Women Ruin Everything, Active Shooter Edition

Imagine Jerry Springer going on a shooting spree in a police station in front of a live studio audience. That would not be as strange as the latest major shootout in Florence, South Carolina, in which two separate men, both emotionally castrated by their women, got seven cops shot while serving a child molestation search warrant.


Seven law enforcement officers were wounded [one fatally and another terminal] during a shootout in suburban Florence, South Carolina on Wednesday afternoon.

The shootout took place at an address in the upscale Vintage Place subdivision – at a home belonging to Florence, S.C. family law attorney Cheryl Turner-Hopkins and her husband, 74-year-old Vietnam War veteran Frederick Hopkins.

Deputies with the Florence County sheriff’s office were in the process of serving a search warrant at this address at around 4:00 p.m. EDT when they were fired upon by a suspect within the residence. According to our sources, the search warrant sought information related to an ongoing child sexual assault investigation. One of the female deputies caught up in the initial round of gunfire is a criminal sexual conduct investigator. Another is a forensic technician.

All told, four Florence police officers and three county deputies were wounded in the shooting.

Right off the bat, this isn’t just a “search warrant”. This is a multi-jurisdiction force knowing what (who) it would find.

The three deputies were reportedly shot during the initial hail of gunfire, while the four city police officers were shot as they responded to assist their fallen comrades. A roughly two-hour standoff ensued following the gunfire, during which time the wounded deputies were rescued with the assistance of an armored vehicle and transported to a local hospital.

Eventually the suspect – who reportedly used a high-powered rifle during the incident – agreed to surrender after speaking with a hostage negotiator. A young, white male in a pink shirt with close-cropped brown hair was seen being led from the home in handcuffs following the incident, however we are told his individual is not believed to be the suspected shooter.

Other accounts report the official shooter, Fred Hopkins, is comatose in the hospital with a head wound and “unable to talk with police”. For there to have been a two-hour standoff with no additional injuries, there was more than one shooter involved despite media claims. Not to mention, the other people at the house obviously weren’t pro-cop.

In addition to the law enforcement casualties, a 20-year-old male was wounded inside the home. Several children were also inside the home at the time of the shooting, but thankfully none of them were hurt during the incident. …

The disclosure of information related to this particular officer-involved shooting – the 29th this year – has been less coordinated that usual due to a most atypical law enforcement response. In a bizarre break with protocol, agents of the S.C. State Law Enforcement Division (SLED) – who lead nearly all investigations of officer-involved shootings in the Palmetto State – were told to leave the crime scene by Florence County sheriff Kenney Boone. In fact, a SLED special weapons and tactics (SWAT) team initially dispatched to respond to the shooting was actually called away from the scene.

What gives? Readers of this news outlet are well aware that Boone has been sparring with SLED over an investigation involving his personal life. According to our sources, Boone summoned investigators with the Richland County sheriff’s department to investigate the shooting after dismissing SLED. Richland County is the only other law enforcement agency in the state that does not permit SLED to lead investigations into its officer-involved shootings.

Okay, that’s the official-story-so-far. I waited to see what the updates would have to say:


A 74-year-old Vietnam War veteran and disbarred lawyer has been identified as the primary suspect in a Florence, South Carolina shooting that left one police officer dead and seven people (including six other law enforcement officers) wounded on Wednesday.

Frederick Thomas Hopkins is being held by local law enforcement in connection with the shooting, according to reporter Meg Kinnard of The Associated Press. He has yet to be transferred to a detention center for booking and arraignment because he reportedly sustained a head injury during yesterday’s attack.

Hopkins was hospitalized at Carolinas Hospital System, which was placed on lockdown in the aftermath of the shooting.

A local law enforcement source told us the alleged shooter is “crazy” and has been involved in several domestic incidents.

Is your Google broke, you lazy journalists? Per the freakin’ AP news feed:


“According to public court records, Hopkins’ charges include two in 2015 and 2017 for “running at large,” an offense related to not restraining one’s animals.”

