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It took Vox Day less time than my night nap to lock down a potential third party instigator for IndieGoGo shutting down AH:Q then lying about the reason being a freshly discovered violation of terms of service.

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Jason Yungbluth. Wide, cupped ears denote an extreme nonconformist. Nose is thin and (AFAIK) straight, indicating rational over emotional. I believe he has the line on his septum which indicates his work must be personally meaningful to him, even at the cost of money. A bulbous nose is a general indicator of profit motive, which isn’t here to balance that out. Eyes are mostly neutral. Eyebrows are almost nonexistent, indicating a chameleonic personality. Determination lines on the brow. Top third of the head is dominant so he exists mainly in the intellectual plane, neither the ambitious middle-third nor the well-grounded lower third… although I see his choice of beard tries hard to give him a more masculine jawline. In other pictures of him, it’s hard to see if his jaw needs the help.

Nonconformist, organized inner life, chameleon, some determination, his chosen work will reflect his personality. This guy doesn’t conform to social norms, is happy about that and (determination plus septum line) will try to make a living off violating social norms… but in an intellectual capacity… artist/cartoonist fits.

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About that chosen work. What’s the first thing you think about with that picture? Charlie Brown, because of that unique shirt. Yungbluth was advertising a comic of his when he admitted to possible tortious interference between IndieGoGo and Vox Day, links below. The name of that comic is… Weapon Brown.

Image result for Jason Yungbluth

Image result for Jason Yungbluth

Violating social norms much? And look at Mister Weapon’s forehead. That’s as unique as the shirt.


Money quote: “What am I butt hurt about, exactly? I got Vox Day’s IGG campaign cancelled, and now is worried its going to blow back on him. You’re welcome.
– Jason Yungbluth, Twitter, 6:44 PM, 12 Oct 2018″

https://twitter com/IAmDeathRay/status/1050925256171511808

It wasn’t hard to locate Yungbluth’s general opinion towards VD. I’ll give the article a fisking. (Why do VD’s enemies feel compelled to use his real name? My guess is that doxxing him was the only time they scored a clear-cut victory off him. Calling him by his real name will give us power over him!… if we try it just one more time…)

The Menace of Doc Vox!

https://medium com/@Death_Ray/the-menace-of-doc-vox-b5b070a8af4c

30 Oct 2017

I wonder if there are physiognometic indicators for arrested childhood development. This is a well-drawn caricature spoiled by at least four sexually infantile gestures. Like the kobolds of fantasy roleplaying, SJWs have real talents that would carry them far in the world, if only they would give up huddling in dark warrens and anklebiting the surface world of emotionally healthy people.

Lack of a disgust reflex will have to suffice.

This past Sunday, Theodore Beale, a science-fiction author who pens under the name Vox Day, concluded a month-long crowdfunding campaign he has been running to raise money for a project designed to make superheroes great again.

Beale, you should know, is not only an author, but also a well-established B-lister in online racist politics. And while he is ostensibly a man of letters, his driving purpose in recent years has been to gain glory for himself in any way that does not involve impressing the literary community with his work. Now he hopes to also not impress anyone with his new line of comic books, titled “Alt-Hero”.

Beale, you should know, is a doubleplusungood cismale. Just so you know. Because you should know that you shouldn’t like him at all.

Do “men of letters” never seek glory for themselves? And why should he try to impress the “literary community”? Do liberals not occasionally value profit over artistic success?Hello, Michael Bay! What you did to my childhood’s Transformers was a profitable crime… and also had a masturbation scene, much like Yungbluth’s opening caricature.

Beale began blazing a trail of infamy in 2013 by losing an election for the presidency of the Science Fiction & Fantasy Writer’s of America organization, and subsequently being expelled from that body for tweeting bigoted insults to some of its members. He has turned defaming and trolling the author John Scalzi (his unrequited crush) into a personal Manhattan Project, dipped his toe into #Gamergate (that effort by chauvinist gamers to harass female game designers with threats of violence and rape) and most recently ran the “Rabid Puppies” campaign to stuff the ballots for the annual Hugo science fiction awards, yet another trolling campaign, one designed to get obnoxious and unqualified authors listed as finalists.

A useful scorecard for Vox Day’s rise to Dark Lord infamy, if a little one-sided. Remember, folks, the winning comes first. Only then do you get to write the history books.

Beale pitched Alt-Hero —which is about a world populated with bigoted superheroes — as a poke in the eye to Marvel and DC ; punishment, you might say, for allowing a leftist social agenda to creep into their products. …

That is not what Vox Day said. This is the promotion fallacy, if I remember my SJWs Always Double Down correctly. First they attribute motives and statements to you, then they attack you for those motives and statements.

There is no punishment VD could inflict on Marvel & DC that could match their self-inflicted wounds. The big names abandoned their core market and VD smelled money. It’s that simple. VD isn’t trying to prove a point. He’s trying to score bushels of money while you morons are too busy warping beloved old comics into loathsome parodies to be concerned with profit. Good grief, Charlie Brown!

