MGTOW Life: An Exit Analysis

A major symptom of Churchian contempt for men is not caring when men give up and leave the Church. Wouldn’t do for me to be guilty of the same crime so when I came across this youTube upload “Why I Walked Away From MGTOW”, it’s time to take notice and reflect. Transcripts by me and are not verbatim; I can’t type fast enough.

Itachi Uchiha, 22-July-2018.

As time goes on, I’m starting to see how a vast majority of supposed MGTOW men are not much different from the average blue-pill man. Just saying you’re going your own way is not enough. You aren’t making a difference in the world. You’re not really impacting anything. Before, you know, my ex-fellow MGTOW brothers say, “Well, you know what, bro, we’re not trying to make a difference. We’re just going to go our own way and let it burn. We just want to let it burn.”

Well, it’s not true. You want your reality to become the reality for the masses. Otherwise, guys wouldn’t ask me, “Bro, do you think MGTOW is growing? Do you think most of the Blue Pilled men are going to wake up?” You want the world to be your way the same way the Blue Pilled want the world to be their way.

I wouldn’t expect much difference in behavior between the Blue- and Red-Pilled. We both like food and video games. Knowing somebody is a gymbro doesn’t indicate their leanings on feminism. Even Neo in the Matrix perceived the same reality as the normals. The Pill difference is mainly perceptions and goals concerning women… motivations rather than methods.

As a rule, men don’t (certainly shouldn’t) go MGTOW because it’s a more rewarding reality. There is only one reality and going MGTOW is the process of realizing our gynocentric society does not value men and deciding how we respond. We do want society to be more accepting of men so we can rejoin society but whence this talk of changing the world? Most men are in no position to do so; we will let it burn because we must, not because schadenfreude.

What’s going to happen with MGTOW, my prediction, you are still vastly outnumbered by Blue Pill men. So the simping will go on, the Blue Pill mentality will go on.

God predicted as much. Human history can confirm. There has always been simping in every culture; there has not always been patriarchy.

Women will always find a way to get pregnant, even if it’s by the worst of the worst men. MGTOW walking away and not passing on your seed, you’re gonna die out, right? Die out in 20-50 years but guess what, the whores are going to continue growing. There’s going to be more Blue Pill men being born. You aren’t going to win that battle by walking walking away. Walking away isn’t close to enough. My problem with most MGTOW men, although we see the world in a similar way, is they’re content being at Level 1. Seeing how the world works and not wanting to be a part of it. That’s one very small step in the right direction but not nearly enough to live a fulfilled life.

The Blue Pill is not a genetic condition. Every man starts out Blue Pill; that’s what we Christians call Original Sin. The false religion of evolution teaches that breeding is the solution to every social ill because it has nothing else to offer. It is disgusting to see eugenics making a comeback. If evil could be bred out of humans then Jews would be Angels. Memo to Dispensationalists, they are not angels.

Itachi doesn’t give enough respect to men going “Level 1”. That requires confronting the darkness in the human soul; the vast majority of men prefer Matrix Cypher’s solution of “let me eat steak, even if it be a lie”.

Let’s pretend you don’t want to change the world, fix people or heal people or whatnot. As a man, you’re never truly fulfilled unless you’re running on all cylinders and chasing your purpose. Simply walking away from women and leading an average life of consuming and hoarding resources is not enough to truly feel like a man and do what you were put here to do. You have a deeper calling. You could be a healer of some sort, curing people of sicknesses. You could have a number of purposes. But many members of MGTOW use it as a crutch to be lazy, mediocre men, not doing anything that matters. Your lives don’t matter. You aren’t making anybody’s life better. You just keep making these videos hating women and that’s good to a degree but it’s not the end goal. You aren’t trying to make anybody’s life better. Not healing men and women.

I slam evolution as much as I do because in addition to being a disproven lie, it promotes exactly this existential hopelessness. Going MGTOW doesn’t prevent one from following any pursuit of happiness one might care for… with the single exception of wife & kids. The atheist, having no hope of life after death, still tries to cheat death via reproduction even when he knows the attempt will destroy him and perpetuate the very misandry he despises. That makes MGTOW life a difficult exercise in nihilism.

Can any man escape the gynocracy without resorting to the divine? If breeding is one’s only source of enduring purpose and meaning then “we have the babies” women will always be in control. Most men are mediocre. That’s statistically inevitable and good. Keeping society peaceful and prosperous is not often an exciting job requiring herculean achievements. But it does mean that few men can access the other source of atheist immortality: being written into the history books.