Probably big dogs like rottweilers or German shepherds. I don’t suppose the neighbors would have complained about a teacup poodle cruising the neighborhood. Criminals like to own dangerous animals and let them run free. If the dog kills a cop then the crook only gets a slap on the wrist. These laws are often intended to thwart such behavior.

Now a quick visit to:


Shows him arrested on third-degree assault & battery in 2013. Starting fights at age 69? Hmm. And

Frederick ‘Fred’ Hopkins: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

In 2002, Fred T. Hopkins, acting pro se, sued two men over the building of his home. The court dismissed his case because he refused to participate in mediation as required by court order, the documents say.

And most damningly of all, this “crazy guy” with an arrest record is apparently a foster grandparent. From the same AP URL,

Kirby says officers were trying to serve a warrant involving an accusation that a 27-year-old person at the home sexually assaulted a foster child in the home.

Does Child Protective Services TRY to give little kids to bad guys? Ah, but the wife is a successful divorce attorney…

As we noted in our original coverage, deputies with the Florence County sheriff’s office were in the process of serving a search warrant at the home of Hopkins’ wife – Florence, S.C. family law attorney Cheryl Turner-Hopkins – when they were fired upon.

Cheryl Turner-Hopkins was not at the home at the time of the shooting.

Probably intentional on the cops’ part. A good attorney can throw up all kinds of legal objections during a search warrant. Generally a dick move but here, I wholeheartedly approve.

“According to our sources, the search warrant sought information related to an ongoing child sexual assault investigation,” we reported yesterday.

That information has now been confirmed.

According to Kinnard’s report, the search warrant “involved an accusation that a 27-year-old person at the home sexually assaulted a foster child who lives in the home.”

That individual has now been identified as Seth Hopkins, who was wounded during the shooting. Seth Hopkins’ Facebook page indicated he was employed by his mother’s law firm.

“The search warrant was only for Seth’s room and for Seth’s things,” a source familiar with the situation told us. “(Frederick Hopkins) set up his rifle and ambushed the officers.”

Freddy gunned down seven cops who weren’t even looking for him specifically. Knowing cops, they would have announced this fact at the very start of their presence at the house, which means Freddy knew his grandson was guilty.

And an ambush with a rifle? Not indoors. Freddy would have had to set up outside his home and shoot through the windows. There’s no way he would have downed all seven in one go–which again, means there was a second shooter on the inside.

Three Florence County deputies – all females – were wounded in the initial hail of gunfire.  When officers of the Florence, S.C. police department responded to reports of shots being fired at the residence, they also came under fire.

One of those responding officers – 52-year-old Terrence Carraway of Darlington, S.C. – was killed when a bullet struck him in the head.

Yep. One shooter takes out three, the remaining cops take cover from the first and are shot from behind by a second shooter. Maybe one of the cops dropped Freddy; that would jive with a two-hour standoff followed by that’s-not-Freddy being frogmarched out, and Freddy having taken a head wound. Look at the size of his (wife’s) house:

Related image

As of this writing, two of the deputies were in critical condition with gunshot wounds to the upper torso while another was in stable condition with a gunshot wound to the leg.  According to our sources, one of the wounded deputies “isn’t doing well” and reportedly coded – or experienced cardiopulmonary arrest – twice after being hospitalized.

Meanwhile, a Florence police officer reportedly had to have a part of his skull removed after getting struck by a bullet.

Sounds like the final count will be two cops murdered and a third with permanent brain damage. Double capital murder, five-time attempted murder, even his neighbor got winged, all with special, sentence-enhancing circumstances that will put paid to taking his chances with a jury. I hope the jailers mistakenly put Freddy in general population.

But as always, the real story is the people not the actions. Let’s start with old Freddy. Continuing the article,

Hopkins is a trained shooter. Recent posts from his Facebook page – which was taken down late Wednesday – showcased his various weapons. Meanwhile, Hopkins touted his proficiency as a shooter.

