Demos is a Soros-funded think tank that, inexplicably, publishes its work publicly on the Internet. I found a couple insightful articles. Today, here’s a report they published of a national study to determine how they should phrase their totalitarian policies to be more agreeable to the American voter.

Click to access LRP%20Report.Race-Class%20Narrative.National%20C3.Final_.2018.05.08_4.pdf

Let’s look at a few excerpts:




On one hand, this feels depressing. This is cynical mind games to trick the average voter into supporting elitist agendas he would reject if he took the time to understand them… and to a degree, it probably works.

On the other hand, that cynicism cuts both ways. The Soros clowns know they’re selling pure evil designed to kill those they’re tricking into purchasing it and consequently, they aren’t even trying to be understood. They’re doing studies to find the most convincing lie and probably doing so on a rotating basis as one lie after another becomes ineffective, like viruses exposed to sunlight. That sounds like a lot more work than upholding Christ & Country while not caring if anybody notices you upholding them.

The very existence of studies and think tanks like this one is very good news for our side.

These Jedi mind tricks don’t work. In the last panel, where oppositions (read: non-Marxists, non-gullibles) increased their support for illegal immigration from 39 to 48%, did they actually change their beliefs due to a simple changing of language? Of course not. They were tricked into giving a good answer to the poll, not a good vote to the ballot. This is the face of liberal desperation: expensive Mk-Ultra-lite thought experiments designed, like most modern research, to foster the illusion of progress instead of actually progressing. Even atheists want to see miracles.

These charts are like watching Crossfitters do kipping pull-ups. The purpose of the traditional pull-up is to strengthen the body. The number of pull-ups one does is secondary; you can get measurable benefits just from hanging on the bars in a pull-up position. But the Crossnutters do kipping pull-ups in order to bypass the purpose of the pull-up (build strength) in favor of the metric (I just did 150 pull-ups! -Twiggy the Soyboy)

Similarly, polls are useful for measuring what people already believe… but this kind of “what can we do to make the numbers look better” polling is not something polls were ever intended to do. In statistics class, the changing of numbers due to how questions are phrased is considered a source of systematic error… and come to think of it, nowhere in the report did I see error analysis.

These guys are gaming their patron, Mr. Soros.

Face it, liberals, fooling low-information voters is one thing; keeping them fooled long enough to wander into a voting booth is another; and there’s nobody left to fool you into thinking the world will be more fair after you deceive your Brave New World into existence.


4 thoughts on “Lying-ology

  1. Unless we take back the Government run schools .. we are in a very bad place going forward (e.g. budge and product wise).

    Frankly .. it’s not provided for in the US Constitution .. so I’d be in favor of a complete ban on Any Government school. It’ proven the opposite of what it was intended to provide .. a good, thinking, citizen.

    We could have home-school(s) or have private school(s) provided for locally by its residents .. or even a combo of both via distant learning or skyped.

    Also .. this would do away with illegals in your classes .. just saying .. take control of your kids education and away from Big Government. And we would beat this crap back with a fury and zero worry.

    Talk about a win-win.

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  2. “Frankly .. it’s not provided for in the US Constitution .. so I’d be in favor of a complete ban on Any Government school.”

    In point of fact, the entire Dept. of Education is blatantly unconstitutional. Trump could shut down all of the K-12 indoctrination farms with a single executive order… one of many reasons I don’t approve of him even as I enjoy his Presidency’s fireworks.

    Trump keeps trying to repair the bureaucracy but America’s problem IS the bureaucracy. So long as we have a centralized national government instead of fifty independent state governments, corruption is inevitable. That’s why the Federal system is such a massive circus of political freaks: all roads lead to Rome, making it the land of Winner Takes All.


  3. GQ sez ..

    So long as we have a centralized national government instead of fifty independent state governments, corruption is inevitable.

    (In my best Mike Tyson accent ..) Yeth!

    (translation .. Yes!)


    Thomas Jefferson said it best ..

    “My reading of history convinces me that most bad government has grown out of too much government.”

    I like my government small and accountable directly to me. It’s supposed to be A REPUBLIC .. okay I’ll stop before I get my rant on .. lol.


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