Aromantic Women

If your read “aromatic women” then I did, too. But no, this is the new, exciting female equivalent to incel! Fire up the hamster translator and put another A on the LGBTXYZFAQ because “not tonight, dear, I have a headache” is the latest sexual orientation. From the Huffington Post by way of Instapundit:

What It Means To Be ‘Aromantic,’ According To Aromantic People

I swear I get a banner ad for Pepto-Bismol just for linking this.

Having crushes, dating and falling in love may seem like universal human experiences, but that’s not the case for everyone. People who identify as aromantic ― or “aro” for short ― don’t experience romantic attraction and generally aren’t interested in romantic relationships.

Neither do “fuck her & chuck her” PUAs. Is this a counter-revolutionary “fuck him & chuck him” movement? N count overflow error!

While some people identify as both aromantic (not feeling romantic attraction) and asexual (not feeling sexual attraction), the two don’t necessarily go hand in hand. Some people are asexual but not aromantic, while others are aromantic but not asexual.

This is beginning continuing to sound made up.

Aromanticism exists on spectrum, and individual experiences vary from person to person. There’s no agreed-upon definition of what does or does not constitute romance. For example, some people might consider making out to be sexual, others might consider it romantic, and that can change depending on the circumstances.

Damn the sample size, all aromantics are females. This is so Barbie that I can’t even. Only women can think that circumstances define whether making out is sexual.

“Many aromantic people are mocked as losers, people that can’t get a date, or haven’t met the right person yet, but that’s not the case,” Lee said. “Aromanticism is a valid orientation, not something to be cured or shrugged off.”

Claiming victimhood a little too early there, tits. This sounds a lot like the stereotypical incel complaint but credit to the incel community, they don’t call it a sexual orientation or find a way to claim social status with it. So, how does this “female incel”-ish thingie work?

To learn more about what it means to be aromantic, we asked three people who identify that way ― illustrator Kotaline Jones [real name Lydia Nguyen, a cartoonist and 3 of 10] and Jenny W. and Milly R., admins for the Instagram account @justaroacethings ― to tell us about their own experiences.

When and how did you realize you were aromantic?

Milly: I began to identify as asexual when I was 16 and first heard the term, but it never clicked that I was aromantic as well. I knew I felt some connection to aromanticism but I denied that feeling. It was hard, and took a few months to realize, but when I finally accepted that I was aromantic, I broke down and cried. I was 18. I’d never had crushes and felt uncomfortable in romantic relationships, but it still felt like something had been stolen from me. That promise of a future with true love and marriage and a fairy tale ending was suddenly gone, even though I still wanted it.

Translation: “I’m so ugly that I’ll never attract a husband!” A 16-18yo girl who never got hit on realizes her sexual orientation is not attracting male attention.

Jenny: I started to consider that I might be aromantic earlier this year when I found @justaroacethings on Instagram. I was 18 at the time and have since turned 19. I already knew I was asexual, and I was aware of what “aromantic” meant, but I hadn’t looked into it further. I had assumed it was a term that didn’t apply to me because I had been in romantic relationships before and thought that meant I must have experienced romantic attraction. However, I read practically every post by @justaroacethings and followed lots of similar accounts, so I eventually began to notice that I related to the posts about aromanticism, as well as the ones about asexuality.

This girl at the peak of her sexual attractiveness, defines her personality by not doing anything to lock down a husband. Is she ugly too or are bitter spinsters putting whispers in her head? No, not a spinster… Instagram.

GunnerQ: When I ate a bad can of chili on a camping trip.

Just checking your attention. The word count was probably a giveaway. I can’t stop reading it as “aromatic”.

What does being aromantic mean to you?

Kotaline: I don’t really think I have a right to define being aromantic broadly, but my experience with aromanticism is that I just don’t really have a drive to pursue a relationship with another person or even imagine a future relationship. I don’t want a romantic partner, I haven’t felt romantically attracted to another person for years, and it’s not really a big deal for me.

Thank God women didn’t write the dictionary. They don’t have the right!

Jenny: To me, being aromantic means freedom, as terribly cliche as that sounds. Growing up, we’re all told that we’ll one day fall in love, move in with a romantic partner, get married, have children, etc. That’s what I was told by everyone around me, so it’s what I learned to expect and I never really questioned it. But since realizing I’m aromantic, I’ve realized that’s not what I want and it never has been. It was merely what I expected of me. I am free to decide what my future looks like, rather than getting into relationships I don’t want simply because I feel obliged to.

Freedom from the expectations of men, she means. Does Jenny have a trust fund or an overprotective father? It isn’t healthy, emotionally or physically, for a young woman to not want a husband.

Are you interested in being in a relationship or partnership now or in the future?

Jenny: I’ve realized that I don’t want romantic relationships, but personally, I do still want a committed relationship, specifically a queer/quasi-platonic relationship or QPR. A QPR is a companionate relationship with a commitment level similar to that of a romantic relationship, but it is different from the typical romantic/sexual relationship. A QPR is defined by it’s lack of “traditional” romantic expectations, and can involve as many or as few sexual or romantically coded activities as the partners choose, depending on what they’re comfortable with.

Jenny doesn’t know what platonic means. No possible, legitimate definition of quasi-platonic relationship can involve “many sexual or romantically coded activities.”

Have you been in relationships in the past?

Kotaline: I really have always preferred to be alone… [141 words to the contrary omitted]

Kotaline is physically ugly.

Our Team | TOON Books – Contact - TOON Books

But instead of developing a redeeming personality, she discovered her aromatic side. Er, aromantic.

HAHAHAHAAAAAA! Barbie would be MISERABLE! is she lowered her standards so she wouldn’t end up alone! By the way, Kotaline is a published cartoonist. She could attract a nerd with no difficulty despite being a 3 out of 10.

Jenny: [I’m only romantic when I’m in the mood. 124 redundant words omitted.]

So much for this being a sexual orientation.

Do you still enjoy rom-coms, romantic books and love songs?

Kotaline: I definitely still enjoy romantic media! [55 words omitted]

Hypocrisy. It’s all about the girl’s attitude towards men. Women don’t want to be playful, kindhearted, interested in us. Why bother? The government gives these females all the resources they want and their youth gives them all the attention they want, so they don’t need to give men a second thought except as a hobby. Until the Wall ends the attention and easy cash and they discover true misery in the form of bitter spinsterhood.

Milly: …I once waited a month before I finally liked romance enough to enjoy “To All the Boys I Loved Before.”

The article ends with:

These interviews have been lightly edited and condensed for clarity.

I reduced it another 90%+ because WordPress limits me to one petabyte of storage space per blog post. Unlimited internet social media is truly chick crack.


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  1. I’ll second Earl’s sentiment. It’s probably all for the best.
    Personally, I believe women with a low libido should stay out of the SMP, for the benefit of all who would potentially be involved.

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