Mohammed Again

Police released the name of the Toronto Danforth shooter: Faisal Hussain.

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The Quebecois need to go back?

Toronto Danforth mass shooter identified as Faisal Hussain

According to a source who has met the family, Hussain was the son of Canadian parents of Pakistani origin who have been struggling through major challenges.

Hussain’s sister died in a car accident and his brother is hospitalized following a stroke, the source said. Hussain worked in retail and would accompany his mother to the hospital to visit her infirm son.

Hussain didn’t have a criminal record, according to a police source, but he did have a history of mental health concerns from 2010 onwards.

A good migrant boy living the American Canadian dream but depression and poverty forced this kindhearted soul to unfortunately go on a killing spree. Perhaps my readers would know, is there bad blood between Pakis and Greeks? This sounds to me like ethnic gang violence.

“A history of mental health concerns” is the exact same thing as a criminal record in any super-liberal area. More here and it surely isn’t unique:

Edit: His physiognomy based upon this picture indicate against emotional/impulsive behavior. Level, well-defined eyebrows and fairly level eyelids indicates level, well-defined reasoning. This compared with full lips suggest high in-group preferences. The smooth forehead (and also well-defined eyebrows) indicate low-average intelligence. The broad nose and low ears indicate mild greed/concern with money but not necessarily to a criminal level. Eyelids have some lidding but not enough to indicate sociopathy; but knowing what we do, perhaps he’s too young to have fully developed the symbol.

It bears mentioning that physiognomy across racial lines is not reliable. The slantedness of Asian eyes is the classic example of how benign race differences can be false indicators. Here, Faisal’s beard on a white guy would indicate an intentional attempt to appear friendly but such beards are so common in Arab circles that it’s no more meaningful than wigs on an Victorian Englishman.


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