House Odds on Rooftop Koreans

The meme “Rooftop Koreans” came about during my childhood in the Rodney King riots. Despite the actual incident happening well away from downtown Los Angeles, the following riots were (of course) in the urban majority-Americans-of-African-descent districts. Blacks went on a looting spree while the LA mayor held the police back and shamed them for beating a convicted felon who was violently resisting arrest.

Blacks protected their businesses by putting “black owned” signs in their windows. Whites protected their businesses by putting “black owned” signs in their windows. Koreans protected their businesses by posting snipers on the rooftops.

That was my introduction to the concept that races have a certain pecking order. Blacks were on top at the time, hence their ability to get away with the Watts and King riots, but Koreans ranked highly enough (and tended to live in tight-knit Koreatowns) that they got away with the Clint Eastwood approach.

Urbandictionary informs me that Rooftop Koreans also happened in Baltimore.

Every now and then, in publications like People Magazine and Yahoo! News, events happen to reassess the pecking order. Blacks used to own downtown Los Angeles but Latinos (supported by illegal immigration) eventually ethnic-cleansed the blacks out of the region. Only Oakland and a couple other spots in California, mostly prisons, are still controlled by them. When the Leftoids said illegals were going to do the jobs Americans didn’t want to do, I doubt they meant getting rid of the blacks, but it’s the silver lining to my complaints about the migrant problem. I’d much rather live with Mexicans.

I always wondered why people read tabloids. Keeping score on ethnic conflicts turns out to be one of the reasons. Sigh, very well, if we whites are going to play the race game then let’s start gambling on inter-racial conflicts like they were race horses. Could be fun, I guess.

I’ll start with twenty bucks on the Rooftop Korean in this otherwise meaningless spat in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

An upsetting video of a beauty supply store owner punching a mother in the face is burning up social media. 

The viral recording, which surfaced Monday, shows a man identified by police as Changseok Jun, owner of Jun’s Beauty Supply in Tulsa, Okla., punching the woman outside the store Sunday after her child pocketed a small item as the family was walking out the door.

Yeah… I think that’s a Korean name… yes, I’m a typical American in my ignorance of the concept “rest of the world”. Let’s call the unnamed black woman “Lakisha” for our betting purposes. Lakisha vs Jun!

The altercation was shot by an unknown witness and shared on social media, including by social activist Shaun King, who tweeted, “This is the 2nd time an Asian owner of a Black beauty supply shop has physically attacked a Black woman in the past week.” …

Sergeant Shane Tuell of the Tulsa Police Department tells Yahoo Lifestyle that the attack occurred early Sunday evening when a small child, unbeknownst to his or her mother, took an item from the store without paying.

“Mr. Jun followed the victim outside to confront her, and she threw the item back inside the store, then pushed him in his upper torso as she was leaving,” says Tuell. “Mr. Jun then punched the woman in the right side of her mouth with his closed fist.”

Jun was charged with assault and battery, a misdemeanor, and was ordered to appear in court on Sept. 12. A judge will rule on what happens next, but Tuell says possibilities include a fine or community service. The victim, whose name is not known, has the option to sue Jun.

Jun 1, Lakisha 0. Let’s see if Jun makes bail for 2-0.

Looking at the video, that was a very disrespectful throat jab Lakisha executed. No man would give such a “push to the upper torso” without intentionally escalating the situation.

Men understand violence. We can make it practical or insulting or honorable, depending on the situation and our skill. We certainly understand that you never throw the first punch without the acceptance of crossing the line from “no contact” to “contact”. A guy throws up the “talk to the hand”, he makes damn sure his outstretched hand doesn’t make contact with the other guy’s neck. Can we get a cross-cultural consensus on this?

Looks like we’ll be waiting for the Sept. 12 hearing for closure but I wonder if the Korean community will be, ah, “pushing to the upper torso” back before then. Do I have any readers around Oklahoma? Are there distinct black/Asian communities there? I wouldn’t think so but after Somali Muslims in Minnesota, never say never.

For the curious, here’s a recap of the “first time”. Shaun King says there are two incidents but they don’t seem to be connected at all. Tulsa is a long way from NYC so I expect Shaun is a trouble-causing SJW. *Checks photos* he’s pretty cracker for a blacktivist but those problem glasses are all I need to see.

On August 3rd, Christina Thomas, her grandmother and another relative were attacked by multiple salon workers for refusing to pay $5 for a botched eyebrow waxing, according to one witness who posted video of the fight to Facebook.

Salon staffer HuiYue Zheng, 32, was charged with misdemeanor assault for beating Thomas in the back with the wooden stick, according to the criminal complaint.

Thomas, 21, was also arrested for punching, slapping and dragging another salon worker across the floor, according to the criminal complaint.

Five dollars for a beauty treatment in NYC? Was she expecting quality? Zheng sounds Chinese, not Korean. I doubt there’s a Sino/Korean conspiracy in North America to oppress blacks everywhere.

Postscript, a little more exploration reveals Shaun King to be a notorious race-baiter. Go get ’em, Shaun! *Gunner puts another $20 on Rooftop Koreans* I wonder if/when there’ll be Rooftop Rednecks, and where?


9 thoughts on “House Odds on Rooftop Koreans

  1. There was another case sometime before or after Rodney King in LA where a Korean woman grocery shop keep blasted a Lakisha and didn’t get any jailtime.


  2. She physically assaulted him 1st .. and she’s got him by 100 pounds .. lol

    I agree th wimmimz don’t kmow violence .. and men do .. and regardless of what your mom or government tells you .. violence does solve problems.


  3. GQ sez

    I wonder if/when there’ll be Rooftop Rednecks, and where?

    We rednecks like menmoved out to the burbs .. the black folk burn down their own chit .. we just watch from a distance ..where the two meet would be a ground floor fight down here in the south .. we don’t have a love of rooftops to man where they meet.

    So $20 on a trailer-parker crash-up-derby .. think nascar around and thru pity alley .. if you know what I mean and I think you do.


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