Dubai Fever

Now in America thanks to an unbelievable cuck-up in medical quarantine procedures.

An Emirates plane has been quarantined at JFK airport in New York after approximately 100 passengers and crew members reported feeling ill.

The plane, which arrived from Dubai at 9:12 am, was immediately taken to a location away from the terminal, according to the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. Medical personnel from the Centres for Disease Control (CDC) then boarded to assist the ailing passengers, who complained primarily of fever and coughs.

Ten of the passengers were quickly transported to the hospital, according to Eric Phillips, a spokesperson for Mayor Bill de Blasio. Nine others were reportedly feeling sick but refused medical attention.

Holy shit.

Health officials were unsure what prompted the illness, but symptoms pointed to the flu, Mr Phillips said. He added that several of the passengers boarded the plane after visiting Mecca, which is currently experiencing a flu outbreak.

HOLY shit, heh. Bring back a souvenir from your pilgrimage to Mecca!

Emirates Airlines issued a statement shortly after the plan landed, saying that 10 passengers had fallen ill and all other passengers would be allowed to disembark soon. But only about half of the passengers had exited the plane and been cleared to continue travelling by 11:30am, according to the mayor’s office.

HOLY SHIT! They let a new strain of influenza loose in USA? And that’s the best-case scenario? “Health officials were unsure what prompted the illness” so they put the symptomatic ones in the hospital and let the ones who’ve been sitting next to them for hours breathing the same recycled air walk into NYC and connecting flights…

…before they were even certain it was a mere flu strain.

One of the worst casualties of Open Borders is medical quarantine. We’ve never had the planet’s population be so mobile before and yet, our gov’t is refusing to take even the most elementary precautions against the spread of infectious disease.

Humanity is living on borrowed time. We’ve had some close calls already. You might not have heard about the contained Ebola outbreak in Dallas, Texas in 2014.

Ebola Patient in Dallas Lied on Screening Form, Liberian Airport Official Says

nytimes com/2014/10/03/world/africa/dallas-ebola-patient-thomas-duncan-airport-screening.html

By Norimitsu Onishi and Marc Santora, 2 Oct 2014

MONROVIA, Liberia — Thomas E. Duncan, the Liberian man who developed Ebola symptoms in Dallas after flying from Liberia last month, lied about his history of contact with the disease on an airport questionnaire meant to screen out passengers who might be carrying the virus and is subject to prosecution when he returns, Binyah Kesselly, chairman of the Liberia Airport Authority, said Thursday.

When Mr. Duncan flew out of Roberts International Airport in Monrovia, the Liberian capital, on Sept. 19, he answered “no” to a question about whether he had had contact with any person who might have been stricken with Ebola in the past 21 days, the maximum period of incubation for Ebola, Mr. Kesselly said.

“He lied on his form,” Mr. Kesselly said. “If he had answered truthfully, he would have been sent to secondary screening immediately and not allowed to leave.”

Mr. Kesselly said Mr. Duncan would be prosecuted upon his return.

Mr. Ducan died of Ebola in the hospital but not before infecting two of the nurses caring for him. The nurses survived; one met with Prez Obama the day she was declared hemorrhagic fever-free. There was also an unrelated doctor in NYC. From Wikipedia,

On October 23, Craig Spencer, a physician who treated Ebola patients in West Africa, tested positive for Ebola at Bellevue Hospital Center after having a 100.3 °F (37.9 °C) fever. Officials said he was hospitalized with fever, nausea, pain, and fatigue. He had flown to New York City from Guinea within the previous ten days, and contacted the city’s Department of Health and Doctors without Borders after showing symptoms. Spencer traveled to Guinea to treat Ebola victims on September 16 and returned on October 16. Spencer had been self-monitoring for symptoms of the disease, and began to feel sluggish on October 21, but did not show any symptoms for two days. His case was the first to be diagnosed in New York. The city was trying to find people who may have been in contact with Spencer between October 21–23.

