The Da j00z-i Code

White nationalists are completely obsessed with Jews, Jewish conspiracies, Jewish control of the government and sometimes, with Judaism. The belief takes turns being funny, disturbing, obnoxious, true and false. I recently had an epiphany: White Nationalists want to follow the Jewish Code of in-group supremacy. Their obsession is projection. The Jews are everything they want to be.

My favorite WN to observe in the wild, Vox Day, has been hitting the immigration drums pretty hard lately. To hear him talk, the American Founders wrote “We the People” but meant “We the Undersigned Individuals”, and America died when the first immigrant set foot on the Atlantic shore. This is obvious paraphrasing but it gives the idea that VD wishes the Founders had bred new “tribes” to populate North America with, as Jacob’s twelve sons did. This idea is very consistent with his other writings on race and more generally, with the concept of tribalism that is being pushed hard in various parts of the Manosphere.

Of course, the Founders made no attempt at breeding “tribes” of descendants. One never hears talk of Clan Hancock or the Children of Hamilton in USA. They weren’t even a ruling elite at the time, being representatives of their home colonies when they signed the Constitution. The Founders were Protestants (or deists, which at the time was a secular Protestantism), and Prots define membership by shared beliefs rather than shared culture or ancestry. Similarly, America is (was) held together by a shared belief in American principles–Christian morality, limited gov’t, individual authority/ responsibility. This may have been overly optimistic of us, or not. America is falling apart while Protestantism is falling apart, while Christianity across the world is in unprecedented decline. That’s a hard trend to extrapolate from.

Tribalism as offered elsewhere is of the same sort. No distinction is drawn between nations and bloodlines, exactly as ancient Israel (and neighbors). There seems to be two definitions of patriarchy floating around: The man is head of his family and a peer of his neighbors, or the man is a chieftain with a harem. The latter is pure feminism–hypergamy and 80/20 facilitated by easily recognizable high-status men who can be shared among many women. It is also the dream of white nationalism, making large families with which to wage war against the Outsider.

That’s why white nationalism is a form of feminism.

The other definition of patriarchy–one man having one woman, with no visible status over his peers–is Christianty (lifetime monogamy, correct mutual submission) and absolute poison to both feminism and tribalism. It’s poison to feminism because a woman has no freedom to act upon her monkey-branching tendencies. It’s poison to tribalism because polygamy is needed to produce enough disposable men for constant warfare with other tribes.

Without enough disposable men, both peace and low-status men become valuable.

One area of Jewish behavior that meets unanimous WN approval is the famous “right of return”, the Israeli government’s call for Jews to return and build up the definitively Jewish ethno-state. This is why many WNs call for a breakup of the United States, because North America is too large to easily craft a white ethno-state. They fantasize about starting with a smaller landmass, moving all the whites into it and then overwhelming their neighbors with a mass breeding program. That hasn’t worked out for Israel but WNs don’t seem to mind.

In addition to shared beliefs on tribalism and immigration, WNs admire Jews for their successful exploitation of American institutions via their in-group preferences. Example, VD has no respect for rule of law except to the extent it can be reinterpreted to suit his agenda, something he has in common with many highly placed secular Jews. This admiration takes the form of projection, seeing Jewish conspiracies in pretty much every position of power that they would want control of.

Not all Jews are hell-bent on infiltrating society’s power structures for in-group benefit just as not all whites are white nationalists. It’s fascinating to reflect on how much the WNs would behave exactly like the treacherous Jews given the chance. This is what we should expect to see. The lower classes like to emulate the perceived winners of society because they, too, want to succeed yet have trouble securing their own paths to success.

Part of that emulation is having as little respect for whites who don’t share their zero-sum ethnic agenda as Israeli Jews increasingly have for ‘off-the-plantation’ secular Jews.

And that is why white nationalists are obsessed with “the Jews”. They wish to understand and imitate Jewish in-group success for themselves, in an age where ethnic conflict has been made unavoidable anyway.


6 thoughts on “The Da j00z-i Code

  1. I found it quite interesting that one time I interacted with a self proclaimed WN on the internets who stated before he became a hard core anti-semite he was hard core philo-semitic. You are correct in this assessment of WNs.


  2. By your standard the Old Testament teachings, which were polygynous, were feminist. Nothing could be farther from the truth, being a stronger patriarchy than even the most radical mysoginists today would envision.


  3. Old Testament, polygamous Israel was a failure. The pattern of failure was a female one, too: people followed God when He showed up and threw His weight around to solve Israel’s problems, either personally or in the forms of kings and warlord-judges, but otherwise prostituted themselves to foreign gods. God predicted this in the Mosaic Law itself before Moses was even dead: Deut. 31 & 32.

    God had reasons for creating the nation Israel but showing humanity what success looks like was not one of them. The Old Testament didn’t even get marriage right according to Christ. Ref. certificates of divorce.

    Why do you want to go back to the Old Covenant when God has given us the New Covenant in its place?


  4. The failures of the ancient Hebrews were not unique to them or their social system. Its the human condition.

    The divorce change by Christ did not change the patriarchal nature of the OT.


  5. “The failures of the ancient Hebrews were not unique to them or their social system. Its the human condition.”

    The default human condition is matriarchy because of Original Sin. The ancient Hebrews not overcoming that is exactly what made them not patriarchal. Even in NT times, we have managed society-wide patriarchy only for brief periods. Women always want to rebel and men always want to indulge their rebellion.

    Edit: On reflection, this would be an interesting discussion. I’ll have a post up soon.


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