Arch of Baal Displayed At Capitol Building During Kavanaugh Hearings

You didn’t see this on Fox News.

Kavanaugh Hearings: Ancient Arches, Child Sacrifice, and Roe v. Wade

By Adam Eliyahu Berkowitz, 9 October 2018

On September 26, a 20 foot-tall replica of Roman Victory Arch of Palmyra was unveiled for a three-day display on the National Mall in Washington, D.C. The arch perfectly framed the Capitol Building where the next day, Christine Blasey Ford and Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee. Though the arch and the Senate hearings seem disconnected, there may be an underlying nefarious synchronicity bringing the idolatrous roots of the arch to the political process going on nearby.

Representative Eliot Engel (Dem-NY) spoke at the arch’s unveiling ceremony, saying, “When you look at this beautiful arch, we are seeing through the eyes of ancient civilizations, and to have it right here, set against the classical columns of the Capitol, is really extraordinary.”

Engel is also proud of many things including his efforts in pro-abortion legislation.

Engel is a homosexual Jewish gun-banner & abortionist. Nobody special.

“I am proud to be a member of the House Pro-Choice Caucus and to have a 100% voting record with the Planned Parenthood Action Fund,” Engel wrote on his website. “In addition, I was honored to receive the Congressional Defender of Women’s Rights Award from the Westchester Coalition for Legal Abortion.”

The controversy surrounding Kavanaugh began well before Blasey Ford stepped forward, accusing him of sexually assaulting her 36 years ago. His nomination faced fierce opposition from the left-wing at the outset due to their fear that once he became a Supreme Court Justice, he would help overturn Roe v. Wade. Blasey Ford’s allegation was used as an opportunity to prevent this and as a result, Planned Parenthood advocated strongly for Ford.

It should be remembered that Palmyra, the home of the original arch for two millennia, was a major center for idolatry, specifically the worship of Ba’al, also known as Moloch. Mentioned more than 90 times in the Bible, most notably when Elijah defeated the priests of Ba’al in a contest to bring down fire from heaven to burn a sacrifice, Ba’al became the archetypical form of idol worship. Pantheistic, his adherents worshipped Mother Nature while denying the existence of a creator. Followers of Ba’al engaged in bisexual orgies and sacrificed human infants, burning them alive. Anthropologists conjecture that the child sacrifice was to cull the population after the inevitable outcome of wanton sexuality. …

The timing is probably coincidental but I couldn’t confirm how long it had been scheduled to appear.

“People think mankind has evolved and there is no connection between our world and what happened thousands of years ago,” [Rabbi Pinchas Winston] asserted. “This leads to a feeling of hopelessness, that life is meaningless. They don’t believe in the soul and they say the Bible is irrelevant. History becomes meaningless but a cursory look reveals that our world is uncannily similar to what happened in the Bible. The Bible gives a basic understanding of life.”

Palmyra was dedicated in 32 CE to the worship of Bel. Lower levels of the ground underneath the Temple of Palmyra indicate human occupation that goes back to the third millennium BCE. Converted into a Christian church during the Byzantine Era, parts of the structure were modified into a mosque by Muslims in 1132. It remained in use as a mosque until the 1920s.

The original arch was destroyed by the Islamic State (ISIS) in October 2015, but one year later, the Institute for Digital Archaeology (IDA) used 3-D printing technology to reproduce a 20-foot full-scale replica. Before the outbreak of the Syrian Civil War in 2011, Palmyra was a popular tourist attraction, drawing 105,000 visitors a year.

The reappearance of the Arch of Palmyra has been accompanied by other startling cases of synchronicity that connect to its roots in idolatry. Its debut in April 2016 in Trafalgar Square, London for the UNESCO World Heritage Week coincided with Beltane, the primary festival for Ba’al, the pagan deity for which the Temple of Palmyra was constructed.

In addition to its association with idolatry, the recreated arch is emerging as a symbol for world government. Before its appearance in the U.S. capital, the replica arch was displayed in New York’s City Hall Plaza, London’s Trafalgar Square, the G7 Summit in Florence, and Dubai’s World Government Summit, attracting more than 10 million visitors.

The replica arch will next be reassembled in the Hague, the site of the Dutch Parliament and the UN’s International Criminal Court. The Hague is described as the City of Peace and Justice. Hosted by the Centre for Global Heritage and Development, the arch will be displayed adjacent to the ICC for one month beginning October 17. The Internet announcement of the exhibit describes the arch, a replica of the victory of Roman paganism, as “a symbol of cultural resilience” that will stand as an inspiration to the Netherland’s approximately 100,000 Syrian immigrants.

The IDA and UNESCO have paired up in other projects presenting symbols of idolatry. In November 2017, a statue of the pagan goddess Athena was reconstructed by the IDA and presented at an exhibit “The Spirit in the Stone,” at the United Nations’ headquarters in New York City. The exhibit described Athena as “synonymous with reason, refuge and the rule of law, all of the same values on which that historic institution was built,” but the spear lying at the statue’s feet belied her more common association as the goddess of war. Some scholars believe the Greek goddess was based on the Mesopotamian goddess al-Lat.

