Judge Sarah Backus Covers for Child-Abusing Muslim Terrorists

So much for that “Tender Years” doctrine that claims women are naturally concerned with the welfare of children. I wasn’t going to cover the Muslim terrorist camp found in New Mexico–it was pretty lame even for inbred goat-fuckers–but breaking news, NM Supreme Court Judge Sarah Backus decided there was no reason to keep Muslim terrorists preparing for school shootings in jail pending their trial on multiple violent felony charges because there was no specific threat to “the community”.

And not for the first time.


The state judge who on Monday set a $20,000 bail for five defendants arrested at a remote New Mexico compound where authorities say children were being trained to conduct school shootings has a history of issuing low bail to violent offenders.

Judge Sarah Backus, an elected Democrat, ordered the two men and three women to wear ankle monitors, have weekly contact with their attorneys and not consume alcohol or own firearms while on bail. She said although she was concerned by “troubling facts,” prosecutors failed to articulate any specific threats to the community.

Yo, Bitch-Face Backus, if you’re concerned by “troubling FACTS” then precautions should be taken, yes? Precautions more effective than an ankle bracelet and supervised visitations, as if this was just another frivorce? KOB.com mentions a few of those “troubling facts”:


[Police] presented a letter sent to Siraj Wahhaj from his brother allegedly inviting him to come to New Mexico and die as a martyr. Additionally, Siraj Wahhaj is wanted for child abduction charges in Georgia. He allegedly took his three-year-old son from his mother. The police had initially gone to the compound looking for the boy. Instead, they found the body of a child they have not yet identified as the boy yet.

Police found a dead child in the remote backyard of a man wanted for child kidnapping in another state, possibly not even the same child, but the judge let him out on parole because he’s not a proven threat to society.

Image result for facepalm meme

Taos County Sheriff Jerry Hogrefe said in his testimony that while the initial serving of the search warrant, the tactical team found children holding boxes of ammo. Hogrefe added at least one child told the team he was armed when he was found.

While cross-examining of Hogrefe, the suspects’ defense attorneys each took their chance to try and distance the suspects as far from the weapons as possible, and the connotations of violence they imply. One defense attorney suggested it’s “prudent” that children learn how to use firearms safely, which Hogrefe agreed to.

Not mentioned in the KOB article is the fact that three of the defendants are the children of Imam Siraj Wahhaj, an unindicted co-conspirator in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing.

Back to the original article, Monday isn’t the first time Backus has issued low bail for suspects accused of violent crimes against children.

Just last month, she set a $10,000 bond for Rafael Orozco, a 24-year-old Taos man accused of battering his girlfriend, his newborn child and a health care worker at Holy Cross Hospital in September 2016.

Police said Orozco prompted a lockdown at the hospital after punching his girlfriend as she breastfed their newborn in front of a male doctor, the Santa Fe New Mexican reported. Cops said Orozco then grabbed the mother by the throat and slapped the baby.

If I battered a nursing mother and her newborn baby in public then police would be high-fiving themselves over my freshly dead body. I wouldn’t blame them, either, but Orozco apparently managed to escape the hospital lockdown quickly enough for a manhunt instead of a hostage situation. I guess he didn’t pose a “threat to the community”, either, because Backus granted parole.

Orozco escaped a hospital lockdown? That sounds impressive. I know a little about hospital security concerning maternity wards. Panic buttons, fail-secure electronic locks, barred windows, assigned security guards and so on. Nobody takes chances with little kids anymore, at least in California. We know the score about child predators even if we aren’t allowed to do anything about them. The doctor saw this happening but couldn’t secure the ward quickly enough? Hmm.

According to the New Mexico Courts website, Backus was first appointed to the bench in June 2011 by Republican Gov. Susana Martinez. She was elected to the post in 2012 and is expected to remain there until at least 2020.

Prior to her appointment to the bench, Backus – a graduate of the University of California Hastings College of the Law – served as a deputy public defender and deputy Attorney General in San Francisco. She’s lived in Taos since 1994.

Martinez issued a statement after Monday’s hearing saying she “strongly disagreed” with the outcome and Backus’ decision.

Martinez’s only motivation here is distancing herself from the likely target of a voter revolt. She knew Backus was dirty from the beginning. This should not need to be said: NEVER GIVE AUTHORITY TO ANYBODY WHO HAS EVER ASSOCIATED WITH THE SAN FRANCISCO CITY GOVERNMENT. Republican Martinez picked a Democrat judge from fricking Sodom and now finds herself “strongly disagreeing” with Backus giving Muslim butchers of children the benefit of freedom. I hope the decent people of New Mexico don’t believe her evasion and recall her along with Bitch-Face.

The Sisterhood is real and stronger than ties of political loyalty.

I’m not shocked that human monsters exist. I’m shocked that our leaders are so willing to protect the monsters.


4 thoughts on “Judge Sarah Backus Covers for Child-Abusing Muslim Terrorists

  1. The Sisterhood is real and stronger than ties of political loyalty.

    They are the majority gender in the USofA and they almost voted Hillary as a block vote. Who knows if next time they don’t get it done with a less devisive womminz

    I’m not shocked that human monsters exist. I’m shocked that our leaders are so willing to protect the monsters.

    They .. the ruling elite oligarchy .. refuse and prevent th MSM and non-elites from making good -v- evil comparisons or observations of our Non-Heritage / Non-White invaders .. only one exception can be found ..

    That EXCEPTION is .. they think we’re the evil ones .. and all the Trump supporters and (White Priviledged .. heh right) Heritage Americans.


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