A Quantum of A Fag

For the funny files, a quick repost I found from David Thompson.


As If Millions Of Physicists Suddenly Cried Out In Terror
Our beloved state broadcaster [the BBC] brings tidings of intersectional joy:

“Reading about quantum physics has really helped me understand my queer identity… It is in this model of space-time as a series of entanglements that I’m able to piece together all of the fragmented sects of my identity – being able to identify as British and Iraqi, as queer and Muslim, as someone of many genders and potentially no genders at all.”

Readers may wish to imagine the faces of, say, Erwin Schrödinger or Max Planck on hearing their field being compared with the staggering intellectual heft and rigour of “queer theory.” By a chap with blue eyebrows, fake boobs and voluminous pink acrylic hair.

Followed by commenter Surreptitious Evil: To paraphrase: “If reading about quantum has helped you understand anything, you haven’t understood either quantum or anything else.”

You can totally use this in future conversations with trail mix (vibrant mixtures of dried fruits and nuts).

I clicked on the link. My eyeballs need bleaching!



2 thoughts on “A Quantum of A Fag

  1. Ugh. Future STEM professor. Admit it, you can’t tell if that is a biological man or woman. You can’t tell! Just how they want it.


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