Return of Kings Goes Down

Well, indefinite hiatus. The site itself is still up but per Daryush Roosh its operator, recent SJW attacks have rendered it unprofitable and he personally is feeling burned out after years of running it. He’s got other things to do.

That’s life. Things come and go. I don’t fault Roosh for wearying of the attacks he’s taken; some of them have been huge. He also experimented with new stuff and that’s a rare personality trait that’s vulnerable to burnout.

Monetizing the Internet is a tricky thing. It destroys your anonymity and makes you dependent on the popularity game. If I get 20 views a day, eh, but if my blog was my primary income then it’d be go-time for desperate measures. So, you make your website your secondary job but then you have two jobs. That’s only fun until it isn’t.

In fact, almost no for-profit Manosphere websites have survived even one year. Aside from RoK, I can only think of various PUA sites and the associated controversies of selling false hope to determined blue-pillers.

I will never monetize my blog. Money is traceable and ruins anonymity. I take one single cent and a monstrous hydra of taxmen and business regulations will instantly rear its ugly heads.

RoK was a second-tier visit for myself. Jew-baiting is very tedious* and while it was a rich vein of sarcasm and putdowns, much refinement was necessary. But unlike liberals, I don’t feel threatened by the success of others. Life is not a zero-sum game, non-Christians have valid contributions to make concerning our shared problems and RoK’s authors occasionally had good content so I linked to them.

Now, I need to update my linkages and don’t know of any decent big-name sites. Kids these days seem to prefer streaming audio-video to written blogs so maybe there aren’t any to be found. Kinda sad. I know Earl advertises my blog (thank you, Earl!) but for me, it feels awkward to do drive-by “check out my blog!” posts like a spambot.

*This is why I don’t link to heartiste even though he’s the guy who turned me on to physiognomy. Seriously, it’s like Stormfront uses his blog for a backup server. Heartiste will write an article about social dynamics and the first comment will be “(((da J00Z))) Every Time!!!”


2 thoughts on “Return of Kings Goes Down

  1. Another thing is that the (real) truth should be ‘free’. Scriptures show that buying or selling the keys to the Kingdom of God is a path to ruin. Monetized Manosphere sites (as well as certain examples of evangelical efforts) are a modern example of how that works out.


  2. SIGH ..

    GQ .. to me I have a big problem for the MRA and PUA crowd because of the “for money / profit” AND Hierarchy nature of their leaders.


    Paul Elm railed against MGTOW when it became a thing. He couldn’t profit off of it. He then turned around and started marketing himself as “THE leader of MGTOW” .. WTF OVER! I will not visit his site or patron any of his causes because of his actions.

    This is the nature of PUA and MRA. They want your money and allegiance.

    Hey Dumb-Dumbs ™ .. I don’t pay dues .. I don’t attend meetings .. I don’t aspire to make you my leader.

    If you’ve met ONE MGTOW .. you’ve met ONE MGTOW .. period. We don’t have a leader (other than ourselves) and it doesn’t cost any money to join / be a member. WHICH they all hate. Including me.

    The “manosphere” ™ was never about profit .. it was about the exchange of ideas and experiences. Not lining another man’s pocket with power and money.

    I don’t hate those that profit from our existence. I just won’t participate in their schemes. I contribute and recommend sites to my true friends. And, that .. to me anyway .. is the biggest sign of approval anyone can get out of me.

    Keep up the great work brother.

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