Devon Minnema, SJW

I took a closer look at Devon Minnema, King of Neckbeards and his work in Dixon politics. What I found was not quite what I expected. The research was swift thanks to Devon’s history as a op-ed writer for various papers. I’ll give some background bio then fisk my favorite article of his.

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From his recently failed bid for Solano County Supervisor:

Devon Minnema is a fourth generation Japanese-American California family farmer. With his deep roots in the agriculture community, he was involved in FFA and 4H and served as an FFA officer while attending Dixon High School. He served on the board of directors of the Downtown Dixon Business Association and is a proud Chamber of Commerce  and Farm Bureau member. 

Four generations and he’s still a hyphenated-American? Maybe it’s just a virtue-signal.

Minnema is a Kiwanis member and currently serves on the board of directors so he can aid our county’s children and ensure that they have as much opportunity as possible. He attended Neighborhood Christian School and Dixon High School and goes to Living Hope Church in Dixon.

This explains why Pastor Jeff Myers of Living Hope Church chose to publicly attack Ted Hickman. I thought there’d be a lot of dirt to find on a Churchian who faults a man for honoring heterosexual relationships but found little. Living Hope is a depressingly generic Prot church… except that Myers may have violated his church’s 501c3 tax exemption by openly criticizing a elected government official. Hickman hadn’t made a policy statement but Pastor Myers advocated his removal from office regardless.

In addition to working on his family’s farm and his duties as a councilman, he also works at a Solano County feed store.

Thus far, we see that Devon is an extremely social guy with few marketable skills and thanks to Pastor Myers & Neighborhood Christian School, no moral compass.

Since being elected to City Council… Minnema set agenda points like increasing access to books, protecting migrant workers’ ability to find seasonal housing through the Dixon Housing Authority, ensuring that local watersheds are protected… He has been an advocate for young people and minorities getting involved in local politics as the only mix-race councilmember and the only councilmember under 30 in the district. He has spoken to groups like the Women’s Improvement Club, the Saint Peter’s Youth Group, and multiple high school and junior high classrooms.

Minnema often jokes that his constituents have the opposite reality of most people. Instead of trying in vain to have their opinions heard, they have a councilman knocking on their door asking for their opinion.

Translation, Devon has no agenda of his own except doing what it takes to gain power. A very common position for very insecure politicians.

Surprisingly, at this point I’m far more upset with the “Christian” influences in Devon’s upbringing than with Devon himself. Some men are naturally independent and self-teaching; other men are heavily dependent upon being taught right from wrong for no fault of their own. Devon is the latter: not athletic, not book-smart, not self-disciplined. Unknown if he had a father in his life.

Regardless, Devon is a man and therefore must own his beliefs. What are those? On to his politics:

Just who are the real ‘conservatives’ in America today?

By Devon Minnema, 2/25/16

While moderates would probably like to label me a “libertarian,” I consider myself a conservative first and foremost. I have found, especially in speaking with voters during my recent time out of state, that few people truly understand what a conservative really is. Conservatives are not nationalists, nor are they budget busters, nor are they the so-called “moral majority.”

He’s mostly right. Conservatives have proven they are globalists who believe in unlimited spending and simultaneously preaching and violating every virtue they can find. But what, then, is the difference between a conservative and a liberal?

A conservative believes in Renaissance ideals: Freedom, equality, liberty, respect, and diplomacy. Unlike Donald Trump’s fallacious supposition that conservatism is about, “conserving our money, conserving our wealth,” it is in fact all about conserving order in the pursuit of those ideals.

Do liberals not believe this also? Liberty, Equality and Fraternity was the French Revolution, not the American Revolution. The difference was that the clergy supported the American one and became the national conscience while in the French one, the clergy supported the oppressive royalists and the people revolted against both Church and State. Perhaps it shouldn’t be surprising that the French system of revolt is coming back now that American clergy have excused themselves from the light of truth.

In America, this concept has been adapted to protect the Constitution. Peaceful transition of power, restrictions on the influence of the federal government, and the protection of states’ ability to make their own laws and economic systems are key pieces in the Constitutional puzzle.

This is why conservatives are so often constitutionalists as well.

Simply wanting smaller government or even good governance does not a conservative make. You must ask yourself why. Why do you want smaller government? Is it so you can enjoy freedom and liberty? Or is it simply because you don’t trust Democrats?