Beale crowdfunded his comic book through a fly-by-night operation called Freestartr. Freestartr is run by a couple of reactionary dingbats who are minor names in the alt-right movement: Charles C. Johnson and Peter Duke. Freestartr’s handful of open campaigns have raised almost no money (although the site does falsely claim to have generated hundreds of thousands of dollars for people who actually raised their funds through one of Chuck Johnson’s other enterprises). Beale’s campaign is a notable exception.

Freestartr is badthink because it chose to associate with Beale. It’s a total failure except for Beale’s successful campaign.

Predictably, Freestartr’s buggy platform lacks the features that anyone who has funded a project through Kickstarter would expect, such as a ready means to enter international shipping data or to add or remove money from a pledge. Beale’s campaign was equally sloppy, offering no project overview, no breakdown of the costs, and no ETA for the project to be delivered (“It will be done when it is done,” Beale told me in an e-mail). There was little production art to speak of, and what was on display ran the gamut from “not bad” to “godawful”.

Freestartr and Beale did such a horrible job that the crowdfunding was doomed to fail, except it exceeded its target goal by 900%. A smarter humanoid would look at why it succeeded and if perhaps such metrics are these weren’t necessary, instead of dismissing it all as yet another profitable exception in a long list of profitable exceptions, all by the same guy.

The SJW would rather envy the success of others than try to duplicate it.

The stories that Beale was teasing, about white vigilantes beating up immigrants, and evil “cucked” superheroes doing battle with a nationalist European vanguard, sounded like something cooked up by a lifer at San Quentin.

Yungbluth is offending ME with this, not VD. I’m the comics customer, the awkward white male with lots of spending money because I don’t have a girlfriend, the nerd with so much cerebral horsepower that playing in a fantasy world is fun, a ordinary guy who bitterly clings to God and guns and neighbors who look & act like me.

With all these strikes against the project you might think that Beale would have had trouble raising the $25,000 he was asking for. NOPE! The project raked in $244,565, donated by a total of 2190 anonymous backers, including $47,500 from a handful who pledged between $1500 and $5000 for a chance to appear in the comic or to design a character for it. (I’ll pause while you rush to the toilet.)

Businessman: HOLY SHIT there’s a huge, untapped market here!

Social Justice Warrior: HOLY SHIT people I don’t like are even stupider than I thought!

You can’t argue with success, and you also can’t argue with Beale’s fan base, whose servility would embarrass Jim Jones. After prowling his blog’s comments sections it became clear to me that many of his fans, if not most, cared little for the product they were funding, and were motivated more by their politics and the satisfaction of trolling a fandom that could not give a rat’s ass. They thrilled to the idea that Beale’s gay villain (sigh….he’s called “Rainbow”) will portray homosexuality as deviant, and they were highly animated by the fact that Alt-Hero features a superhero who smokes (a swipe at Disney’s decision to remove all cigarettes from Marvel’s comics and movies). This, they think, will blow the comic book world’s little mind.

Will these manchildren be proven right? Is the world of soopy-doopy heroes about to receive a hot lava enema from the villainous “Vox Day”?

New RIDDICK Images

Through the benefit of a career spent publishing comic books and running Kickstarters, I will now do that which Teddy would not and let his fans know exactly how their money will be spent.

On a quality finished product comparable to the first two Alt-Hero series which, for all my complaints about ninja female protagonists, were expertly executed with an interesting plotline and delivered in a timely fashion despite not having an explicit shipping date. The moment VD’s comics grow beyond juvenile fan service is the moment I install a new bookshelf. If this offends you, Mr. Yungbluth, then stop despising me, my people, my culture, my country and Father God in everything you do.

Speaking of ninja female protagonists, I was going to skip this part of the article but now it’s relevant:

Sadly, I can fap to this. I love big, rubbery tits.

Tragicomic. Yungbluth admits the visceral appeal of VD’s work in the midst of vomiting his bile at it. He wants to like it but Social Justice demands he reject it. Misogynist! Confederate Nazi! but that’s the kind of woman I want NONONO I must be loyal to the Narrative! Fuck me, Trigglypuff!

tumblr.com | Ssbbw, Big and Big black woman

What’s it like to live on your knees, Mr. Yungbluth? You’re a white male, too. You know the gov’t has officially declared you to be a second class citizen in your own society. You know the SocJus demands replacement-level immivasion from now until whites are exterminated from North America, just as in Rhodesia and South Africa and England and Canada and Australia. The only reason you aren’t in a concentration camp a la Japanese Internment right now is because fellow white men like me own guns… but given the chance, you’d turn me in to the Rainbow Gestapo before thanking me for you living free enough to betray me. I know you would. You fantasize about doing it in your comics, when you fantasize about destroying or twisting all that we hold sacred… and then literally pissing in our breakfast cereal. As you did in your caricature of Vox Day.

The article continues, I may discuss Yungbluth’s dislike for Chuck Dixon later, but what I covered is the portion relevant to his attitude towards Vox Day.

VD is indeed a cold-hearted bastard but unlike you, Mr. Yungbluth, he understand the concept of valued customer. Guess whose work I’m going to purchase.

#GamerGate #ComicsGate #YouWontTouchMyMoneyBecauseImWhiteMaleAndThatsRacistGate


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