Ghetto Barbie Is A Nuisance

Commiefornia’s state legislature just passed a most interesting law: renters cannot be punished by their landlords for calling 911 during an emergency. Why would such a law even be invented? Because liberals are catching on to white Americans playing their own game of social engineering via selective enforcement of laws… and Ghetto Barbie is our first target!

Tenants should not fear calling for help

by Linh Tran-Phuong, 22 July 2018

Every day, tenants across California face difficult decisions that put the need for housing security at odds with the need to live a secure and happy life. One of the most dangerous predicaments tenants face is the threat of eviction for seeking emergency service.
This is what Suzannah Doe encountered in 2016 after her boyfriend hit her in the face, loaded a gun, and threatened to shoot her. Suzannah called 911, and the police report clearly noted she feared for her life and thought her boyfriend was going to kill her. Astonishingly, the police notified Suzannah’s landlord that criminal activity occurred at her residence, and she was evicted from her home.

Not knowing her real name or immigration status, this opening gives the impression that police everywhere inexplicably side with abusive boyfriends over helpless nuns. Most likely, these predominately female tenants are human trash attracting more human trash.

Suzannah’s story is all too familiar for Californians who live in areas with crime free ordinances that allow, and sometimes even encourage, landlords to evict tenants after receiving a notice of criminal activity. These local mandates—also known as nuisance ordinances—are intended to ensure quiet and safe communities. However, they do not take into account who was the perpetrator of the crime and who was the victim. In reality, they often punish everyday Californians simply for reaching out for help in an emergency.

Do you remember, liberals, telling us for decades that “poverty causes crime”? Because here is a liberal Jew in a major publication implying that poor people shouldn’t be automatically treated as criminals.

Why do people have problems with landlords evicting tenants after being notified of criminal activity? Should landlords aid & abet criminal activity instead?

In the context of California’s housing and homelessness crisis, evicting some of our most vulnerable residents is only contributing to a cycle of poverty and homelessness. Compounding this issue is the fact that nuisance evictions disproportionately impact women and low-income communities of color.

That was a quick answer. Local mandates favoring high-trust community residents are shutting out the deadbeats, migrant ghettos and street gangs… and the women who facilitate such dyscivic conduct.

Reports show that violence against women is a leading cause of homelessness.

Remember your basic Red Pill training: chicks dig jerks. Women incentivize bad behavior in men because drama, tingles, spendy habits and recreational drugs. Because feral women cannot be banned, local governments are instead banning the direct, associated consequences of feral women. All in the name of safer communities, of course, which sells the idea to the overly caring, female voter.

…California law attempts to lessen the negative impacts of nuisance ordinances, but the law is narrow in scope leaving many Californians without protections. Victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking, human trafficking, or elder or dependent adult abuse are shielded from eviction but only under limited circumstances. Tenants must have a recent temporary restraining order, emergency protective order, or written report by a peace officer to qualify for legal protections. These strict documentation requirements almost render existing law ineffective as it is widely known that instances of domestic violence and abuse go largely unreported.

Oh, look! Actually innocent people already enjoyed legal protections before this new law. That means the purpose of this new law is to override local governments’ attempts to cleanse their neighborhoods of hood rats. Please God, let this lead to civil disobedience.

Moving on to an overview of nuisance laws, my comments in brackets… sorry, I couldn’t help myself…

How housing ordinances are making poverty a crime

By Peter Edelman, 10 April 2018

…Today, in the United States, the poor are often punished simply because they are poor, and especially if they are people of color. Low-income children are arrested for minor schoolyard scuffles instead of being sent to the principal’s office. [Especially if they’re bullies of color?] Recipients of public benefits are charged with fraud because they made mistakes filling out government forms. Cities use vagrancy laws to banish the homeless. [No shit!] And in an estimated 2,000 local municipalities across 44 states, police can order landlords to evict people they consider “chronic nuisances” because they rack up a certain number of petty infractions as small as forgetting to cut their grass, leaving garbage out on their property, or having practically any arrest on their record.

Nuisance laws are an advanced application of the “broken window” policing pioneered in New York City. It works well for the same reason the Drug War works well: the people who commit violent crimes are the same people who trash their homes, use meth, party late and, well, smash windows.

