Jarrid Wilson’s Convergence Away From God

Boxer introduced me to Associate Pastor Jarrid Wilson (he’s a nu-male clone so no need for a portrait) when he complained about a woman pointing out that men like domestic, thin, pretty, chaste and untatted young brides. This is horrific, undeniable proof that most men prefer Original Sin to their normal, God-given sexuality.

My old test for genuine Christianity was “Who is Jesus?” Any answer except “Son of God” or “Savior of Humanity” is a conclusive negative. Now, a better test is “do young men deserve a thin, virgin bride with long hair?” That works so well, it might possibly detect a Christian before the guy actually converts.

How did he end up like this? A nu-male in the Bible Belt spouting globalist propaganda?


The Problem With a Colorblind God

November 22, 2017

I feel like growing up in Southern California made me a little ignorant to the realities of racism and bigotry that fuels the yearning for racial supremacy—well, really ignorant. I had friends who were black, Mexican, Asian, Indian, Native American and, yes, Caucasian. I didn’t know any different. The melting pot that was my Californian suburb kept me pretty sheltered from the hatred that was still going on in the world. I figured racism was a just thing of the past, something you study in History class, and only see in movies or really rural towns in the South. I didn’t actually believe there were people in this world who were outspoken racists. That just seemed silly. If anything, I figured the small amount of them who existed kept their beliefs hidden behind closed doors and at secret meetings.

Actually, I can relate. Race wasn’t weaponized in the 80s in Los Angeles (Jarrid grew up more inland and probably south of LA.) I remember Mr. T and Bill Cosby without regret. Part of me still resents having to be race-conscious. I came to understand that’s because I was sheltered in a very large, very devout, very homogenous country that had just had its culture unified like never before via television and other mass media. That happy situation is gone and because whites are the designated target for all ethnic strife, I’ve adopted a measure of ethnic loyalty purely for self-defense. I didn’t pick the game but I do want to survive it. Enjoy your stupid prize, vibrants: I’m now the enemy you always wanted me to be.

By contrast, how did Jarrid react to the weaponizing of race?

It wasn’t until I moved to Memphis, Tennessee, that all my assumptions about racism changed. The KKK just so happened to be hosting a rally the same day I got into town, and at that very moment, racism wasn’t just an idea or foreign happening anymore; it was taking place right in my own backyard. I couldn’t believe it. It was eye-opening. I felt the pit of my stomach turn. I was blindsided by the fact that not everyone had parents like mine, ones who taught me to never judge someone by the color of their skin or where they’re from, but to instead love all people the same way Christ loved the church; without partiality (Romans 2:11). Why? Because like I had learned when I was younger, we were all God’s children and made precious in his sight.

About that “not everyone had parents like mine”. Jarrid’s parents gave him the name “Jarrid”. That says a lot about their hatred of America and Western tradition. Jared is a Biblical name; he’s the father of Enoch. Enoch is one of two humans who haven’t died yet and is arguably God’s first prophet. Jarrid’s parents likely hated God, just as manginas love to give their daughters male names to emphasize their little Princess don’t need no man before she’s old enough even to breathe.

I also was taught to not judge individuals by their skin but that was before “my race right or wrong” became a thing. Jarrid associated with differently-colored Americans, no problem, but when he encountered group-oriented whites, he freaked. I bet encountering group-oriented blacks like BLM did not trigger a freakout.

Jarrid, that’s called programming.

Little did I know this wasn’t out of the norm for the south, let alone our entire country if I were to open my eyes a bit. If I’m transparent, I think the concept of racism was something I didn’t want to believe, so I purposely shut myself out from seeing it even if it was in plain sight. I was scared to admit that there were people in this world who would hate others because of their skin color. I was afraid to admit that our country hadn’t fully moved on from the dreadful past of enslaving African-Americans for personal gain.

A common fault in public school graduates is the belief that American history began with Rosa Parks riding the bus. Jarrid even quotes MLK Jr. in the article. Does he know MLK was a false Christian?

His comment about our “dreadful past of enslaving African-Americans for personal gain” indicates a great deal of white-guilt indoctrination. Probably from his America-hating parents. Even the blacks who say America is the worst place on Earth are in no hurry to return to their African roots.

My experience of living in Memphis, Tennessee, changed my life completely, and I no longer wanted to hide from the reality of racial discrimination but instead leaning into it, wanting to learn more about its origin, and how I could help be a voice toward finding reconciliation. The only problem was I didn’t know where to start. I was a bit scared. I didn’t know what I was allowed to say or not allowed to say, or whether or my voice would be taken seriously if anything was said at all. All I knew was this; Jesus stood against injustice, and it was time for me to man up do the same regardless if I was taken seriously. It’s the right thing to do. It’s what Jesus would have done. We’re called to love our neighbor as ourselves (Mark 12:31).

Jesus never stood against injustice. Rather the opposite: “Give to Caesar what is Caesar’s” and “The teachers of the law and the Pharisees sit in Moses’ seat. So you must be careful to do everything they tell you. But do not do what they do, for they do not practice what they preach.” Matt 23:2-3

Jesus DID act racist against the Samaritan at the well and the Syrophoenician woman.

