 13
Asian or Pacific Islander 221 250 14
Hispanic 168 272 62
White, non-Hispanic 774 600 (22)
Multi-race or unknown 239 197 (18)
TOTAL 1,566 1,671 7

I’m seeing a lot of support for an “undocumented Honduran-Americans hiding under the bed and peeing in bags so they don’t get seen going to the bathrooms” theory. Or maybe this 32-gender-coed dormitory has a few ladies who’d rather pee in a bag than use the gender-fluid restroom while the trannie butt-boys are questioning each other.

A normal man, it goes without saying, would use a tree.



5 thoughts on “Choose the Form of the Destructor 4!

  1. Somewhat ironically, the San Fran shitstorm is due primarily to the SF ban on plastic bags. The homeless used discarded bags for chamber pots, much as in this case. No bags, few alternatives. Doesn’t help that the gov’t makes a point of attracting the homeless.

    God only knows what Pomona Barbie’s excuse is, though. God and soon, campus police.


  2. Having travel experience in foreign countries ..

    The non-resident aliens going from 40 to 186 in a 10 year period (roughly) is your problem.

    A third worlder is gonna third world.


  3. ‘A third worlder is gonna third world.’

    I suppose…but how hard is it to use the terlet? Point and shoot or squat and go and the terlet takes your waste to a place designed to collect the stinky stuff.

    Perhaps that’s why a lot of these countries are stuck in their state…the people are closer to the behavior of beasts than humans.


  4. “I suppose…but how hard is it to use the terlet?”

    The results are in and indoor plumbing is not appreciated by many races. My work takes me into a lot of peoples’ yards and many South Americans don’t notice their yards overflowing with rotting dog- and birdshit. Or just general trash.

    The disgust reflex is patriarchy.


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