Free Speech (If Wifey Approves)

Shopify decides to get woke and go broke. Simultaneously, CEO Tobias Lutke decides free speech needs (footnoting).

The CEO of major online retailing platform Shopify deleted a post detailing the company’s commitment to free speech this week as the company began purging gun-related retailers.

Tobias Lutke, founder and CEO of Shopify, deleted a 2017 post titled “In Support of Free Speech” and republished it with an addendum in a new post, “In Support of Free Speech (Updated).” In the new post, Lutke declared the company’s previous commitment to allowing retailers to use the platform so long as they did not violate any laws because of the brand’s dedication to the principle of free speech “too idealistic and functionally unworkable on the fast moving internet.” Instead, he said Shopify would no longer remain neutral on products legally sold through its platform and instead “will have to make decisions based on judgement.” The company did not elaborate on how it will make those judgements or respond to questions on their decision-making process or which of their more than 600,000 storefronts may be at risk of having their businesses shuttered.

“Solely deferring to the law, in this age of political gridlock, is too idealistic and functionally unworkable on the fast moving internet,” wrote Lutke. “The legislative process is no match for the realities of the internet and has ground to a halt on contentious issues. Some of those issues, such as hateful content, remain legally undefined. Others are legally addressed for a physical world, but pose different and more complicated risks on the internet. So we have found ourselves in a position of having to make our own decisions on some of these issues. And along the way we had to accept that neutrality is not a possibility.”

Sure, liberals. Whatever you want. Just remember, we’ll do it back to you. Heck, we’ve already started:

Cody Wilson, who has already relaunched the Defense Distributed online store using another platform [GQ:], said Lutke’s post is hypocritical.

“He felt the strange need to both violate [Shopify’s commitment to free speech] and maintain it ‘philosophically,’ which is nonsense and demonstrates a split ego,” he told the Free Beacon.

He said he’s planning to take legal action against Shopify.

“I intend to sue, and I invite others to join me as a class,” Wilson said.

Sue them and use the money to build new commerce platforms they have no control over? It’s like we’re using their playbook. Remember, folks, two wrongs don’t make a right but three lefts do. As does a refusal to die when we’re supposed to.

What is Lutke’s motivation for this self-destructive Leftoidism? His wife.

Image result for fiona mckean and tobi lutke

Lutke is… he’s hover-handing his wife. Poor sod. That’s a better chin than I would have expected so his physical weakness is due to the computer labs rather than soy.

Fiona Mckean didn’t even take her husband’s name. Pixie haircut, problem glasses, crazy eyes (shown better in other photos I’ve found) and a chin masculine enough to be cleft. I’m shocked she proved to be feminine enough to breed. (A paternity test might be in order.) But she looks just like Tobias. Perhaps he thought he’d found a literal soulmate and only later realized his terrible marital mistake. Lots of that going around, sadly.

At least Lutke made what appears to be a KHOMA attempt (Keep Her Off My Ass, h/t Captain Capitalism) in buying Fiona the Opinicon Resort to keep her and the kids busy. Not a place of significance except to Fiona:

This was a decision of the heart.

I first visited The Opinicon as a kid, when we’d make daily pilgrimages to the resort from a neighbour’s cottage on Newboro Lake to visit the ice cream shop. I had such strong memories of those long summer days that my husband Tobi and I ended up getting our own slice of heaven in the area and once again took up the tradition of taking boat trips down to The Opinicon for dinner, eventually adding our kids to the crew.

Unfortunately, that tradition ended in 2012 when the old resort was shuttered. It was a sad moment for all of us. I remember wondering what was going to happen to the idyllic destination.

Two years later, I found myself staring at a photo of The Opinicon on an auction house website where it had been listed for sale. Like everyone else, I was intensely curious, desperately hoping someone would bring the beautiful old resort back to life. It deserved a chance to shine again.

That’s when we started fantasizing about what we’d do with the place if it were ours. We actually went as far as organizing a viewing and trekking the family out to Chaffey’s Lock to see it. I remember how eerie it felt to be wandering around the shuttered property, but it was clear to me how much magic still lurked behind all the dust and ancient carpeting. I also remember thinking that it would require a mountain of work.

A worthy attempt but Mckean’s feminism was not so easily checked. She’s a definite sicko. Here’s an informative review she wrote:

Fiona McKean reviews Speak Now: Australian Perspectives on Same-Sex Marriage

Edited by Victor Marsh, 5 May 2012

As Australia is currently poised to answer the question of whether it will say “I do” to same-sex marriage, it’s difficult to imagine a more topical publication than Speak Now, a collection of [35] essays and creative non-fiction pieces on the theme of same-sex marriage.