In a 2012 post, he wrote of entering a shooting competition in an effort to “get my old form back” – citing his victory in the previous year’s “3-Gun Silhouette” championship. A three-gun championship is a competitive shooting event in which participants use rifles, pistols and shotguns at varying distances and from various positions.

“I have been shooting competitively since 1984 and lovin’ it,” Hopkins wrote in one post back in 2014. “I just love the smell of gunpowder in the mornin’s.”

This sounds like it could be used as propaganda against gun ownership but it won’t be, because… I’ll get to his wife.

Hopkins boasted of owning an M-14 automatic rifle, which was the primary combat rifle issued to American soldiers during the Vietnam War (until it was replaced by the M-16).

Hopkins claimed to have been exposed to Agent Orange – a herbicide used during the Vietnam War in an effort to deny food and vegetational cover to the National Liberation Front of South Vietnam (a.k.a. the Viet Cong). This exposure led to a cancer scare for which he received treatment at a U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) hospital in Columbia, S.C.

“I was exposed to heavy doses of ‘Agent Orange’ while performing combat duties with the 101st Airborne Division in Viet Nam in 1969-1970,” he wrote in one post. “I have been fighting this disease for five years on my own and the VA finally found out why I had pain and swollen nodules in my neck.”

Did you know that the Vietnam Conflict produced fifteen times more crippled servicemen than actually served? Liberals of a certain age loved to self-identify as maimed Vietnam Vets because they got to self-righteously blame ‘Murica and throw a pity party at the same time.

It is not immediately clear what prompted Hopkins to allegedly open fire on deputies and police officers …

Buckle up.

Those confounding second lower eyelids again. I was expecting pedoface but no. A pessimist’s mouth. Masculine chin so capable of decisiveness but not jutting as I would expect for an aggressive man. Very inside-loaded eyebrows indicate a “start but don’t finish” personality. His upper eyelids are visible which combined with slightly upturned nose, this guy is sociable/emotional. Sunken cheeks indicate a lack of (perceived) control over personal circumstances. No brow indications of stubbornness or determination. My read is he has a decent amount of masculinity paired with an unfocused anger at the world.

Now his wife:

Katie Hopkins advises Cheryl Fernandez-Versini to 'reach ...

Cheryl Turner-Hopkins. Female pedoface! Unusual. We already know she’s a divorce attorney so no soul. Her hyphenated name proves she wears the pants in this marriage.

Care to guess how these two met? Professionally.

A Supreme Court decision from 2000 indicated that Fred Hopkins was married before to a woman named Carol Hopkins and that Cheryl Turner Hopkins, his second wife, helped him with the divorce.

“Mother and Father were married in 1967; they divorced in May 1983,” that court case said, referring to Fred and Carol Hopkins. “They had two children: (a son), born May 26, 1972, and (a second son), born December 4, 1969. Father was ordered to pay child support of $350.00 per month. In November 1986, Father was found to be $18,693.00 in arrears in his child support, and an order garnishing $432.60 per month of his military disability payments was entered.”

The court case continued: “The younger son…went to live with Father for approximately 5 months, from late April, 1990, through September, 1990. In early May 1990, Father instituted the instant action seeking custody of (the son); a hearing was held on May 13, 1990, three days prior to (the son)’s 18th birthday. Father sought termination of support for his older son …claiming he was over age 18 and was not entitled to post-emancipation support; Father did, however, request Mother be required to pay post-emancipation support for (the son). The family court gave Father temporary custody of (the son) but required Father to continue making his child support payments pending the final hearing.”

The documents indicate: “he was represented at trial by his current wife, attorney Cheryl Turner Hopkins.”

Fred Hopkins was disbarred from practicing law in 1984 for stealing $18k from a client:

Click to access 282_sc_130_318_se_2nd_11_1984.pdf

$18k Is a suspiciously petty amount to lose one’s career over. However, this is one year after his divorce was final. Apparently, Freddy was so screwed over by the divorce that he’d begun tapping his clients’ accounts to pay the costs.

