Ted Hickman Is On A Winning Streak!

Continuing the saga of a moral, outspoken Vice Mayor in tiny Dixon City, California, we see the long-awaited defenders of health and Christ emerge:


Updated July 25, 2018 12:10 PM

Citing First Amendment rights, the Dixon City Council announced Tuesday at its meeting that it has decided against stripping Ted Hickman’s title as vice mayor after a controversial column he wrote in the town’s newspaper — calling for a Straight American Pride Month and using a derogatory term to refer to gay men — went viral.

Before the decision was announced, Randy Thomasson of Save California — a group that describes itself as a “pro-family organization: working, speaking and fighting the good fight for your values” — announced that he was going to speak at the meeting.

As a result, a small group of Hickman supporters and another, larger group of advocates for LGBTQ rights descended on the City Council meeting.

“Our society needs to defend its foundations, there’s no such thing as a homosexual culture that is everlasting,” said Don Grundmann shortly before the meeting. “When you break down the family unit, you’re hurting the children and it’s only a matter of time before you produce psychotic broken children, which is the whole idea of the so-called LGBT movement.”

You haven’t reached status as a legit California conservative until you’ve stood with Don Grundmann. He’s possibly the most successful third-party politician California has ever produced and is well worth the occasional check to see what he’s up to. He somehow manages to be on the ballot every election and I vote for him every time.

Tom Ruppel, a longtime Dixon resident, was carrying a sign that said “We stand with our LGBT neighbors.” He clashed with Grundmann almost immediately after they both arrived holding signs for their respective movements.

Grundmann isn’t your typical, slick car-salesman politician who reaches across the aisle to find his own spine. His intolerance of politically correct bullshit has incited two political third parties to self-destruct rather than support their own stated principles. More below.

Thomasson spoke in favor of the council’s decision and said that Hickman spoke the truth.

“The intolerant left has picked a fight with Ted Hickman, they don’t think he had the right to say what he said in a column, and they don’t think the newspaper that published it had the right to publish it,” Thomasson said. “Well, both accusations are completely false — we have a Constitution in our country: the First Amendment guarantees freedom of speech for individuals, and freedom of the press for all publications.”

Thomasson showed onlookers graphic photos of gay men at pride parades, and eventually submitted the photos to the Dixon City Council for review.

Kaboom! Go back in the closet, you freaks.

“Ted Hickman doesn’t want this in Dixon, and the majority of people in Dixon don’t want it here, either,” Thomasson said of the photos.

Discussions between the two groups were heated before the meeting started, with both inside and outside City Council chambers arguing over their respective group’s values.

There were discussions because the good guys won. Had the bad guys won, the city council would have ordered compliance to the New Morality and sent the police to arrest dissidents for thoughtcrimes. Hate crimes, I mean.

There were a couple class acts going on in Dixon. The Reporter has more:


Hickman roused ire when he published a piece in the Independent Voice newspaper about homosexuality, calling for Straight Pride American Month (SPAM) and referring to gay people as “tinkerbells” and “faries” (sic).

The Recall Ted Hickman group mobilized about 75 people to show up at the council meeting for a “pizza party” on the lawn in front of the building to reiterate their opposition to Hickman’s words. They sat on picnic blankets and played songs on their phones like “Over The Rainbow” and “Born This Way” by Lady Gaga.

“Pizza party” is code for pedophilia in this context.

“I’m here in opposition to the LGBT agenda,” said San Leandro resident Don Grundmann, a member of the Constitution party who ran for president in 2016 and the senate three times.

Asked if he supported Hickman’s use of pejoratives to describe gay people, Grundmann said that it was a “cover story.”

“The real reason they’re upset is he’s advocated for Straight Pride Month,” he said, holding up a sign that said “Straight Normal Healthy Sane/Sanity Rational, Support Ted.”

Grundmann said that Hickman’s idea was in opposition to “Sodomite pride marches.”