I like the shadow descending on the Capitol’s dome. An ominous portent.

IN PICTURES: Palmyra Arch Recreated in London's Trafalgar Square

The Arch of Baal at Trafalgar Square, London.

Replica of Syrian arch destroyed by Isis unveiled in New York City

By Raya Jalabi, 20 September 2016

A recreation of Palmyra’s Arch of Triumph was unveiled in New York on Monday, almost a year after Islamic State militants destroyed the original structure.

The 1,800-year-old Roman arch was blown up by the extremist group last October, but a team of archeologists at Oxford University’s Institute for Digital archeology (IDA) set about recreating it, in an act of resistance to Isis’s rampant acts of cultural destruction in Iraq and Syria.

Standing at two-thirds the scale of the original, the arch is made of Egyptian marble and was built using 3D printing technology, based on photographs of the original arch. …

The arch historically served as the entrance to the … Temple of Baal, which was then converted to a Christian church and finally, a mosque.

When the Muslims murdered & enslaved the Christians of ancient Syria.

First put on display in Trafalgar Square in London last April, it will stay at City Hall park for one week, before moving to its next destination, Dubai.

The 11-tonne arch was placed in the small park directly outside of New York’s city hall, in the heart of the financial district. The park is usually occupied by tourists visiting city hall and the nearby World Trade Center memorial and office workers on their lunch breaks. The arch is not roped off, allowing visitors to walk under it and touch it.

A recreation of the Palmyra arch, a Roman arch destroyed by Isis, goes on display at City hall Park in New York

I avoided the more sensationalist reporting. Digitally preserving monuments is fine but this is… of interest. After seeing the witches of Congress give public invitations to let’s-hex-Kavanaugh parties, plausibility is stretched and limber. On that note, the article continues:

In a recent statement, Roger Michael, the Executive Director of the IDA, drew parallels between the destruction of Palmyra’s landmarks and the violence that has marred London and New York’s landscape.

“It is our hope that the arch, itself an icon of destruction and rebirth, will remind visitors of both the universality of suffering and the indomitable human capacity to rebuild what has been lost.”

In the context of the imminent, global economic collapse, that’s totally not a disturbing sentiment. Not at all.

The IDA’s dedication to preservation, means it ultimately intends to return the arch to Palmyra.

At the unveiling, deputy mayor Alicia Glen said, the arch “was a symbol that we will not stand for acts of terrorists, we will not stand to have people murdered and thrown out of their countries.”

Just two days earlier, there was a bombing in the city’s Chelsea neighborhood injuring 29 people. “What could be more appropriate than to have this symbol of freedom in front of City Hall, so close to where we had our own challenges,” Glen added.

I have closure on that bombing:

New York (CNN)Convicted New York City bomber Ahmad Khan Rahimi was sentenced to multiple life sentences in prison by a federal judge on Tuesday.

Rahimi, 30, was previously found guilty of eight federal charges in connection with a September 2016 bombing that injured 30 in the Chelsea neighborhood.

“The nature of the crime was heinous, wanton and life-threatening … it’s inexplicable that anyone would do that intentionally,” said US District Judge Richard Berman.

Rahimi, a Muslim who federal prosecutors say attempted to radicalize other jail inmates while awaiting sentencing, also was ordered to pay about $563,000 to victims.

Rahimi spoke to the judge, saying he didn’t come from Afghanistan as a child with hate in his heart.

“I grew up amongst you guys, when I started following (my religion), practicing it. That’s when I started” noticing discrimination, Rahimi said in his emotionless five-minute statement. He became a naturalized US citizen in 2011.

Rahimi talked about being targeted for being a Muslim, mentioning he was always picked out in airports by security.

Sudden Jihad Syndrome. He got tired of airport security looking twice at “Akmed son of Mohammed” so he blew up 30 people to prove them wrong. “I plead not guilty. The infidel looked at me funny while eating a ham sandwich.” (not a real quote)



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  1. Engel is a homosexual Jewish gun-banner & abortionist. Nobody special.

    Well we do know who his father is…and who the father is of all Baal worshipers.


  2. Hence why he’s nobody special. The humanity of wicked people ebbs away until there’s nothing left but egotistical parasitism. No wonder that the NPC memes these days are effective. “Fallen Jew” is so far down that death spiral that they all might as well be the same character in various CGI skinsuits. Convergence achieved.

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  5. “A California newspaper defies the approved narrative.”

    Good find! I would have covered that except Steve Knight is pro-Obamacare and recently authored legislation to require California’s airports to reserve rooms for breastfeeding mothers. The Signal isn’t sacrificing any principles but TDS. Which admitttedly puts it ahead of most news outlets.


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