In America, we wanted small government because we already had a God. “No king but Jesus”, remember? Now that God has been abandoned, government is helpfully filling the void. As usual.

The Renaissance was much more than simply writers coming up with new political concepts. The Renaissance was a renewal in the Greek and Roman tradition of being at peace with our humanity.

Devon isn’t smart enough to be this wrong. That’s not  a slur on him; only the brightest of humanity can invent lies this huge. Devon’s primary fault is having been lied to by people he trusted.

The Roman Empire was at peace with its humanity, seriously? Aristotle & Plato didn’t teach peace and freedom, either.

Our country is special. It is not because our people are somehow inherently “better,” or that we have some secret “superior” values or even that there is any specific cultural difference, as many nations within Western Civilization share, to some degree, our values. Nor does it have anything to do with our soil.

We loved God. That love took the form of monogamy, integrity, self-discipline, keeping each other honest and a culture that glorified His Son. That’s America’s secret. Pastor Myers is a worthless son of a bitch for never having taught this to Devon. All of America’s success came from Father God. Never by human ingenuity and effort.

Credit where it’s due, atheists try very, very hard to make their utopias work. Their inevitable failure is never caused by lack of effort. Skipping to the end,

If what you want is nationalism or military dominance, go ahead.

Vote for the Hillary’s, and Trump’s, and Marco’s of this world. But true conservatives will be fighting to defend our rights, our Constitution, and not just the bits that are politically expedient.

Remembering the run-up to the 2016 election, it’s rather impressive Devon took a swing at Hillary in a publication as leftist as the Daily Democrat. He must have been a Bernie supporter.

All in all, I didn’t have the strong objections to this article that I was expecting to. He’s wrong about the American experiment but my read is that’s because he was taught a pack of humanist lies despite a nominally Christian upbringing.

Of course, two years after writing about fighting for our Constitutional rights Devon turns on Ted Hickman for peacefully speaking his mind and sides with a mob of professional agitators. What happened between then and now, I wonder? Trump Derangement Syndrome? Needs of the many? Kicking a political rival?

Trying to be accepted by the cool kids?

Some men fall from grace. Others are pushed. Devon is a social justice warrior today because he was deceived by the social justice warriors of yesterday… a fragile, anklebiting ego in the grasp of dark forces he was never told existed.

How can a guy raised in the church not understand the sickness of homosexuality? What a dismally low standard of Christian education.


4 thoughts on “Devon Minnema, SJW

  1. ‘But what, then, is the difference between a conservative and a liberal?’

    Liberals want it at breakneck speed…conservatives want it in the slowly turning up the heat.


  2. ‘How can a guy raised in the church not understand the sickness of homosexuality? ‘

    Because the homosexuals and/or homosexual enablers have taken over the church.

    I’ll bet you a wooden nickel much like feminists want to skip over what St. Paul through the Holy Spirit said about marriage…homosexuals want to skip over the part where St. Paul said they don’t inherit the Kingdom of Heaven.


  3. “Because the homosexuals and/or homosexual enablers have taken over the church.”

    Hence my anger being retargeted at Pastor Myers from Devon. When the student turns out rotten, check the teacher. But Myers doesn’t have an online presence so I’m at a dead end.

    Ah, well. Ted Hickman faced down a mob of 200 anklebiters straight outta Oakland and came out fine because he showed no fear and didn’t apologize for jack. Fun times and a positive lesson for the Manosphere to emulate!


  4. Devon isn’t smart enough to be this wrong. That’s not a slur on him; only the brightest of humanity can invent lies this huge. Devon’s primary fault is having been lied to by people he trusted.

    The Roman Empire was at peace with its humanity, seriously? Aristotle & Plato didn’t teach peace and freedom, either.

    That’s not really what he means. He’s alluding to things like de hominis dignitate by Pico Della Mirandola. There was a resurgence of the old Hellenistic ideal of humanism (of man at the center of all things) in the rennaisance.

    A really good critique of the downside of humanism is available in Sloterdijk’s Rules For The Human Zoo, which was a response to our brother Martin’s earlier castigation.

    Click to access Sloterdijk_RulesForTheHumanZoo.pdf

    I hope this is helpful,


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