Marine Veteran Fights the Previous War in Politics

First, an intro to the fisking. Turd Flinging Monkey on youTube has been getting on my nerves lately by ranting about how easily our problems could be solved if we, meaning society, take away womens’ right to vote. “You hold the key to your chains! All you have to do is want to be free! All of your problems go away if you revoke their right to vote!” About a month of regular rants in this pattern thus far.

TFM isn’t wrong. He’s missing the obvious. Christ Jesus is waving hello in his face and he can’t see anybody. Yes, forcing women to submit would solve most of our society’s problems overnight. No, men don’t want women to submit. This is not rational. Submissive women worked but men don’t want to go back to that model even when they admit it worked. This is not a failure of reasoning. It is a failure of human nature. It is the pattern of Original Sin. And I’m frustrated because telling people this doesn’t convince them Christ was right.

I haven’t pointed this out to TFM and don’t plan to. He’s gone far enough down the sexbot road that going Christian would cost him his income (as well as his sex life). That’s the point at which I stop caring about saving people from Hell, when they make bank off the presumption that Hell doesn’t exist.

The relevant video:

TFM brought up a new (to me) Federalist guy: Jesse Kelley, a tough-taking Marine veteran who calls for conservatives to scorch the Earth instead of going quietly to the fate conservatives brought about for us. From his Federalist bio:

Jesse is a Marine Corps combat veteran, former congressional candidate in Arizona, and host of “Jesse Kelly Brief.” Jesse resides in the Houston area with his wife and two sons.

Now, the article du jour:

Close your eyes and imagine holding someone’s scalp in your hands. I don’t mean cradling his skull as you thousand-yard-stare at his lifeless face. I mean a real scalp, Indian-style, of some enemy you just killed on the battlefield; somebody you hated and who hated you back.

You killed him, won the day, carved off the top of his skull, and now you’re standing over him victorious on the now-quiet field of battle, with a quiet breeze blowing through your hair. Your adrenaline is still pumping with that primal feeling of victory and the elation of having survived when others didn’t.

Gruesome, but I’ve seen this movie. *munches popcorn*

I’m not naive enough to think that less than 5 percent of those reading this are the only ones not cringing at that mental image. Amid our wealth and privilege, most Americans cannot even relate to that kind of violence, and they sure don’t want to fantasize about it. That whole thing feels barbaric, violent, and repugnant. Maybe you even wish now you hadn’t read it.

If you’re going to call uS wimps then just say so. Battlefield experience isn’t a virtue and never having been shot at isn’t a character failing. Soldiering isn’t the only job that sends men into harsh locations to do ugly jobs. What point is he preparing to make?

Look, Guys, America Is Simply Going Down

First, we all have to accept certain realities about where we are as a nation. Rains will come and go. The stock market will rise and fall. The sky is blue. Water is wet. And government in America will just never stop getting bigger. This is simply a fact of life.

No, it isn’t. God is Almighty and will not allow these atrocities to continue forever.

We haven’t seen our government shrink since Calvin Coolidge, and there is little appetite among the American public for shrinking the government. We are now at the point in this country where we call them “cuts” if the government doesn’t increase spending quite as much as they had planned.

Credit where it’s due, Trump’s administration has been quietly cutting a lot of red tape while President Don mugs for the cameras. That and fracking are why the economy has been doing well lately. Manginas are already beginning to withhold support for female rebellion in fear for their balls, tiny as they are, and the SBC witches are being threatened with loss of funding if they don’t reinstate Patterson and follow proper procedure. Why the pessimism, Jesse?

So, barring some unforeseen awakening, America is heading for an eventual socialist abyss. It is really only a matter of dates. Will we all die in the inevitable communist purges within ten years? Of course not. Will it happen within the next century or two? Almost certainly.

In a way, it is actually a good thing. God gives each of us a period in history to live through. Why not have one that is memorable? I am thrilled to live in these times. Any man can coast through 80 years of a society at its pinnacle. His life will start and end, and it will be as if he never existed. Wouldn’t you rather live through an era people write stories about? I want to have a smirk on my face as I walk through the pearly gates of heaven, shaking my head, and saying to myself, “What a life.”

I agree here. The main reason I haven’t prepared a concrete bunker with 30 man-years of food for the coming shitpocalypse is because I would never use it. Endless years of sitting in the dark playing games to not go crazy? I thank God that boredom has never yet been my fate and God willing, it never will be. Live fast, die happy and have a closed-casket funeral. Let’s see what would give Jesse a happy ending.

We Can Go Quietly, Or Fight to the Death

Do you remember the American Indians? Most likely you at least give them a passing thought whenever you pull a stick of Land O’ Lakes butter out of the fridge or hear some liberal pretend to be outraged over the Washington Redskins. Either way, they were the randomly settled group of nomadic tribes who resided in America before a bunch of Europeans arrived, took all their lands, and conquered them.

The Indians were faced with something that faces all civilizations. It’s something we face now. They were facing the unstoppable force of inevitability. Many of them knew it. The settlers from Europe were about to take over every inch of this country. Some tribes, like the Choctaw, chose to play nice with the government in hopes that their peaceful gesture would be returned. They got a Trail of Tears for their kindness.

