The Garcetti Crime Family

The midterm elections are coming up. A local issue called California Proposition 6 would repeal an expensive gas tax and put controls on Sacramento to make increasing vehicle/gas taxes and related fees more difficult. Coverage of it gives me a good window to introduce the Garcetti crime family of Los Angeles.

The family tradition began with the Mexican Revolution. From the LA Times,

Eric Garcetti invokes Latino-Jewish ancestry in mayor’s race

Garcetti prides himself on his ease with L.A.’s diverse cultures. He hopes to weave a multiethnic tapestry of voters in a city that often votes along ethnic lines.

[Eric] Garcetti has Mexican roots through his father, former Dist. Atty. Gil Garcetti. Eric’s grandfather, Salvador Garcetti, was born in Mexico and grew up in Boyle Heights, [California]. Salvador was brought to the United States as a baby after his father, Massimo Garcetti, a judge who had emigrated from Italy, was hanged during the Mexican Revolution that began in 1910, Garcetti says. Eric’s grandmother, Juanita Iberri, one of 19 children in a family that migrated from Sonora, Mexico, was born in Arizona.

I didn’t find much online about Massimo. From Wikipedia on the Mexican Revolution,

Díaz created a formidable political machine, first working with regional strongmen and bringing them into his regime, then replacing them with jefes políticos (political bosses) who were loyal to him. He skillfully managed political conflict and reined in tendencies toward autonomy. He appointed a number of military officers to state governorships, including General Bernardo Reyes, who became governor of the northern state of Nuevo León, but over the years military men were largely replaced by civilians loyal to Díaz.

…The political acumen and flexibility that Díaz had exhibited in the early years of the Porfiriato began to decline. He brought the state governors under his control, replacing them at will. The Federal Army, while large, was increasingly an ineffective force with aging leadership and troops dragooned into service. Díaz attempted the same kind of manipulation he executed with the Mexican political system with business interests, showing favoritism to European interests against those of the U.S.

The citation for that last sentence suggests that Diaz was attempting to leverage Catholics against Protestants. From all this, I theorize that Massino Garcetti was brought over as part of that power play, carpet-bagging for Diaz late in his reign. A reader more knowledgeable about the Mexican Revolution is welcome to comment.

Continuing the LA Times article,

On his mother’s side, Garcetti is a descendant of Jewish immigrants from Russia, Poland and the Ukraine. They too settled in Boyle Heights in the early 20th century. Garcetti’s maternal grandfather, Harry Roth, turned the family’s Los Angeles clothing business, Louis Roth & Co., into a major national brand of high-end suits for men.

Eric Garcetti and seven relatives now oversee the Roth Family Foundation. On its website, it has reported giving $5.9 million in grants since 2000 to hundreds of organizations, among them the PUENTE Learning Center, Planned Parenthood LA and the Silverlake Conservatory of Music.

The Roth Family Foundation’s website hasn’t been updated since 2015. A blurb on its main page says it all: The Foundation’s mission is commitment to progressive social change. The foundation invests in organizations that inspire hope, dignity and creativity, primarily in the Los Angeles area. Grounded in a legacy of social justice and civil rights, the Foundation helps connect communities to the services, opportunities and tools for self-empowerment and self-expression.

But I’m getting ahead of myself concerning Eric. Next up is Massimo’s grandson Gil Garcetti, who was a Los Angeles district attorney… apparently favoring his Mexican side of law over his Jewish side of business. The two main events of his service were the O.J. Simpson trial… of which I am still too weary to talk about, twenty years later… and an unbelievably cruel crackdown on “deadbeat dads”. As district attorney, Gil began assessing child support against randomly chosen men and prosecuting them in absentia. I see that the Wikipedia entry has forgotten but others have not:

