William S. Lind Hopes to Weaponize Christianity

The fact that William Lind’s blog is “traditionalright.com” is alone sufficient to mark him as a Tradcon. Like the Left, Tradcon interest in religion is mostly in how its tenets can be Converged to humanist purposes. Although Tradcons are a good deal less cynical while doing so.

A Second Reformation?


By William S. Lind, 10 Oct 2018

Rome has fallen.

Beginning in the 1960s, most mainline Protestant churches fractured over two divergent understandings of Christianity. In one camp are those who believe Christianity was revealed in the person of Jesus Christ, in Holy Scripture, and in the traditions of the early church. The duty of present-day Christians is to pass that heritage, unaltered and undiminished to future generations until the Lord comes again. In the other camp are those who believe the faith must reflect the Zeitgeist, altering itself as necessary to maintain a broad appeal. They see revelation as an ongoing process in which new commandments can override old.

In other words, the Prot Church split into loyalists and apostates. That was healthy and no split at all, the apostates no longer being Christian.

Under a veneer of unity, this same tension has been present within the Roman Catholic church. With the release of Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano’s recent letter attributing priestly pedophilia to a widespread toleration of homosexuality among Roman clergy, the fracture is in the open. The Zeitgeist has proclaimed homosexuality normal and, as in the mainline Protestant churches, the faction within the Roman church that follows the Zeitgeist must follow suit. To traditional Christians this is anathema. Rome appears headed for schism.

To ALL Christians, sodomy is an abomination. Anybody who disagrees, disagrees with God. There’s a lot Christians can argue about with each other but God’s design of human sexuality is not one of them. Again, those Christians who accommodated the world were apostates, not Christians.

This may be good news.

It is not. It is not even “new” news. The devil always tries to subvert the Church when destroying it is not an option.

A schism within the Roman church and the emergence of a sizeable Roman “continuing church” would create the possibility of a second Reformation, with the difference that this Reformation would unify rather than divide. “Continuing church” Protestants and Catholics would have more in common with each other than with modernizers in their own denominations; the same would be true for the other side. It is conceivable that Catholics and Protestants could unite in two new churches, one reflecting Zeitgeist, the other upholding traditional Christianity. Given the number of both Catholic and Protestants traditionalists, a new, united “continuing church” might be the larger–large enough to wield substantial cultural and political power.

I’m shocked this guy understands even the concept of nations. Prots and Cats are both Christian but sacrificing what makes us distinct is to sacrifice our God-provided identities. Just as Americans and Englishmen can be brothers without the former adopting Parliament in place of the Constitution and the latter abandoning all titles of royalty. There is no Platonic form of either “white man” or “Christian”.

To be sure, the obstacles would be significant, especially for the traditionalists. Traditional Protestants and Catholics would each have to look back before the Reformation to find common ground. Protestants would have to accept a Catholic understanding of the Eucharist and adopt a valid liturgy for their communion services (even some Baptist churches had liturgy up into the early 1900s). Catholics would have to share the Apostolic Succession with non-Catholic male clergy and forego requiring that Protestants accept the innovations arising out of the Council of Trent, Vatican I and Vatican II. The Holy Spirit would have to do some heavy lifting to make a union come about.

Lind’s ignorance of Christianity is showing. Catholics depend upon a centralized Church structure and the Protest of Protestants is trusting Church centralization. Which side is going to win in a merger?

The Church will be unified when Christ returns. Only then will Cats give up Apostolic succession and us Prots loosen our deathgrip on Scripture. Until then, unification of the Christian Church is a Globalist priority, a Satanic priority. Not a Christian priority. Why can’t Lind see this? In the same paragraph, he complains about the Vatican becoming the greatest child molestation conspiracy in human history then hopes that fact will encourage divided, hostile elements of the Church to unify into a similar, globalized organization. To repeat the cycle?

What might be the strategic implications of such a second Reformation? Since the end of the Thirty Years’ War in 1648, the West has discounted religion as a strategic factor. But at present, the primary strategic weakness of the West is that it no longer believes in itself. Western culture’s will to live died in World War I, in the mud and slaughter of the Western Front. After the Somme, Verdun, and Passchendaele, the best lacked all conviction. Fascism attempted to recover by exalting the will, but fascism failed, felled by its own errors. And so today as the old West, Europe, is invaded by hordes of mendicants from strange cultures, the European elites offer their countries as doormats.

AS MANDATED AND ENFORCED BY THE EUROPEAN UNION! The nations of Europe sacrificed parts of their identity into the EU and within one generation, the EU decided to exterminate all of Europe’s identity, culture and demographics. Many nations now want their individuality back but the globalists are unwilling.

Why should we Christians do the same? Why sacrifice parts of our identity, our humanity, to form yet another global organization? Historian Lind, do you not yet see a pattern?

As Russell Kirk wrote, “Culture comes from the cult.” Religion has been at the heart of most, perhaps all cultures since human culture arose. While the First World War collapsed the West’s faith in itself, the religion at the core of Western culture had long been under assault by rationalism.

