The Wall Has Been Built!

…In the ritzy community of Bel Air.

Kathy Griffin has revealed that she built a special wall to separate her sprawling California mansion from her neighbor’s home, after he began screaming insults over to her in the wake of her controversial decapitated Trump picture.

During a video posted on Shane’s channel, which detailed how the intimate at-home meeting came about, Kathy gave the group a full tour of the Bel Air property, and explained as she took them out onto a large terrace that runs across the back of it why she ‘had to build a wall… as Trump would say’. …

‘We kind of built, like a little… As Trump would say, we built a wall. I’m not a Trump supporter, but we built a wall.’

Yeah, Barbie, walls are great for keeping out poorly-behaved neighbors, now aren’t they? Speaking of poorly behaved neighbors, the article continues:

While Kathy didn’t identify the man she discussed in Shane’s video, she and her neighbor Jeffrey Mezger, the 63-year-old CEO of KB Homes, have been involved in a legal battle since last year. 

In September 2017, Jeffrey was caught in an audio recording lashing out at Kathy’s boyfriend Randy, referring to the comedienne as a ‘bald dike’ and a ‘cunt’ after Randy filed a noise complaint against Jeffrey’s grandchildren, as reported by the Huffington Post at the time.

In January this year, Kathy and Jeffrey faced off in a Los Angeles court after each filing a restraining order against each other.

Wow, Trump Derangement Syndrome has liberals building walls to keep out Trump supporters who tease liberals about not letting Trump build a wall to keep the neighbors out! I no longer understand my own species.

Let’s do a side-by-side physiognometric analysis of this little feud:

Related image

Mezger’s face is all straight lines and right angles, indicating a very non-emotional approach to life. Even allowing for fatness (he’s fat), those are some impressive jowls. Combined with a broad, prominent chin, narrow eyes and thin lips, he probably has a very forceful personality. The article’s quote of his frank assessment of Griffon’s sex past confirms this. Here’s a guy you want to negotiate/enforce your contracts… not a guy to handle delicate whiners with grace.

Griffin’s face is nearly an exact opposite. Everything was rounded before it was stretched until the elastic broke. Her wrinkles have wrinkles and her smile is as fake as a politician’s promise to cut spending. I’d guess she spent the first half of her adult life in constant orgasm and the second half abusing Xanax to silence the voices. The fakeup makes it hard to be sure but I’d wager money she’s alcoholic. Not a smoker, though.

Drugged-up Psycho-Barbie and “My way or my lawyers’ way” CEO is an inevitably bad neighbor-pairing. He can’t back down and she can’t stop acting impulsively. I’m surprised Griffin decided to build the wall first. She must have had walls on her mind… hmm, Mezger does look like Trump, now doesn’t he?


3 thoughts on “The Wall Has Been Built!

  1. I’m leaning towards implode.

    I’m practically in Fl (SE corner of Al) and I haven’t seen it on the pan-handle locals.

    So it must be an internet ad to focus on Trump De-Range-Mint Sin-Drome.

    I could be wrong though.


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