John Hawkins Can’t Sleep

I’ve been following this Tradcon lately. He’s begun to wake up to the reality of gynocracy despite his best efforts. This is a good time in the unplugging cycle for a fisking.

5 Ugly Truths About Women That Young Men Need to Recognize

I love women. Not in the social justice warrioresque “We must praise women as strong, capable CEOS and STEM graduates who can do anything men can do, but in heels” way, but in an old-school way. It’s easy to respect a mother who watches out for her children, a wife who is loyal to her husband, or a sister who cares for her brother. I love a beautiful woman. I love a sexy woman. I love a woman who gives off that amazing feminine energy. As a man, being around a woman like that is just good for your spirit.

He turbo-cucks right at the start because what’s coming is going to be more true than he’s willing to say in print. One day, he’ll look back on such “I love women so please don’t hurt me, women” pronouncements as missed indicators of a dysfunctional relationship.

All that being said, this is not about the more wonderful traits of women. To the contrary, it’s the kind of warning about women that fathers used to give their sons, but that’s frowned upon today. You see, in our society we can hammer home the faults of men until they become stereotypes, but we’re not supposed to point out the similarly damaging, but often very different flaws of women that young men need to worry about.

Hot damn, an established pundit is about to warn his sons away from damaged women! We are halting the stopwatch at… 49 years since Woodstock?

1. Beauty fades

Men don’t like to admit this, but the first thing they think about when it comes to women is beauty. Not only are we drawn to it, but it’s a status symbol. When a man has an attractive woman, other men think more of him. In fact, it can become such a powerful draw that some men put beauty first and second — and whatever comes third doesn’t matter. This is a mistake if you plan to be with her beyond a date or three because beauty fades for all of us, but it fades faster and harder for women. Moreover, beauty in and of itself only attracts for so long. As the old saying goes, “No matter how good she looks, someone out there is tired of her sh*t.” Point being, make sure you judge a woman on a lot more than beauty alone because the time is going to come when one way or the other, that beauty is going to fade in your eyes.

Close. Hawkins is still arguing from the female perspective. Female beauty is sex, male beauty is status. (Ironically, he assumes this for the rest of the article.) Any man who’s learned “chicks dig jerks” knows that the ability to attract hot women is a strong indicator of criminal & antisocial life choices. We admire Trump because he’s a billionaire celebrity who likes America, not because his wife is Ivanka.

Also, female beauty doesn’t fade if she’s done a good job of keeping her husband happy in bed. She can be an ugly hag to the rest of the planet but hubby with stay with her to the end.

2. After your relationship ends, you may be surprised at the ruthless treatment you get

Men tend to be famously ruthless about relationships a few dates in when women fall for them way too early and the men only care about sex. On the other hand, women tend to be much more ruthless than men when a relationship is ending. This is hard for a lot of men to believe because they can’t imagine the sweet, uplifting, nurturing woman they were in a relationship with is taking them to the cleaners in divorce court or using their kids as a bargaining chip after the divorce.

It’s like the first sentence is the “before” gym picture and the rest of the paragraph is the “after” picture.

3. Women are much more status-oriented than men

Women tend to put the same kind of emphasis on status that men put on beauty. That doesn’t mean it’s the end all and be all of everything, but it does mean status is a lot more important to women than it is to men.

Hawkins, stop undermining your own arguments. This Tradcon habit drives me nuts. Learn to be confident in your expressed beliefs.

What that means is that as a man, if you ever stop performing at the level your woman is accustomed to, you may lose her regardless of everything else. Lose your job, get demoted, take a big pay cut, lose your moxie somehow and women are much more likely to walk away than a man would be with a woman in the same situation. That doesn’t mean it’s a given, but it does mean that going backward in status as a man risks your relationship with a woman.

He came so close to admitting in public that frivorce is real and unjustified.

4. Women are not as stable as men

There are exceptions to every rule, but the most stable woman is as emotional as an unstable guy. Women are more emotional, more hormonal than men. Women are, at best, more tolerant of drama than men and at worst, they seek it out. They will become upset for no good reason, act irrationally, and are more prone to things like anxiety than men. The point of this is not “women are unstable and bad,” it’s that women are very different in this area and you need to be ready to deal with it. At times there’s going to be crying, no matter what you do. At times, your girlfriend / lover / wife is going to become angry at you even though you’ve done nothing wrong. Wise men learn that there are times to ignore things women say rather than get in a fight because ten minutes later, their mood will improve. To men who aren’t used to it, all of this can be freaky, but it can also help keep things fresh and exciting once you learn to navigate it.

Good, good. He’s accepted that men & women are fundamentally different and must be treated differently.

5. Women may come to hate you for your weakness

If your woman is stronger than you, she may still date you. She may love you. She may even marry you one day. However, on a fundamental level, she will not be able to respect you if you are not strong and competent enough to lead her. Women don’t want to be the ones who make all the decisions and wear the pants in the family and if you force her to do that, it will wear on her and she will come to resent you. How will that resentment play out? At best, probably unhappiness and at worst, cheating, divorce or contempt that’s so bad that you wish you were divorced. I’m not telling you to be a jerk, but I am telling you that if you are not a stronger person than your woman, you will ultimately be sorry.

An important step he didn’t quite finish. Admitting that women despise weak men is progress but he’s still hanging the blame on men being weak instead of women being rebellious.

John Hawkins still isn’t free of cuckservatism but by this date next year, he might be.

Edit, it broke on Dalrock’s simultaneously with my posting this.


4 thoughts on “John Hawkins Can’t Sleep

  1. ‘ Admitting that women despise weak men is progress but he’s still hanging the blame on men being weak instead of women being rebellious.’

    If there’s a truth most young men need to know it’s that women have a natural tendency to be rebellious…hence why a man better not be on a weak foundation or else he’ll fall. Then just point them to Eve.


  2. Probably but if he’s going through a divorce then I didn’t find it. He’s been headed in this direction for several months at least, however. Maybe he just scoped the freelance competition, discovered we were right and now all his Beta dreams turn into nightmares.


  3. Okay…..I could buy that………

    Though it would not surprise me that a “retraction” of sorts will happen in the next few weeks…..or a modification of “what I really meant was” or an article written about men, and the usual “we’re no da*n good” or “we refuse to ask for directions” and “we don’t come home after work with a serving towel to serve our wives and children” nonsense….

    It was an okay read…..but I don’t hold my breath anymore for any real writer to come our defense in the Christian world………….even the hipster guy……who supposedly is an unabashed non-feminist….Matt…..guy who wears ‘kangol’ hats


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