With no kids, no God and no fame, Itachi coughs up the Red Pill:

A lot of MGTOW have the laziness and mediocrity of the Blue-Pilled and the shaming and exclusivity of the feminist. If you fused a BP man with a feminist then that’s a MGTOW. So many men in MGTOW reject content that is not exactly aligned with what their conditioning says. If I create content that steers things in a different direction, I get backlash. You have to be working towards something that matters. You say “we don’t want to have kids”, that’s a reactionary attitude like a feminist that don’t need no man.

Down deep, most of us would have loved to have a loving wife, loved to have kids, to live in healthy societies. You’re reacting the same way feminists react. The average man has been raised to be a BP faggot and women can’t trust & be attracted to that kind of man, so they become feminazis and hate men. That’s the same as being a Level 1 MGTOW saying “fuck these women, I don’t trust them, I’m keeping my distance”. You have to be working towards something that matters.

It’s the old “weak men created feminism”, sigh. Hypergamy, Itachi. A woman trapped for a week in the locker room of the Dallas Cowboys would find most of them weak men to be shunned. There is no comparison between feminists, who actively seek to enslave and persecute men, and MGTOWs, who try to salvage what they can out of the modern West’s shit sandwich.

I can guess where Itachi is headed: he’s going to knowingly wife up the best female he can find, have kids and hope it all works out because that’s the only form of immortality he can conceive (heh). Maybe it will work out. I honestly wish him the best.

But most likely, he’re going to end up a statistic. MGTOWs complain about women to help each other resist the broken, natural impulse to serve women. Feminists complain about MGTOWs because we’re ugly men escaping the slave collar. There is no comparison and no possible peace.

We Christians can thank God we’re spared the psychic pain of a meaningless life. A believer can spend life in solitary prison and still believe, correctly, that God has a reason for that. The Godless must wife up the pink-haired in fear of being forgotten entirely.


2 thoughts on “MGTOW Life: An Exit Analysis

  1. ‘There has always been simping in every culture; there has not always been patriarchy.’

    Yup being a simp in life as a man is an easy path, it’s certainly not easy (yet more rewarding) to be a patriarch.


  2. I suppose I am MGTOW, and it’s okay…….its becoming a mish-mash of ideas, perceptions, attitudes and a wide swath of behaviors from the “just gonna step back and lay out for a few bars, get back into dating in a year or two……”

    Some men, it’s a deep vile hatred of women…..even women that have indeed repented, came into the fold of Christ and are striving……..most men I notice they are one BJ away from going back to the farm, that’s how powerful sex is I suppose.

    I know I’m one line away of some high grade cocaine to go right back into “lying to myself” and back into a problem that I thankfully left a long time ago…

    Met a lot of MGTOWs online that seem to spend a ton of time griping about women……..okay, fair enough……and just as many who are MGTOW but actually are PUA types, or fall into that scene.

    Say you are a Christian MGTOW, you will get a ton of men blasting you for not “really” going your own way because you are “following something”

    Yet these same men I am sure get up, go to work, and take orders from a boss.

    I don’t think a lot of MGTOWs are losers. I don’t think most live at home in basement and go to Star Trek conventions………

    I think many MGTOWs…..and even men like myself……….just fell into that vast swath of men out there who were not blessed with the top-tier in looks. They couldn’t play the best speed metal guitar in Rensselaer County. They were not the jock. They were never the guy who had women “banging on the door” to get to know them, and date them. They probably were raised to have some ‘general decorum’ for and about women……and when it didn’t pan out after they reached the age of 35….many got mad, withdrew or just disappeared. As much as I don’t like to admit an 80/ 20 rule……it does exist, and prior to the Internet age…….a man could with some hard work, some social skills date, court, and marry for the most part. Today? No.

    The growth of MGTOW seems to correspond highly with the rise of Internet dating…….the limitless “options” out there with women that “there is gonna be a better guy than the one I am dating / sleeping with / whatever currently”

    Narcissism of “never growing older” or the ‘tude that it will happen to someone else. The idea of these lists of what they expect or want in man……..who knows…..

    Also the plenty, vast, big pool of men who will lap up any attention a half-way decent woman gives him. No matter her past. Many of these men are MGTOWs. I’ve joked before….you could have the ugliest woman inside and out walk by a row of ten guys……….all average looking. 50% of the guys would shrug their shoulders and say “Eh….I’d do her”

    Many in MGTOW say that men have to “work together” many claim in MGTOW for some sort of brotherhood and unspoken code a la “fight club”

    Dreamers, and wishful thinking. Most men who are MGTOW who are indeed going their own way (and this is where I fall) are busy working, trying to get their own house in order (debt removal, saving, investing), and doing the activities they like for their own enjoyment. Be it sports. Be it camping or hiking. Be it reading. Be it the gym. Be it restoring a car. Photography. The moral code with the MGTOWs with very little drama tend to indeed be the ones who are in Christ.

    But what do I know?


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