Gabe Schneider, Midwit SJW

The Libturds have chosen to pick a fight with the beloved In-N-Out Burger fast food chain. Meet the nobody named Gabe Schneider who kicked it off:

Gabe Schneider 🗞

Cutting eyelids is the first & worst red flag. That’s the Western form of the warning. I have since learned that in Chinese face reading, the telltale is “New Moon” eyes; either the upper eyelids are concave and the lower convex, or vice versa. Either way, defenses up!

Low ears and disordered hair also indicate antisocial tendencies. Rounded eyebrows and large lips indicates emotional mindset rather than rational mindset. Large nose indicates high energy level. Decent chin paired with frail body build suggests too much time online. Problem glasses… I’m trying to recall the last time I saw a pair of glasses that weren’t Problem, like aviator glasses or wraparounds. Been awhile. This could be the textbook physiognomy of an SJW.

Anyway, his proof of In-N-Out’s horrific crimes against humanity:

The first thing I noticed is what a useful tool this Form 497 filing requirement could be for my own researches. Second, In-N-Out donated $25k to the Republican Party… and that’s the only entry. In-N-Out has never done anything except this one-time event? And third, the date: August 28. Gabe posted it on August 29. Occam’s Razor says Gabe searches this database daily for dirt on potential targets.

First things first, I tried to confirm the donation. It’s true but hello, what a surprise:

Last year and before, In-N-Out donated $30k to the Republicans. Apparently, they’re lowering their annual commitment, perhaps because the California Republican Party is impotently worthless. Great time for the Democrats to attack them! I wonder where In-N-Out will look for allies against this Democrat Party-led threat? Hence my midwit accusation; Gabe would have done better to wait & see if the defunding trend continued.

But Leftoids gonna point & shriek.

I think In-N-Out will be fine. Liberals have already failed to take down Waffle House, Chick-Fil-A and a couple other restaurants. Also, this article:

After iconic California burger chain In-N-Out’s donation of $25,000 to that state’s Republican Party was met with calls for boycotts on social media, Alabama state Sen. Phil Williams (R-Rainbow City) told the restaurant to “c’mon to Alabama.”

In-N-Out previously donated $30,000 to the California GOP in 2016 and 2017 without backlash. Eric Bauman, chair of the California Democratic Party, joined calls for the boycott and added, “[L]et Trump and his cronies support these creeps.”

While the nearest locations of the burger joint to Alabama are currently in the heart of Texas, Williams is encouraging that to change.

I myself look forward to shorter lines. Hey, it’s lunchtime!

Before I forget, check out this website:

You want to see about campaign/lobbying donations in California, start here. Thanks, Gabe! For giggles, let’s start with the City of San Francisco Ethics Commission. Business is booming!

Form 497 is awesome!


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