Ban Him Again, I Dare You!

Alex Jones is who Rush Limbaugh would’ve been had he gotten addicted to uppers instead of downers. How did I miss him for so long? I never thought of him as more than a shock jock until yesterday when he got banned in a smoking-gun-level collusion of Big Tech companies. Trump should start antitrust proceedings. (It’s overdue anyhow but when Zuckerberg was called to testify before Congress, it was embarrassing. Maybe voters shouldn’t reelect politicians beyond the limits of embalming?)

I like this sort of persecution much more than the last version, which consisted of 4am visits from secret police and kids reporting their parents to the Commissariat. As pushback, I’ve added Infowars to my blog sidebar and discovered Jones is kinda fun to listen to at work. Because of Jones’ persecution, he gained a listener and more notoriety. Getting banned will probably lift Alex Jones’ show to new heights. Well done, FAGS! (Facebook, Apple, Google, Spotify. h/t Kallmunz commenting on voxday.)

Speaking of Vox Day, his perspective is the correct one here: it’s inevitable that Leftoids will kick us off their platforms so don’t get mad. Use that backup plan and get even.

The 21st Century is weird. The enemy of my enemy is GAY FROGS!

2 thoughts on “Ban Him Again, I Dare You!

  1. In a way Jones is like the canary in the coal mine.

    The whole panties in a wad over him was more about questions about Sandy Hook.


  2. Earl .. something he has said was close enough or on the money to get this reaction on so many platforms at once. They got scared or he’s a test.

    On a personal note I can’t watch / listen to him .. but he should be able to make a fool of himself all he wants on public platforms. And yes rhey are PUBLIC PLATFORMS. He also has a large following .. larger than coast to coast am ™ .. I believe .. I can’t listen to C2Cam either.

    It might just be a trial balloon like you say .. if so .. prepare your alternate forms of communication with your commrades in arms. Smoke signals will not cut it brother.

    Think digital mode and ham radio. Or just good old CW (aka international morse code) on a low power radio (aka qrp). And join a net .. make your own net(work) and keep your schedule.

    The forecast calls for .. rough seas ahead. Act accordingly.

    Here’s a group I recommemd ..


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