Los Angeles, CA–The story in my recent blog post Outrageous Injustice: Man Jailed 4 Times over Failing to Support Someone Else’s Kid—where a man was “thrown in jail four times, lost his job, become estranged from his four children and spent more than $12,000 to support the child of another man” because the child support system wrongly targeted and entrapped him—reminds me of what former Los Angeles County District Attorney Gil Garcetti did. In 1998 Garcetti declared a ‘get tough’ campaign against so-called ‘deadbeat dads,’ sending out thousands of summonses for paternity cases. The men were given only 30 days to respond. Many of the summonses targeted the wrong men, and many never reached the intended parties. Eighty percent of Garcetti’s paternity judgments were made by default, locking the men into 18 years of child support. Many took DNA tests proving that they were not the fathers of the children they now had to take second jobs to support. Others were assigned huge support arrearages by mistake. Many became unable to support their own children. Some of their marriages broke up, and some of the men landed in jail. Garcetti created so much chaos and heartache that even diehard feminist attorney Gloria Allred protested. Allred, who has perhaps done more than anybody to promote the phrase and concept of ‘deadbeat dads,’ called Garcetti’s office ‘an organization without a heart, without any compassion, and without a sense of priorities…[it’s] a system run amok’… Jackie Myers, a former Deputy District Attorney under Garcetti, said that she quit her job because ‘we were being told to do unethical, very unethical things.’ Garcetti later acknowledged that many of the men had been mistakenly targeted but refused to relent, instead blaming the men for not responding within 30 days. ‘The law is the law,’ he told CBS’s Bernard Goldberg. Incredibly, in 2002 Garcetti was appointed to the Los Angeles City Ethics Commission.

When Gloria Allred publicly criticizes you for being shamelessly misandrist, you’ve gone way too far. Or at least, too soon. Nevertheless, Gil Garcetti’s unlawful cruelties earned him a retirement to the LA City Ethics Commission, where he was just so ethical that by total coincidence, certainly neither shameless nepotism nor institutional corruption, his son is now the youngest mayor in Los Angeles’ history. How random!

Eric Garcetti Celebrity |

Eric Garcetti. When the middle portion of the ear pokes out to make a kind of triangle, that’s indicative of a diplomatic personality. Wide, flared nostrils indicates tribalist attitude. Crow’s-feet at the eyes indicate marital trouble, which will be confirmed soon by upcoming pictures of his wife. Thin lips indicate against sociability; upper eyelids neither confirm nor deny this. The absence of a cupid’s-bow on the upper lip or vertical lines between the lip and nose septum indicate either low sex drive or buggery. His wife makes either seem likely. The double lines along the sides his mouth indicate he has the “gift of gab”. Overall conclusion, this guy is great at telling you what you want to hear.

Eric Garcetti (Jordan Strauss / Associated Press)

Here, Eric Garcetti self-identifies as a member of the 187th Street Krips. Okay, I made that up. The photo is taken from this article documenting Mayor Garcetti being ‘forced to try harder’ to defend a massive, unpopular tax hike. Oh, the poor trust fund baby-mayor…

LA Mayor Eric Garcetti Goes All-In to Stop Gas Tax Repeal

By Chriss W. Street, 

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti was forced to go all-in starting Wednesday to oppose gas tax repeal on the November ballot that would save the average family $779 a year.

Yeah, sure. The Chicomms were waiting just outside the camera’s view with AK-47s at port arms because there’s no other way a fourth-generation crony bureaucrat in a notoriously corrupt city would insist on taxing the Little People.

When Eric Garcetti succeeded Antonio Villaraigosa as Mayor of America’s second largest city in 2013, he was called a “Boy Scout” by the LA Weekly. Garcetti has worked hard to craft an image of being a frugal people’s mayor by giving up the limos, gala balls and $500 bottles of wine that his predecessor was famous for.

Two seconds and an Internet connection pops THAT illusion. 2013, they say? That resolution didn’t last two years:

Eric Garcetti - LACMA 50th Anniversary Gala | 3 Pictures |

Eric Garcetti at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art’s 50th Anniversary gala with his wife, Botox Garcetti, 18 April 2015. Sponsored by Christie’s.

Los Angeles Philharmonic's Walt Disney Concert Hall Opening Night Gala - Red Carpet Arrivals ...

Eric and Botox at the Los Angeles Philharmonic Opening Night Gala, 29 Sept 2015. Red carpet treatment confirmed.

Sam Nazarian and Eric Garcetti Photos Photos - Zimbio

Eric at… a pedo convention? No, the Make-A-Wish Greater Los Angeles 30th Anniversary Gala on December 4, 2013 in Los Angeles, California. That “frugal” election reputation didn’t even make it to Christmas. The things you find during image searches. Sam Nazarian in the middle, per Wikipedia, is a Jewish-Iranian-American businessman, investor (in Qualcomm, a major tech company) and philanthropist (mostly in nightclubs). He is the Founder, Chairman and CEO of SBE Entertainment Group. Man on the right is Thomas Barrack, Jr… interesting… he’s a frontman for the Saudis, a Deep Stater since Nixon and the owner of Harvey Weinstein’s balls in a jar.