Cheryl married him but apparently didn’t love him, as proven by both refusing to take his last name and by the fact that two years later in 1986, Freddy was still almost $20k behind on his child support. She apparently wasn’t helping him with it; allowing his pension to be garnished made him financially dependent upon her. Cold-hearted bitch. Look again at that big plantation house the family lived in… she had money.

Her husband Freddy is a white knight, so desperate for female validation that he fell in love with his divorce attorney while his first wife was in process of divorcing him. He wasn’t protecting himself in this shooting; he was protecting an evil wife and (grand)sons from justice. She maltreated him and he was predisposed to project his frustrations onto the world.

One interesting case of Cheryl’s is a Hindu in South Carolina whose arranged marriage descended into double homicide (probably with a hitman). Read here:


Hindus in the Carolinas? Damn immivaders. But I digress.

To sum, Freddy got married, had three kids, got divorced, married his divorce attorney, was financially ruined to the point of being her “house husband”, lived angry at the world and fiercely protective of a woman who didn’t deserve or need protection. When a squad of police arrived to follow up on a suspicion of foster child sex abuse, he did his best to murder the cops with the assistance of one of his sons/grandsons. The combined actions of his two wives had reduced Freddy to a frothing pit bull on a leash.

BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE! Remember what I quoted above:

In a bizarre break with protocol, agents of the S.C. State Law Enforcement Division (SLED) – who lead nearly all investigations of officer-involved shootings in the Palmetto State – were told to leave the crime scene by Florence County sheriff Kenney Boone. In fact, a SLED special weapons and tactics (SWAT) team initially dispatched to respond to the shooting was actually called away from the scene.

That’s the stuff conspiracy theories are made of. But this one isn’t a theory: Sheriff Kenney Boone hates SLED because they investigated credible death threats made against… Sheriff Boone… by his fiancee’s first husband… whose second wife is a SLED agent. Getting that Jerry Springer feeling yet?


The chaotic situation surrounding Florence County, South Carolina sheriff Kenney Boone is about to get crazier … to the extent that’s possible.

When we last tuned in to this unspooling soap opera, the S.C. State Law Enforcement Division (SLED) had deferred its investigation into death threats allegedly made against Boone to detectives of the Richland County sheriff’s department. At Boone’s request. …

As we exclusively reported last week (and followed up on here), the ex-husband of Boone’s fiancée, Anna Hovey (below, with the sheriff), is accused of threatening to kill Boone during a verbal altercation…

Complicating matters? [Alex] Curlington’s current wife – Genia Curlington  – is currently employed by SLED and allegedly witnessed the exchange between her husband and the sheriff.

That’s not a love triangle. That’s a love rectangle. Genia watched Alex threaten Kenney because Alex’s wife Anna was cheating with Kenny, so Genia moved in and married Alex as soon as Anna left. Anna regretted leaving Alex for Kenney and started leaning on Kenney to get Genia fired as both payback and to monkey-branch a return, which is why she hasn’t yet tied the knot with Kenney… OW MY HEAD!!!!

Anna and Kenny. Kenny’s eyes are very horizontal and recessed. He’s emotionally controlled and guarded, which makes him seizing another man’s wife a very curious behavior. Anna is no Helen of Troy, to be fought over by Alpha males; her face is stretched out from years on the cock carousel and a couple bottles of Xanax. Her chest is flatter than Kenney’s reelection polls will be after he abandoned seven cops to die because he feared his fiancee’s former husband’s wife’s employer might end up looking good.

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Happy Friday! If you need more weekend reading then peruse fitsnews. I was entertained and informed by them.


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  1. SMH .. he married a Divorce Skank Ho Lawyer .. he obviously didn’t get the memo ..

    THE MEMO ..

    Fella’s there’s an easy way to spot a Skank Ho ..


  2. Am I bad for finding this convoluted story hilarious?

    BTW Gunner, you oughta be a serious journalist someplace. You put out serious content on the reg. It’s a shame no one would ever hire you, ever, in the fem-centric propaganda industry.


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