Physiognomy: A California Conservative

Bonus, Brett Kavanaugh in the postscript. John Moorlack came to my attention as being one of only two California state senators who tried to fix the crashing Calpers pension system without asking a belligerent, expansionist, Communist nation for help.

What kind of personality does it take to swim in the #4 American matriarchy (behind Massachusetts, New York and Florida Man)? Being popular enough with wimmins to get elected yet without losing one’s soul? Let’s see.

John Moorlach

And a profile pic:

Legislators including San Diego's Shirley Weber are getting two government checks a month - The ...

The profile pic helps apply physiognomy to the entire shape of the head. For example, a large forehead generally denotes intelligence but can vary depending on whether the forehead is sloped back or near vertical.

And one more pic:

OC Politics Blog | Moorlach to cut ribbon at opening of new O.C. Mental Health Campus

Taken during a ribbon-cutting ceremony at the opening of Orange County’s Mental Health Complex. No direct relevance to this article but what a great background for memes!

The Chinese would say he has an excellent Moon face–large head, rounded at top and bottom but not a circle-head like Charlie Brown. Such men tend to have many children and tendencies towards idleness, business, novelty and food. Short-term business negotiations are a stereotypical behavior.

By contrast, the Western system would describe his face as pear-shaped, the Peacemaker. He has his emotion carefully under control and values consensus with others. A good advisor-type, he is helpful when consulted and insulted when ignored, because he would not ignore you.

A quick reading technique is to divide the face into horizontal thirds. If the upper third (forehead, crown) is prominent then he’s a thinker. (Not necessarily smart; could be artistic type, etc.) A prominent middle area, eyebrows to nose tip, denotes focus on ambition, status and luxury. Mark Zuckerberg is an example of this.

Mark Zuckerberg: Focus On The Change You Want To Make

And a prominent lower area denotes practicality. If no band is prominent then ignore this and move along. Here, I’d say Moorlach has no prominent area but he chose his style of beard to emphasize the lower band. He wants to be seen as practical. (Facial hair should generally be viewed as a subconscious yet intentional effort to alter one’s physiognomic appearance.)

With a profile pic, we can look at the face concavity. Moorlach’s forehead is mildly swept back but the rest of his face is vertical. A jutting chin indicates aggression while a receded chin indicates aversion. Neutral generally means self-directed, or self-controlled, with no predispositions. Somewhat paradoxically, mentally organized people have swept-back foreheads while emotionally organized people have swept-foreward foreheads. Moorlach’s profile therefore presents as intelligent and self-directed, someone interested in tangible results.

Think of eyebrows as being the ‘bandwidth’ or ‘pipes’ of the mind. His eyebrows are very thin, suggesting single-mindedness and vulnerability to criticism. (One topic at a time, not much ‘insulation’ on the wiring.) They are spaced wide, suggesting mental farsightedness as opposed to close-eyebrow nearsightedness.

See the line on his septum, the bottom of his nose? That indicates a need for work that is personally satisfying, even if it comes at a loss of income.

The crow’s-feet at the outsides of his eyes denote serious marital trouble in the Chinese school. They can also indicate pedophilia so I personally (and for now) consider them to be general indicators of sexual problems.

I rather doubt Moorlach is a black hat given a brief review of his activities. Example, in 2016 he authored an enacted bill that helped fathers not be kicked out of their homes during divorce proceedings.

To conclude, this guy is intelligent, far-seeing and an extrovert who is very interested in keeping matters running smoothly, who tries to be a “down to earth” guy but has trouble making unpopular decisions, whose career could have been more financially successful than it has been by his personal choice, who if married is not happy. Not the worst type to end up in high office but not the man to face down the Social Justice freaks, either.

Let’s check wikipedia.

Born Johannes Meindert Willem Moorlach in Groningen, Netherlands, Moorlach’s family came to the United States when he was four years old. He grew up in the Orange County cities of Cypress and Buena Park. He earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in business administration from the California State University, Long Beach in 1977. He is a certified public accountant and certified financial planner. Before entering public office, he was vice president of accounting firm Balser, Horowitz, Frank and Wakeling, and the administrative partner of its Costa Mesa office. With his wife, Trina, he has three children.

Well, not divorced. That’s something. A successful career as a CPA, probably lucrative. He rose high in management.

Moorlach first came to public attention by predicting the largest municipal bond portfolio loss and bankruptcy in U.S. history while campaigning for the office of Orange County Treasurer-Tax Collector against incumbent Democrat Robert Citron in 1994. Citron resigned in disgrace later that year and was replaced on an interim basis by Tom Daxon. On March 17, 1995, Moorlach was appointed to fill the vacancy, was elected by the voters in 1996 to complete the unexpired term, and re-elected in 1998 and 2002, serving nearly twelve years.

He is recognized as a leading expert on municipal bankruptcies. He received phone calls regarding a looming municipal bond crisis in Jefferson County, Alabama.

Cool! The septum was right! He left private practice to become a leading expert on municipal bankruptcies. Not as lucrative but very important and possibly very satisfying.

Gov. Brown was a moron to reject Moorlach’s plan for pension reform. Then again, he’d already brokered a deal with the Chinese. Why tighten the belt when you can betray your people one last time before retiring to endless, insulated luxury?

Postscript, Moorlach’s face-reading is comparable to Brett Kavanaugh’s.

Judge Brett Kavanaugh is Trump’s nominee for the Supreme ...

Brett Kavanaugh: Apocalypse Now | National Review

Less cheeky and his nose is straight, so more introverted. In the lower pic you can see a vertical determination line between the brows. Nose is similar but no septum line so Brett isn’t as deeply invested in his work. Clean-shaven so more comfortable with how he’s perceived; confirmed by his eyes being the same size. Same crows-feet but smaller; probably insignificant.

His grooming is not perfect; notice the hair over the tops of his ears and hair down to the collar. He isn’t vain.

The horizontal line across the top/root of his nose indicates burnout.

Disciplined, intelligent, concerned for facts over social approval, not concerned with notions of legacy. He will likely continue judging according to his currently held principles and resign at a relatively young age.


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