Take a second look. That’s a Jewish-Mexican politician, a Jewish-Iranian megabankster and a billionaire Saudi agent who could be their cousin. What are the odds they’d be hanging out at the same fundraiser for sick children instead of the Four Seasons Hotel in NYC?

The Case for Investing in Commercial Real Estate - Deal Journal - WSJ

Closeup of Thomas Barrack Jr. Most excellent pedoface! And just in time for Halloween. He deserves his own post.

CNN reported in April that after Garcetti racked up an economic revival record in one of America’s most diverse and liberal city, his exploratory 2020 presidential campaign was meeting with Democrats in the early primary states of Iowa and South Carolina.

Here’s a timeline to document Eric’s meteoric rise to power, followed by the reasons for it:

2001-2006 Member of Los Angeles City Council (age 30 at beginning so fresh out of law school).

2006-2012 President of Los Angeles City Council

2013-now Mayor of Los Angeles

2020 President of United States? He’s already self-promoting for that. Looks like being mayor of the biggest-by-area city in North America doesn’t keep him busy.

How’s that for a promising political career? Any faster and he’d be a nobody off the street. Why so popular? As we saw in the LA Times article, Eric is a Jewish-Mexican-Italian-American which is an amazing scorecard now that identity politics are operating in the open, He was also raised by an hardline feminist father with connections. There aren’t many totalitarian Jewish-Mexican-Americans to pick from. Also, per Wikipedia Garcetti is an ally of the Clintons and at least one Saudi prince,  a proven opponent of border control and most importantly, a record-setting fundraiser.

But with the ‘Yes on Prop 6’ campaign to overturn the gas tax having raised over $2 million mostly from small donors since January and launching sustained radio and online advertising campaigns, Garcetti is being forced to actively campaign for a tax that hammers the working and middle-class voters he has politically depended on.

Garcetti was the key speaker on Wednesday at a press conference adjacent to a LAX rail station in Westchester that received $150 million from the gas tax. The Mayor who drives tried to justify the painful tax by claiming “I’d rather pay a few pennies at a pump than pay lots of dollars at my mechanic,” according to the LA Times. …

But preserving the gas tax that will raise about $5.4 billion a year for the next decade may require a hard sell to the public that is painfully aware of the additional 12 cents per gallon on gasoline, 20 cents per gallon on diesel, and up to $175 in annual car licenses fees. Californians now paying 95.5 cents per gallon in taxes and fees, or an average of about $17 per fill-up.

Although Garcetti is trying to paint the gas tax as a local pro-jobs program to improve roads and bridges, huge amounts of gas tax cash are going to the type of expensive light rail projects liberal Democrats embrace, such as the $581-million metro station at 96th Street and Aviation Boulevard to connect the Crenshaw and Green lines.

Of the ‘No on Prop 6’ campaigns $30,664,794 in fundraising, 8 donors have given checks of $1 million or more and about $4.5 million has come from out of state interests, according to the September 22 campaign disclosure.

And there it is. $2M, mostly from small donors, to get rid of a gas tax whose funds are being expended on Libturd mass transit wet dreams, compared to $30M to keep it up, half of which came from eight persons and… foreign investment??? In keeping a local tax enacted? I took a look at those disclosures:

Mostly construction companies, some individuals. Not a list of ordinary people who are delighted at the thought of keeping a tax alive. More like a list of municipal contractors who like the idea of their “client” having lots of money to throw around. Many of the big donors are NGOs. Supporting Prop 6 is the sort of list of people one would expect to see of a population that would rather not be taxed so heavily, plus several associates of the Howard Jarvis anti-tax group. Click around on CalAccess and see for yourself.

Why does one single commuter-metro station cost half a billion dollars?

California Reform leader Carl De Maio on Wednesday filed complaints and evidence with the District Attorney offices of San Francisco and Sacramento counties, and the US Department of Transportation Office of Inspector General. De Maio alleged that state and local government officials are using taxpayer funds to illegally target vulnerable Republican members of Congress who have backed the Prop 6.

Us not being a court of law, we can notice that it would be well in keeping with the family history to play that kind of illegal political hardball.

The latest claims of misuse of taxpayer funds in a political campaign come just weeks after a criminal complaint was filed against Caltrans for openly using contracted transportation workers in San Diego to openly campaign against Prop 6 by stopping traffic to hand out ‘No on Prop 6’ brochures.