On October 22, the day before he had symptoms, Spencer rode the New York City Subway, walked on the High Line park, went to a bowling alley and a restaurant in Brooklyn, took an Uber cab to his home in Manhattan, and took a 3-mile (4.8 km) jog in Harlem near where he lived. Health officials stated it was unlikely that Spencer could have transmitted the disease through subway poles, hand railings, or via bowling balls.

The first time health officials are wrong will be epic. Back to the NYT article,

…Dr. Frieden said the focus on the way Mr. Duncan answered the question about exposure was part of a bigger and more complicated dilemma facing many nations that want to protect their own people.

“The plain truth,” he said, is that “we can’t make the risk zero until the outbreak is controlled in West Africa. What we can do is minimize the risk.”

He said that in September alone, around a dozen people were prevented from boarding planes in West Africa because they had a fever. Many of them did not have Ebola, but the screening indicated the level of vigilance in West Africa.

“Should we be isolating these countries in some way?” he asked. “It is a tough question.”

No, it isn’t! What is wrong with these people? Countries with very sick, very contagious people who know they’ll get free medical care if they sneak onto a plane to America should be quarantined permanently, especially if they’re politically useless. Honestly, we should outlaw all international aircraft travel simply to prevent the next Black Death from reaching our shores.

But that would be pointless without also closing our borders. How self-destructive can our leaders get?


3 thoughts on “Dubai Fever

  1. Having worked as an Airline Captain and First Officer over the years .. here’s what should be done ..

    1) Sanitize (hand wipes .. lots of hand wipes) your area immediately.
    2) Demand the airlines go back to high air flow thru the cabin like in the smoking days. (1)
    3) Don’t drink anything on the aircraft that doesn’t come from a sealed source. NO COFFEE from the galley mess.

    Also .. it is mandatory that all international flights be fume-uh-gate-teed after arrival and before departure. They use very nasty chemicals in that process.

    You should know that on an Airliner .. they do not have to meet any OSHA or other Federal codes of health. Air quality .. not even close .. Radiation .. yep we gotz litz to share .. etc.

    I haven’t taken one airline flight in 10 years. I’ll take one this year to Boston and back. I have zero plans for any other flights.

    I like my health better than that.

    So enjoy rebreathing all that bad air on your next flight.

    (1) They (the airlines) band smoking on flights not for your health. But for better fuel efficiency.

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  2. “(1) They (the airlines) band smoking on flights not for your health. But for better fuel efficiency.”

    Huh. Didn’t know that.

    Passenger airliners are pretty much unhealthy by design. You can’t sardine 50+ random people from across the globe into a hermetically sealed environment without creating a good environment for most contagious diseases to spread. some health risk.

    But when multiple passengers are getting sick fast, basic quarantine says you either send the plane back or lockdown the passengers until the docs are sure it’s nothing new or serious. Even common influenza has highly lethal strains–I was really sick with one in February. Maybe I should’ve hopped a plane to Beijing to see if the Chinese gov’t is as stupid as ours.

    But being a white guy, I try to help others live a tidy life, starting with me not sneezing on them while running a fever. Seems Muslim Arabs are not so considerate.


  3. GQ .. when the airlines allowed smoking (at the back of the plane .. where the outflow valves are located) you couldn’t tell anyone was smoking.

    The reason was we used over 4 times the volume exchange of what is used today on non-smoking flights.

    Sure the outflow valves last longer due to non-smoking flights .. but the air quality was better with smoking allowed.

    Back then fuel was expensive and they used the allusion of healther flights (i.e. no smoking) to make your flight more fuel efficient.

    The process to save fuel is as follows .. engine bleed air is required for pressurization and conditioning the air for the cabin. Reduce that requirement and less bleed air from the engine is required. Less engine bleed air lost means more for thrust.

    Therefore .. more engine thrust moves you faster and thusly makes the engine more efficient at its primary job. Also less losses make any system more efficient.

    All under the guise of healthier air .. which was a lie.

    If the airlines went back to high volume cabin flow it would solve not only the air quality problem .. but it would reduce the risk of airborne illnesses.

    Or you could just profitter on every flight you went on .. carry white paper masks and sale them to your fellow passengers .. heh there’s ya’ a million dollar idea 👍

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