A Fun Liberality Test

I’m a sucker for a questionnaire. Vox Day has a 39-question liberal litmus test up and it was kinda fun. To save effort, I disagree with all statements unless noted. Full test here:


1. All forms of racial segregation and discrimination are wrong.

Racial segregation saves lives. The only time I saw civil disobedience against Sacramento was when a dangerously ill-informed judge ordered the California prison system to desegregate. What a shitstorm that would have been, pairing murderously racist blacks with murderously racist Latinos in the same tiny cells.

2. Everyone is entitled to his own opinion.

Agree. God hates hypocrisy. Besides, I like watching the enemies of Good freely admit their hearts’ black desires. Saves me a lot of effort, explaining their agenda to the slow class.

4. Political, economic or social discrimination based on religious belief is wrong.

If your religion requires my death or forced conversion then expect “discrimination”.

5. In political or military conflict it is wrong to use methods of torture and physical terror.

Agree. Torture is pointless (I wonder if the author meant interrogation?) and I don’t understand why scaring people works. Maybe I’m jaded from California life but a threat to do something nasty to me is either Leftoid whining or casus belli.

6. A popular movement or revolt against a tyranny or dictatorship is right, and deserves approval.

A popular movement or revolt against any government that is destructive of government’s God-given purpose is right and deserves approval… if it seeks to reestablish that. It’s possible for a secular tyrant to do right by God… just unusual.

8. Progressive income and inheritance taxes are the fairest form of taxation.

Obviously debatable. I’m a fan of sales taxes, tariffs, and other taxes based on voluntary behavior.

9. If reasonable compensation is made, the government of a nation has the legal and moral right to expropriate private property within its borders, whether owned by citizens or foreigners.

Agree. I’ve heard enough stories through my work to know that eminent domain is an important and valuable power for gov’t to have for dispute resolution.

11. The United Nations, even if limited in accomplishment, is a step in the right direction.

If you’re a criminal psychologist looking to confine the world’s worst sociopaths in a single hotel at incredible public expense.

12. Any interference with free speech and free assembly, except for cases of immediate public danger or juvenile corruption, is wrong.

Agree, because I like the idea of Gimmiedats lining up for group photos. Just remember, if you free assembly in traffic then car bumpers can free speech your knees.

13. Wealthy nations, like the United States, have a duty to aid the less privileged portions of mankind.

We tried. They didn’t want our help, weren’t grateful and paid us back evil for good.

16. The chief sources of delinquency and crime are ignorance, discrimination, poverty and exploitation.

I thought discrimination and exploitation were the crimes?

17. Communists have a right to express their opinions.

Agree, vigorously. Remember Peter Singer? The college professor who said that killing babies for birth defects postpartum was a good idea? I fully approve of him having tenure. People need to see with their own two eyes that evil doesn’t come only in horns, hooves and white bedsheets. Anybody can be evil, including the well-dressed, likable authority figure. Especially him.

18. We should always be ready to negotiate with the Soviet Union and other communist nations.

Agree. All offers of surrender and concession will be entertained. But again, I wonder if this is what the author meant.

19. Corporal punishment, except possibly for small children, is wrong.

The prison-industrial complex isn’t working. Soon, we’ll need a cheaper form of punishment suitable for people who don’t mind watching television in a tiny room for 20 years. For a smart, active guy like me, that’s horrible. For the low-IQ Gimmiedat, it’s what he’d be doing anyway. Why else are big-screen TVs the first item on their loot lists?

20. All nations and peoples, including the nations and peoples of Asia and Africa, have a right to political independence when a majority of the population wants it.

I might have agreed except I don’t know what “political independence” means. They’re gonna have government anyway. I won’t feel better if the tax man looks like me.

22. The primary goal of international policy in the nuclear age ought to be peace.

Agree because war is expensive, risky and therefore best avoided. Meanwhile, globalists talk peace but give us more war than ever.

23. Except in cases of a clear threat to national security or, possibly, to juvenile morals, censorship is wrong.

Agree. This is the main point of difference between me and the alt-right neoreaction types: they want to win the liberals’ game, specifically silencing dissent, whereas I want to play a different game, punishing liars.

24. Congressional investigating committees are dangerous institutions, and need to be watched and curbed if they are not to become a serious threat to freedom.

Whatever. They’re useless. I thought myself ignorant of tech until I saw the Senate committee investigating Zuckerberg.

27. In determining who is to be admitted to schools and universities, quota systems based on color, religion, family or similar factors are wrong.

Agree because merit. Also, because banning is not a quota system.

29. Joseph McCarthy was probably the most dangerous man in American public life during the fifteen years following the Second World War.

True for the Communist. This time, I’m sure that’s not what the author meant.

33. Everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and expression.

Agree. I don’t like the term “right to X” but the wicked should be allowed every opportunity to be honest about their true beliefs. They’d lie anyway if we suppressed them… and we’re only beginning to become aware of how easily pedophiles can network under the radar.

35. The will of the people shall be the basis of the authority of government.

The will of law-abiding, taxpaying men shall be the basis.

38. Everyone has the right to form and to join trade unions.

Agree. That’s freedom of association. However, closed shops and coercive bargaining rights are not.

39. Everyone has the right to a standard of living adequate for the health and well-being of himself and of his family, and the right to security in the event of unemployment, sickness, disability, widowhood, old age or other lack of livelihood in circumstances beyond his control.

I think this is the only question that really needs to be asked. Everything liberals want facilitates their escape from the consequences of life and their personal decisions. Healthy men want those consequences as our reward for good behavior and tests of our character.

My total score, 11 agrees out of 39, or 28% Leftoid. Vox says his test results tended to be <15% or >85% but recalling from stats class, that’s pretty close to one standard deviation anyway.

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