China Now Controls the Government of California

It's official. Breaking news via Breitbart: The California Public Employees’ Retirement System named Yu Ben Meng, a former portfolio manager with the largest U.S. pension, as its next chief investment officer Monday. Calpers is the largest public pension fund in the United States, managing about $360 billion. It has been described as one of the … Continue reading China Now Controls the Government of California

Monetizing Mommy

Enjoy the authentic ethnic food but don't be surprised when you find out botulism is all-natural and organic. Continuing its blizzard of new laws and assaults upon the common Californian, the State Legislature has legalized "kitchen microenterprises", an act with profound Red-Pill significance. Presenting AB 626. This bill would, among other things, include a … Continue reading Monetizing Mommy

MGTOW Life: An Incel Profile Scheme?

Stay away from the Reddits or you'll find stuff like this: https://www.reddit com/r/virginvschad/comments/8ey6de/virgin_united_incels_vs_chad_rinceltears/ Pic credited to RampageRiley98 in April 2018. One thing I envy the Left for is their opportunity to live exclusively among like-minded people, where members can be honest with their beliefs and need not routinely listen to their enemies explaining what all … Continue reading MGTOW Life: An Incel Profile Scheme?

Baby Soros Throws the Bird

Another one for the funny files. It's Friday, yo! And this one has an important piece of physiognomy that I've been mediating upon. Knife-Wielding Woman Found With Pigeon Upon Arrest: Police The woman reportedly hit a security guard with a fanny pack in Fairfax. Officers later found a live pigeon inside that fanny pack. reading Baby Soros Throws the Bird

Police Win Pissing Contest Against Berkeley Antifa

For the funny files. Authored by Spencer Brown Pajama Boy? Is that you? September 17, 2018 In an email to UC Berkeley Chancellor Carol Christ obtained by Young America’s Foundation, a 25-year veteran of the University of California Berkeley Police Department unleashed his frustrations over the anti-police environment created by administrators. The email, dated … Continue reading Police Win Pissing Contest Against Berkeley Antifa

Denise Steps on Abortion’s Third Rail

Denise McCallister has been covered on this blog before, when she put an article on the Federalist worrying that #MeToo was destroying trust between women and sexy men. Now she has reportedly been getting credible death threats over an abortion tweet. One should always be skeptical about hysterical women these days but when I … Continue reading Denise Steps on Abortion’s Third Rail