The Evil of Public Pensions

Debt is a key factor in the implementation of Communism because the easiest people to rob are the people who don’t yet exist to complain about it.

It’s time for a conversation on government pensions. They need to be ended immediately on the grounds of no taxation without representation.

Pensions devour school budgets, flatten teacher pay

“California’s public schools have enjoyed a remarkable restoration of funding since the bone-deep cuts they endured during the recession, but many now face a grave financial threat as they struggle to pay the escalating costs of teachers’ pensions,” reports Jessica Calefati on CalMatters.

More than half of the new money will go to pension costs, estimates the state Department of Finance and Legislative Analyst’s Office. “Some districts are predicting deficits and many are already bracing for what’s to come by cutting programs, reducing staff or drawing down their reserves even though per-pupil funding is at its highest level in three decades and voters recently extended a tax hike on the rich to help pay for school.”

Regulars here know I don’t give a single care for the survival of California’s public school system. It’s been twisted into a factory for grooming child rape victims and indoctrinating the mindless minions of tomorrow. However, being a flagship laboratory of leftoid social experiments does make it a splendid example of the old using pensions to exploit the young.

An economic downturn could lead to disaster, said Michael Fine, CEO of the Fiscal Crisis and Management Assistance Team.

“Building maintenance could suffer, grounds care could suffer, class size could suffer, instructional coaches could suffer, athletic programs could suffer, technology could suffer, intervention programs could suffer,” Fine said.

What is happening here is that in the recent past, the Communists made an agreement with the Baby Boomers: give us votes now and we’ll give you free money later. The unsustainability of this is clear; less clear but equally true is that the “free money later” will be taken from people who were not parties to this agreement.

When did parasites become the most protected class? Notice all those single mothers are content to see wealth transfers be more valued by the schools then even the pretenses of concern for her school-aged children. It was never about equality. It was never about the welfare of children. Feminism was a grab for male power and resources from the beginning.

This is what MGTOW in politics would look like: “I did not agree to to this pension. I refuse to fund it. You should blame the people who promised you this instead of me.”

The rapid rise in pension costs — 269 percent over 15 years — is one reason teacher salaries are flat, writes Chad Aldeman of Bellwether Education Partners on The 74. …

Even teachers who spend their careers in the classroom and eventually collect a pension will be losers, writes Aldeman. “This is essentially a giant transfer of wealth from one generation to the next, and no current or future teacher wins from this arrangement.”

He nails the problem almost square on the head. Government pensions are a giant, involuntary wealth transfer between generations. Current and future voters have been sold into financial slavery by past voters.

The Founders made a mistake. They allowed government to carry debt. This has since been exploited massively, first by the (illegal) Fourteenth Amendment forcing its debt upon the former Confederates, then by the Nineteenth Amendment granting women, and their sexual attraction to other people’s money, the vote, and lastly by Communist infiltrators who funded their rise to power by deferring the price onto their dupes’ own children.

The only legitimate basis for gov’t financial activity is cash up front for goods and services rendered. At most, short-term debt instruments in times of existential need so that the generation of voters authorizing the debts are the same generation repaying it. Today, however, we are saddled with massive public pension systems that WILL destroy the United States. Even if taxpayers today wanted to pay these debts, we simply cannot. The Communists were too greedy and delved too deeply.

Either our government repudiates all debts, pensions and other wealth transfers, and henceforth proceeds on the basis of cash & carry, which would be the political death of all career bureaucrats, or we will end up the next Venezuela with physical death for everybody. There is no third option, not even a Collapse. The poor will always be with us… and the parasites, too.


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