All of them positive. What are the odds?

In “Christianity, Marriage, Love and Friendship”, Michael Carden provides a detailed historical analysis of marriage and marriage-like rituals, including adelphopoiesis, a formalised recognition of friendship. He examines the roles of patriarchy and capitalism in marriage before advocating a renaissance of friendship rituals, rather than adherence to a narrow construction of marriage.

Adelphopoiesis is not part of Christian theology. We have never, and shall never, accept “formalized recognition of very intimate, same-sex friendship”. Burn in Hell for your lies, Mr. Carden. Yes, David and Jonathan were close friends. No, they didn’t bugger each other. You want to see what a happy homosexual union looks like, look at a fag pride parade, not a platonic Bible story of men whom Father “I Wrote Leviticus” God liked. Sodomy is sickening, unhealthy, CURABLE deviancy. Always was. Always will be.

Academic and activist Dennis Altman dryly questions whether gay people should rush to “buy into the myth of monogamous marriage, whose record is generally not inspiring”. Ryan Heath offers the confronting statistic that, on a global scale, “ten times as many countries imprison their citizens for homosexual activity than allow them to marry”. In an essay that blends personal experience with research, he uses such statistics to warn against apathy for those who question whether “enough” equality has been achieved, and invites personal involvement.

Equality is a lie long since purged of any coherent meaning. It’s not a problem that most places condemn sodomy unless one has already decided that sodomy is a necessary good.

I can’t remember which Australian politician declared it was the personal stories of same-sex couples that finally altered his stance in favour of marriage equality, but I suspect he’s not alone. It’s in the unique stories of individuals—and the capacity for empathic connection they invoke—that potential for change exists. And it’s the personal accounts I connected to most strongly in this collection.

Forget about God. Forget about morality. Forget about the time-honored institution of marriage. Forget about even maintaining the status quo. Adam and Steve feel VERY bad that their deviant behavior is not considered normal!

Homosexual behavior is, factually, by definition, deviant. Humans are a sexually dimorphic species. The plug goes in the socket, not the toaster. Only a woman (cis or trans) could reject this observation and logic in favor of feelz.

There are a number of things that the bible says and there are a number of ways in which to quote the bible itself in rebuttal to these arguments. I’m not going to even bother doing this here for the simple reason that Australia has a secular government… The bible has no legitimate place in this argument.

Is it any wonder that Lutke is going full rebel feminist retard when he’s married to a rebellious feminist retard? He’s probably worried about what will happen to his kids if he doesn’t obey.

Blackmailers are like terrorists, Tobias. Giving in only rewards them. Wives included. Wives specifically.

Regardless of the diversity of their stances, none of the contributors seems to wholly oppose same-sex marriage. … The danger with a collection such as Speak Now is preaching to the choir—that it will primarily attract an audience already receptive to, and interested in, same-sex marriage. But the book’s diversity of voices prevents this. Victor Marsh’s admission of his own change of heart in his editorial introduction is not only disarming, it’s canny.

Lucifer puts God on trial and is horrified to discover God is an unfit deity. Stunning and brave! In his infernal footsteps, Fiona reviews a universally pro-fag collection of essays and determines there could be no possible case for opposing the legalization of sodomy. The editor himself was convinced by the collection of essays that the editor collected! No bias here!

Wifey might not read the Bible but Lutke should. Particularly the parts about women being king-killers. History is repeating once again; Lutke is burning his life’s work to appease the ultimate messenger of Satan: the discontent, rebellious wife.


8 thoughts on “Free Speech (If Wifey Approves)

  1. ‘Perhaps he thought he’d found a literal soulmate and only later realized his terrible marital mistake. Lots of that going around, sadly.’

    I’d ask just how much contraception she was on when she decided on him as a mate.


  2. ‘Lutke is burning his life’s work to appease the ultimate messenger of Satan: the discontent, rebellious wife.’

    And I would ask again…how much contraception was she on when she decided he was the one? Perhaps ask if she had a Chad’s child aborted. Seems to me for women especially…when the purity/chastity goes…any hope of obedience to God’s will seems to leave as well.


  3. How could contraception have caused this matchup? It looks like a standard “Marry the Beta Bux then get Alpha Fux on the side” marriage. Socially inexperienced millionaires such as Lutke are the ideal target for ex-carouselers; they’ve learned all the male manipulation tricks and he lacks the sociosexual experience to notice when he’s being played like a loose slot machine.

    No point in blaming a pill for what she would have done anyway.


  4. Frankly this story is a great big warning flag with a beach full of warning flags for any man to learn how to spot warning flags.


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