Monetizing Mommy

Enjoy the authentic ethnic food but don’t be surprised when you find out botulism is all-natural and organic. Continuing its blizzard of new laws and assaults upon the common Californian, the State Legislature has legalized “kitchen microenterprises”, an act with profound Red-Pill significance. Presenting AB 626.

This bill would, among other things, include a microenterprise home kitchen operation within the definition of a food facility, and would define a microenterprise home kitchen operation to mean a food facility that is operated by a resident in a private home where food is stored, handled, and prepared for, and may be served to, consumers, and that meets specified requirements, including, among others, that the operation has no more than one full-time equivalent food employee and has no more than $50,000 in verifiable gross annual sales.

Fact, women are naturally resource-seeking. Fact, women are naturally domestic. Fact, the Elites want/need women to be economically independent of men. Hence this bill. Single mothers can now run mini-restaurants out of their homes with minimal regulation, up to 30 meals per day and/or $50k in annual receipts.

It used to be that women did this for free, for their families, and they were beloved for it. But today, women need new sources of income to replace the men going MGTOW (or to debtor’s prison). Hence this bill. What Mommy used to do for love of her family, Baby Momma now does for money.

When you think about it, microkitchens are a variant of prostitution. “Working women” selling love for money.

The bill would … exempt a microenterprise home kitchen operation from various provisions applicable to food facilities, including, among others, provisions relating to handwashing, sinks, ventilation, and animals.

This was the main reason for gov’t regulation of restaurants in the first place, ensuring sanitation. It would surely be sexist to hold a menopausal cat lady to the impossible hygenic standards of McDonalds.

If this proves popular then established restaurants with higher costs (because they suffer higher industry standards) will be hard-hit. I don’t think that will happen outside the barrio, however. Like the seat belt, people would insist on health-inspected eateries even if the law didn’t mandate them. A few Typhoid Marys and accounts of food poisoning will see to that. Not to mention all the cat hair in Old Biddie’s “stew of the day”. Also not to mention parking and seating issues, as the County of San Bernadino pointed out in a formal letter of opposition:

Click to access AB626-AsAmended5-2-17_Oppose.pdf

The County of San Bernardino is writing in opposition of AB 626, microenterprise home kitchen operations. This bill would allow for the sale of food directly to consumers from private homes and could present new challenges to our local public health and environmental health departments.

The causes of foodborne diseases include, among other things, bacteria and bacterial toxins, viruses, and parasites. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that each year 48 million people get sick, 128,000 are hospitalized, and 3,000 die of foodborne diseases in the United States. In California, between 2013 and 2015, there were 3,235 illnesses, 149 hospitalizations and three (3) deaths of which 354 reported and confirmed illnesses and 16 hospitalizations arose from food prepared in private residences. Furthermore, in San Bernardino County, over the past two years, more than 700 foodborne illness complaints were received by our Environmental Health Division. The passage of AB 626 could lead to an upsurge of complaints, hospitalizations and deaths due to foodborne illnesses.

Additionally, the operation of these enterprises in residential neighborhoods raises a number of other issues relating to parking, noise, wastewater, and fire hazards, making enforcement and oversight difficult for local governmental entities including local health departments, land use services, fire services, and public works.

Baby Momma’s fish taco stand is now legit! Buy her product because now that she threw away her bicycle, Madam Poisson needs money for a skateboard.

Meanwhile, women who trust in her husband’s provision will have the pleasure of being appreciated for her cooking instead of literally being patronized. Either way, ladies, welcome to the kitchen that feminism promised to ‘free’ you from.


4 thoughts on “Monetizing Mommy

  1. The bill would … exempt a microenterprise home kitchen operation from various provisions applicable to food facilities, including, among others, provisions relating to handwashing, sinks, ventilation, and animals.

    And of course once the INEVITABLE case of salmonella (or worse) strikes Keisha’s or Maria’s customers, the “legal” system will go out of its way to protect them by refusing to accept any evidence of their negligence in a civil lawsuit, or perhaps even granting them immunity from any form of liability whatsoever (liability that would of course DESTROY a legitimate food service business). Gotta keeps protectin dem protected classes of people who are gonna do the Onr Percent’s dity work of destroying the rest of us.


  2. “…the “legal” system will go out of its way to protect them by refusing to accept any evidence of their negligence in a civil lawsuit”

    The bill allows for police inspection of the ‘home kitchen’ but not health inspection. So, already there will be no court-admissible evidence of health conditions. On the upside, LaQueecha’s boyfriend will get busted for cooking meth in the next room.

    Also, enforcement of this bill is delegated to local gov’ts with no reimbursement from Sacramento. The people who made this law shrugged the fiscal consequences so funding for prosecution of Fish Taco Mom is guaranteed to be lacking resources.

    I’m still waiting for civil disobedience to start among local gov’ts. San Bernadino is a huge, populous and influential county in California, hence my reporting their letter of opposition. If they enacted a local ban on microkitchens then the roomful of Sacramento tyrants would be neutered. Come on, counties, the State just threw your entire zoning ordinance out the window because pussy pass.


  3. SFC! It’s been months.

    Yeah, for the Latinos this is traditional behavior. That explains why a lot of local governments opposed it before it was tried for the first time in USA, if it’s already causing problems.

    Aside from legalizing unsanitary conditions, of course. Why does my meatloaf taste funny and are these Chihuahua hairs in it?


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