The Indians were ingrates. Given the chance to be part of the most free, greatest nation in human history, they instead chose to be bitter and insular, clinging to their Stone Age civilization instead of modernizing. The State of Nebraska was never going to belong exclusively for all time to the five thousand surviving members of the Whackjob tribe.

But some tribes, like the Lakota, chose a different path. They chose war. Leaders of the Lakota like Sitting Bull knew full well how this war would end. Nevertheless, he gathered thousands of young warriors in the Black Hills and made his enemy feel some pain before he surrendered. He scored a decisive win at the Battle of the Little Bighorn, and collected some scalps. Yes, the U.S. government prevailed in the end, but General Custer and his 200 men weren’t there to see it.

Like the who? They chose to kill & die for no possible achievement and now only exist as footnotes in dusty books. If Jesse is thinking of “going Lakota” then he needs the MGTOW Gospel stat.

That brings us to the continuous internal battle we see on the Right. We have this ever-present acrimony between the factions because some of us will not accept where we are and the enemies we face.

Dead wrong. The current internal battle needed to happen in Joe McCarthy’s day but the bad guys won and entrenched themselves in a two-party system of Democrat traitors and Republican sycophants. Better late than never; the war is finally being waged. But it is not a shooting war; it is a religious war. More on this soon.

Some on the Right believe that tyranny in this society, as in all societies, is inevitable. The people who will micromanage every aspect of your life are not God-fearing conservatives. They are leftists, and they are vicious.

Yes, they are leftists on the Right. This is only confusing until one realizes the new battle line is globalists vs nationalists. Conservatism is dead and there’s legit debate on whether that political philosophy ever existed in the first place. We are now facing the real war and beginning to fight the good fight. Again, why the pessimism?

They are not political opponents in the sense that you have a debate with them. These modern-day leftists want you to lose your job. They want to destroy you. How do you think they’re going to treat you when they finally sit in the seat of power for good? So fight them tooth and nail. Make them long for the day when you’re no longer fighting them. Be the Lakota.

You’re fighting the last war, Jesse. You fight this war by living free and for yourself. The globalist agenda is total control. You oppose this by not allowing others to control you. You insist on quid pro quo, you don’t engage with society except for selfish gain, you owe nothing to everybody. Society doesn’t want you sitting poolside. It wants you slaving away for the sake of any cause except your own.

America is about freedom, about being able to enjoy the consequences of the abilities we have and the risks we take. You can’t get this from last stands for lost causes. Go MGTOW… eh, too late, you’re married with kids. But do be more selfish. You come first, then your family, then your neighborhood, only then the ‘society’ that wants to crush the individuality out of you. Stop thinking like a military grunt!

At the End, Which Will You Have Wanted to Be?

Some on the Right will flatly reject this. They think we simply have a few minor policy quibbles with the Left. They think we would be able to settle these minor differences if it weren’t for the brutish Neanderthals who think it’s some kind of fight.

This group really peaked in 2016 after Donald Trump won the GOP primary.

I can’t tell if he’s a NeverTrumper. *Googles around* HAHAHAAAA! From Kelly’s Twitter:


1. I’ll never vote for Trump

2. But Gorsuch

3. It was just a small tax cut

4. Anyone would have deregulated

5. Screw it. I’m a Democrat.

Hmm, I’m liking Kelly. A couple more quotes from Twitter:

“How can you hypocritical evangelicals support Trump?!” Well, gee guys. Maybe because my choices were Trump or the party of infanticide

Call me when the Democrats are no longer the party of baby-murdering commies. Until then, I’m stuck with whoever the GOP nominates.

That’s about my level of Trump support, too. I’ve known too many celebrity politicians in California to have great hopes but the Lizard Queen alternative made for an easy choice.

If Kelly truly wants to die pointlessly on a false battlefield of “conservatism” then I understand why the Federalist published his ideas. Baby Boomers in their death throes want to burn it all instead of admitting their Brave New World was the Same Old Despotism. But there’s a better way to live: re-implementing the ideas America was founded upon in the first place. Christianity, individualism and patriarchy… but I repeat myself twice.

Nothing I’ve seen here makes me think Kelly is interested in reestablishing patriarchy. This explains why he thinks the situation is hopeless and (in a different Federalist paper) why we should break up the United States. Like TFM said, the key is in our hands… but what TFM didn’t say is that the key is Christianity. The needed laws will never be passed until the underlying rebellion against God is exposed and addressed.

Society doesn’t have patriarchy or small government because its leaders don’t want Father God. Not because the right laws haven’t yet been passed. On this point, Jesse Kelly is both correct and wrong: Some on the Right will flatly reject this. They think we simply have a few minor policy quibbles with the Left.

I am going down quietly, MGTOW monk style. No agenda. No desperate measures. I just try to live happy and on my own meager terms. It is amazingly effective. I can even live clean in the heart of corruption. That’s not because my faction is ascendant. That’s because I thank God for my daily food and follow His Son such as I find time & opportunity to. Was there ever more than this to being an American? Not really.


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