Rationalism? Let’s clarify that term. Christians basically invented science. We’re the ones who believe the world is comprehensible, not the “rationalists” who value Godless reason because they think it can reason away God. Look at the current state of science to see the result of that ‘rationalist’ approach, where Pussy Pass is now more important that scholarship. Actual science, understanding Nature in order to understand Nature’s God, has given way to STEM: practical applications of what has already been learned (and not yet forgotten).

Rationalism, like Evolution, is the belief that there is no God; that in fact, there is nothing beyond observable reality. Although both rationalists and evolutionists have been increasingly uncomfortable with observable reality, too.

Fractured by the first Reformation, the church could no longer speak with the united voice necessary to reply convincingly (about this, see Brad S. Gregory’s recent book, The Unintended Reformation). To Descartes’ “Cogito ergo sum,” a united church would have answered, “Non est. Dues cogitavit, ergo es.”

Here, Lind rejects truth as a basis for morality in favor of authority as a basis for morality. Neither Prots nor Cats accept any human authority as the basis of morality. Whether by Scripture or established Tradition, Creator God is the source of morality because He designed us before telling us how we should live. Nothing about the Reformation invalidated God as humanity’s guiding light.

How can Western culture recover the will to live when, in Europe, the churches are empty because most of the clergy no longer believe the Nicene Creed, while in the U.S. many of the most popular churches preach a therapeutic narcissism that has little to do with taking up your cross and following Jesus? Among the ruling elites in both Europe and America, Christian faith is regarded as spiritual eczema, an unfortunate condition to be covered up in public. It can have no role to play in strategy; the very notion is absurd.

You cannot make bread without flour. This is “Christian faith”: God is real and the Creator of all. The way to restore Western culture is not to give up our uniqueness in order to form the New and Improved, and Mandatory, Pan-Catholic-Protestant Church (PCPC). This is the way: humans are a Created species; evolution is a lie. The institution of marriage was designed by God and altering it in any way, including general sexuality and gender roles, is blasphemy against reality. All men, specifically the unsexy boring ones you don’t care about, are worthy of the Elites’ respect. Believe in this and the Creator who decreed this, and you will embody all that made the Christian West great. No NGO required.

If Lind would see the West become Christian again then he can start by preaching people should believe in Christ because He is the one true God and His teachings are correct. Not by twisting Christianity into a path to power. Here’s the flour for your bread, Mister Lind: God is real!

Lind claims religion is the root of human culture but he doesn’t believe that himself. Nowhere does he uphold Christian beliefs; his only interest is in seeing us create yet another 501c3 Political Action Committee for the purpose of reenacting the secular environment he one enjoyed. Why won’t we bitter dregs unionize per the globalists’ rules? It would bring us worldly power at the low, low price of freedom of belief! We could be the next Vatican! Oops.

This, then, is the potential strategic significance of a second Reformation, one that unites all traditional Christians in one church: the West’s recovery of the will to live. Far from being strategically unimportant, religion is now as it always has been, one of the most powerful strategic factors, a lesson the Islamics teach us regularly on our own soil. Culture comes from the cult, and a united church, marching as to war, could revive Western people’s’ belief in their culture and in themselves. Deus vult.

This is the practical strategic significance of a second Reformation, one that unites all traditional Christians in one church: instead of having to physically hunt down every last believer in Christ, the devil can simply co-opt our global(ist) command structure and tell us what to believe about our “Christian faith”. China is already doing this, rewriting the Bible for use by all “official” denominations. For all his education and accomplishments, William Lind is as much a cargo cultist as the original, illiterate Polynesians.

He mentions Islam and the lesson it regularly teaches us. That lesson would be “if you’re squatting on endless oil fields then it doesn’t matter what kind of lying bullshit you believe”. Muslims are unstoppable conquerors because their globalist handlers buy them bus tickets and order local police to stand down. Their marriages stay intact because they’re exempted from divorce courts. They worship a Prophet who couldn’t be bothered to practice the very religion he preached. The best ways to get into paradise are murder of unarmed unbelievers and being killed by a falling building. And paradise? It’s the place where drinking booze never makes you drunk and Twinkies never make you fat and the women are always virgins no matter how many times and holes you use.

Does that sound like any kind of revelation or truth? Or even strength? It sounds like Mohammed polled a hookah den. It is Islam that needs a Reformation, a Re-formation into Christianity. But everybody loves a winner and the Petrodollar Muzzies are the Elites’ current favorites. Does Lind wonder why we Christians won’t be more like that?

Why would we want to be? We follow Christ to be CORRECT. The truth will survive all tests, specifically including death. Christ guaranteed that with His own resurrection.

Meanwhile, Mr. Lind wants us to hold a Second Reformation to build a Global Church capable of physically conquering the world for God. Because the Almighty needs our help? God is the male in His relationship to humanity. God is in control of our situation and it’s pure arrogance to think the Almighty will ever fail because we followed Christ’s example of not casually slaughtering unbelievers. It is the devil, not Christ, who will punish us for being politically weak.

The strength of the Church is Christ. Not political solidarity, not ruthless savagery, not petrodollars and *facepalm* not in temporarily sacrificing our identity in Christ for realpolitik. That is not Christ’s example to us. He isn’t here today but one day He will return and the world will get the merciless, conquering, successful tyrant it always demanded Him to be.


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