All that Jarrid knew about race, even within Scripture, was a lie. What was he thinking, moving halfway across a continent without expecting culture shock? He got of the plane, “Oh no racism is real!” and quickly began to impose his beliefs upon the locals. Globalist little fuck.

If I’m honest, I think I’m just fed up with people not acknowledging the fact that racism is an obvious issue in our country; especially those who have influence within Christian culture but remain silent because they don’t want to be seen as controversial—specifically pastors.T rust me, I was that guy for a long time, but that’s changed dramatically. Racism isn’t controversial, it’s just wrong. It’s unbiblical. It seems that many of us have forgotten that the Acts 2 church was multi-ethnic. And not to mention, Jesus wasn’t white.

The Acts 2 church in which Peter gave a speech starting “Fellow Jews and all of you who live in Jerusalem, let me explain this…”? Pete was race-conscious right off the bat. Even Paul who corrected Peter’s backsliding gave preference to his own people until Jewish persecution left him no choice.

It’s okay to prefer your own people to strangers from distant lands, Jarrid. You were lied to about the Bible, twisting “God shows no favoritism between Jews and Gentiles” into “you must give favorable treatment to all foreigners regardless of all circumstances.”

I’m not going to do things perfectly, but I’m still going to try. Why? Because I’d rather be deemed controversial than let my silence be conveyed as purposeful ignorance as it pertains to the racial discrimination and affliction that terrorizes our country.

Translation, Jarrid seeks approval from the multi-Cult. There’s no way that toeing the path of least resistance, the globalist lie of equality, would be perceived by anybody as a controversial act.

America is not being “terrorized” by racial discrimination. Not unless you’re talking about #BlacksLoveMisery and their riots & cop killings.

We as Christians are called to stand up against injustice no matter where it’s from or what it looks like. And one of the most purposely ignorant things we can do as humans would be to ignore the reality of racism in our country. The local church should be forerunners in the journey toward reconciliation, and examples as to how we are to love one another without limitation.

The best way to make racism go away is to obsess over it constantly?

News flash: racism is a just behavior. A man should care more about his own children than his neighbor’s children. Men should uphold their own society before involving themselves in other societies. That’s all racism is. Bringing in outsiders can wreck the society you’re invested in so you should be very cautious about immigration.

I’ve heard the phrase “God doesn’t see color” time and time again in conversations surrounding race; specifically from white people trying to bandage up some of the damage caused by hate-fueled rhetoric and actions against people of color. And while I understand the intent of this phrase is to ensue unity and equality through all ethnicities, I believe it to fail in doing this on both ends of the coin. God isn’t colorblind. He knows my brothers and sisters of color. He knows every hair on our heads and the pigment on our skin. Every shade. He sees it. He loves it. He created it. To say that God doesn’t see color is to say that God doesn’t see what makes his creation so beautiful; we’re unique, wonderfully made, and made precious in his sight.

This is Jarrid trying to square “ceasing to be racist” with “obsessing constantly over racism”. He didn’t do that as a kid… “I need you as my friend because I need an Amerindian’s approval. See, I’m not racist!”… but now that he’s doing it in adulthood to protect his sabotaged ego, cognitive dissonance sets in.

If Jarrid reads his Bible then he should know about Proverbs 18:17. “The first to plead his case seems right, until  another comes and examines him.” He’s listened to Antifa all his childhood life; perhaps he should now listen to Christians who say racism is okay. That’s not a demand that he conclude we’re correct. It’s a demand to drop his ego-shields enough to give us the chance.

Many of us were also lied to in childhood. We were raised to not care about race–that was good when we were bound together by common culture, language and religion–but once the globalists began forcing immigration to destroy the nations, race consciousness became essential to resisting the devil’s plans. Sorting ourselves along ethnic lines is actually a righteous idea because the last part of our identity that the globalists can take away is our race.

We racist whites are holding on to who we are amid great persecution. The devil hates that. He hates all distinctions between humans and would see all humanity reduced to a grey goo of faceless livestock. Stop living in the past, Jarrid. Realize that the spiritual war today is between globalism and nationalism, and anti-racism is a work of the devil.

And stop spelling your name wrong. That is a corruption of your identity as a human being worse than even anti-racism. Your name is Jared.


3 thoughts on “Jarrid Wilson’s Convergence Away From God

  1. Yeah, I was in one on the better neighborhoods in the San Fernando Valley. To help educate us on race reality, the LA Unified School District bused in some vibrants from the bad side of town. They accidentally bused in two rival street gangs to a predominately white junior high school. There were axe murders in the halls.

    Two years later, my neighborhood was notorious among police for crack cocaine. Race realism achieved. Sometimes I envy the Jarrids for their obviously sheltered life, sometimes I remember they were being sheltered away from reality and Father God. The ones who’ve never felt pain have the easiest time inflicting it upon others.

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