If “broken window” policing overwhelmingly targets non-whites then it’s statistical proof that nonwhites don’t belong in our clean, disease-free, First-World country.

Note Mr. Edelman’s elitist arrogance. Poor people can’t fill out a form correctly before signing it “under penalty of perjury”? Do vagrancy laws prohibit homeless shelters? Does poverty force people to leave garbage on untended lawns despite their best efforts?

These “chronic nuisance” or “crime-free” ordinances are some of the most troubling examples of the criminalization of poverty. In the United States, they date to the 1980s and the War on Drugs, when city councils first began allowing police to seize crack houses without a trial. [Houses don’t have civil rights.] Over time, the laws proliferated and evolved, and today, police departments have wide latitude to choose when and where to enforce the ordinances. Too often they are turned on victims, rather than on their assailants.

Translation, nuisance laws target thug-loving women instead of only the thugs she attracts. Stop the presses, somebody is telling a woman “No”!

Take Lakisha Briggs, a certified nurse’s assistant in Norristown, Pennsylvania. In 2012, Norristown classified anyone who called 911 three times in four months a “nuisance.” In April of that year, after several 911 calls, the police came to arrest Briggs’s abusive boyfriend, but they warned her that if she called again she and her daughter would be evicted; even calls from concerned neighbors would count against her. Later, when her former boyfriend returned from prison, he continued the abuse. “I had no choice but to let him stay,” she told a reporter. That June, when he knocked her unconscious and stabbed her in the neck with a shard of glass from a shattered ashtray, she still refused to call the police and ended up wandering outside until someone saw her and called a trauma team to medevac her to a nearby hospital. A few days later, she was evicted.

Thank you Baby Jesus, that example is perfect for this discussion. It’s a simple story here: Lakisha is an obvious hybristophiliac, a woman who has sexual reactions to being beaten by her lover. She keeps calling the police to rescue her when the hot sex battery goes too far but refuses to ever press charges. “I had no choice,” she sobs while fingering herself under the table. “He’s an artist at choking me.”

It’s an old, old story: the truly battered women never testify. It drives cops nuts. They do all the work–witnesses, X-rays, cameras, his fingerprints in her blood spattered on the wall–and then “Lakisha” is so desperate for another awesome fucking that she protects him from prosecution. Is it any wonder that the cops got tired of responding and want the bitch gone? She attracts thugs like garbage attracts flies.

Is there any reason a landlord should be forced to put up with such a nuisance? Or even be allowed to? The neighborhood belongs to the neighbors, too.

…Under President Obama, the government brought national attention to this issue, as well as to the criminalization of poverty more generally.

The criminalization of feral women, he means. Generational poverty is caused primarily by badly behaved women who frivorce the productive men and reward the parasite men with sex. Others have already explained the statistical connections between monogamy and prosperity. This is not a perfect system but until our zeitgeist changes, guess what, “poor people”. If you leave trash strewn across your lawn then you’re gone, you and your ghetto girl du jour. What a burdensome demand!

…In February, Jeff Sessions’s Justice Department announced that it would no longer press local municipalities to comply with federal guidance documents.

I wish Trump would dismantle the Deep State instead of reining it in. He needs to make the Federal government incapable of forcing such compliance instead of merely putting an honest sort like Sessions in charge. Fortunately, the quick spread of nuisance laws is a good sign that organized civil disobedience is rising. Local governments are already learning to play the liberal games of class/race warfare.


3 thoughts on “Ghetto Barbie Is A Nuisance

  1. ‘Today, in the United States, the poor are often punished simply because they are poor, and especially if they are people of color.’

    Ah yes…all bad things happen to the poor and brown simply because they are poor and brown. It can’t possibly be due to their actions and moral rot.

    I swear this class/gender/race based morality makes me sick.


  2. I worked in low income housing for over six years.

    BS! These women BRING that into their household. CONSTANTLY. They bully their neighbors, they break rules and when get into trouble demand men (police) protect them. They let their boyfriends deal drugs, party and create a nusiance for their neighbors (men and women) who are following the rules and general respect one must live by when living in a large apartment complex.

    This will create another confusing law….because HUD and the State of California in their OWN GUIDELINES require property management to be informed when police are on property.


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