Yeah, Californians are so eager to be taxed heavily that we’re swayed by government employees who tell us they need more money while obviously not doing their job our current taxes pay them to do. I wonder if that stunt was authored by a highly-placed black knight.

That makes a good overview of the Garcetti crime family to date. Interesting on their own merits but their curiously mixed “Russian Jew meets Italicized Latino” ancestry is very well-timed for Eric to be the Democrats’ best choice for uniting the multi-cult against Trump in 2020.


10 thoughts on “The Garcetti Crime Family

  1. Sadly .. any prop vote that Cali-foreign-yenz vote on and pass gets struck-down by the Cali Supreme Court.

    Sickening isn’t the rigjt word for it .. just as sickening as using tax-payer funds to campaign against your minority party .. ugh


    Isn’t this the guy who purposefully sent those 30 day notices to previous addresses to ensure they weren’t reaponded to?

    I’m surprised no-one took matters into their own hands with this guy.


  2. “Isn’t this the guy who purposefully sent those 30 day notices to previous addresses to ensure they weren’t responded to?”

    That was Eric’s father, Gil.

    “I’m surprised no-one took matters into their own hands with this guy.”

    Gil was Los Angeles District Attorney. More protected than a judge. I’m sure a few men would have tried given the chance. No chance of a recall petition happening for the benefit of “deadbeat dads”.

    “Sadly .. any prop vote that Cali-foreign-yenz vote on and pass gets struck-down by the Cali Supreme Court.”

    And then the rest of the country blames California’s men for the place being a cesspit. It’s frustrating.


  3. And then the rest of the country blames California’s men for the place being a cesspit. It’s frustrating.

    Cali is “The-Anti-Will-of-The-People” State .. frankly I can’t understand why people stay .. That was their only peaceful solution .. leave and let the tax burden ruin them .. but it’s not happened .. states rights may be dead .. but voting with ones feet is the right call .. otherwise you support the evil state with your tax-dollars.

    The only other solution is ..

    It should be treated like any foreign city / state / strong-hold under the command of a foreign enemy .. surround it with US Marines (/ Military) and allow a peaceful exit [and round-up] to those who are not combatants .. and then leave a crater where it once was .. rebuild as necessary.

    We’re at that point, sadly, because the good people keep funding the bad people.

    Of course those criminals fleeing (judges/elected poly’s/lobbyists/cops/school & university teachers/etc) will be scooped up and dealt with, on a case by case basis, as they flee.

    Also all the brown (i.e. South-Central American and Mexico non-us citizens .. NO Anchor babies allowed) will be allowed a one time exit thru mexico .. take it or leave it .. and if mexico balks at there return .. it’s time to bomb mexico if you ask me.

    That’s the only way Cali is returned to the Will of th People.

    Extreme? Yes .. Necessary? Yes .. Do we have the resolve to do it? Probably not .. therefore game over for the good people of Cali.

    If you can tell .. I’m beyond frustrated and willing to go the extra mile for our Heritage American brothers.


  4. “Cali is “The-Anti-Will-of-The-People” State .. frankly I can’t understand why people stay”

    We have nowhere to go. Every state in the Union is going in our direction, just more slowly. If you know of a staunchly Christian, pro-white male gov’t then please tell.

    Meanwhile, the ocean and hills are fun. They can’t take the sky from me.


  5. We have nowhere to go. Every state in the Union is going in our direction, just more slowly. If you know of a staunchly Christian, pro-white male gov’t then please tell.

    Not necessarily .. Yes states rights are dead. But, not evwry state is a complete mess .. even with socialist creep.

    I’ve lived all over .. I’m old, so I’ve got that gling for me (lol) .. My concern is the Cali Socialists are slowly moving to these states and reproducing exactly what made Cali .. Cali .. so voting with your feet does work. It’s just that in 10 years you can’t be sure it’ll be worse off due to the horrible socialists fleeing their own utopia (aka Cali).

    So I’ll grant that all states have that potential (i.e. becoming Cali) .. it’s for dif reasons.

    It’s not an easy decision .. because (of what you saiy below) ..

    Meanwhile, the ocean and hills are fun. They can’t take the sky from me.

    Yes .. Cali is a Bee-ute-tee-full place .. but so is my sanity and tax-liability. I can always visit .. no way I’d stay .. may you find a happy home that doesn’t treat you like a criminal for being a white male.


  6. There shouldn’t be any new laws after Sept. 30, the legislative deadline. That’s why Sacramento passed more than 200 new laws last month. I’ll have to look.

    Edit: Can you give me a link?


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