Honest politicians give me hope for the future… hope that sometime in the future, I’ll find a second one.

Most vocal was California’s MassResistance organizer Arthur Schaper, who carried a “one man, one woman” marriage sign. Schaper confronted protesters on the other side and journalists, and he filmed the entire event on a hand-held camera. Schaper asked people why they would “get a man fired” for exercising his First Amendment rights.

“What happened to Love Trumps Hate?” he asked a counter-protester.

Schaper attempted to talk to Councilman Devon Minnema, asking him about comments he made to The Reporter about how most of the counter-protesters were not from Dixon, and why that mattered. Minnema demurred and made a hurried retreat, with Schaper calling out, “He needs to really pick it up if he wants to lose some of that weight.”

I like his style! Yes, I too would like to know why so many nonresidents of Dixon are protesting the legal, peaceful, moral behavior of Dixon residents. Don’t they realize heterosexuals were born this way? *snicker*

The MassResistance group eventually moved into the council chamber, awaiting the meeting. People from Discovery Bay, Oakley, Sacramento, and Alameda jointed their ranks. Schaper continued to film and raise questions, rousing some of the crowd enough for a man to confront him for his words.

Amelia Lacey, 14, sat near the MassResistance crowd unaware of their stand [GQ: yeah, right], and said that she was shocked at their commentary. As she listened to them discuss the health hazards of homosexuality and hold up pictures of men dressed as fairies in gay pride parades, Lacey, who is gay, began to cry.

“Fake tears!” said a woman sitting with the MassResistance group to Lacey.

“How lowball do you have to be to come after a 14-year-old girl?” asked Lacey.

HAHAHAAAA! THE PUSSY PASS IS EXPIRED! Cry, little girl, cry me a river wide and deep for being upset that we show pictures of what the faggy fairies are doing in public celebrations!

At the end of public comment, each councilman asserted that they did not support Hickman’s words, with Mayor Thom Bogue asking the city attorney to draft a resolution stating that the council is in opposition to Hickman’s article and that it “doesn’t represent our voice.” Hickman also addressed the crowd, saying that he appreciated how both sides of the argument seem to respect the First Amendment, and left it at that.

Sigh, well, it can’t all be good news. Regardless, I feel better about the future of California than I have in awhile. People are getting big-time fed up with the freaks and I suspect the names we’ve seen here will come up again. MassResistance.org is something I must look into. Any organization with the strength to maintain its beliefs in the face of a whiny little girl is stronger & more successful than, apparently, the entire Christian Church.


3 thoughts on “Ted Hickman Is On A Winning Streak!

  1. “Pizza party” is code for pedophilia in this context.’

    Glad you pointed this out and are aware of this…half the battle is knowing what code words the perverts use. I don’t live in California so I have to listen to youtube videos about what people who left the Hollyweird scene found out what the pervs use as code words.


  2. This is a bit dated but may interest you:

    Click to access FBI-pedophile-symbols.pdf

    I once wondered how people with secret sins like homosexuality could find each other. It’s not like they went around (during better times) publicly asking random guys for sex. Turns out, they ‘flag’ themselves in various ways. The most reliable indicators I’ve found thus far is coarse jokes and associating with the sexually ‘liberated’, which explains a lot about how #MeToo is rampaging in Hollywood so effectively. Elites aren’t panicking over the exposure of their “casting couches”, they’re panicking over what the next, closely-related exposure is going to be. “The “pizza” connection was discovered with the Comet Pizza child-sex scandal. There’s also some debate whether physiognomy can accurately predict pedophilia. There’s a strong correlation but as always, that does not imply causation.

    That being said, I would not let my child anywhere near a man like this:

    Chris Rondeau, CEO of the hard-leftoid Planet Fitness gym franchise. I keep meaning to do an expose on Planet “Fatness”. Gonna be a good read.

    You can also watch out for “Pedobear”. It started out as a warning of pedophilia created by the chans but has since been adopted by pedophiles themselves.



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