Federal Judge John Mendez Lied

U.S. District Judge John Mendez of Sacramento struck down one new state law that would penalize private employers for allowing immigration agents into their workplaces. But he said the state was not interfering with U.S. immigration policy in its main sanctuary law, which prohibits local police and sheriff’s offices and state authorities from notifying federal agents of the upcoming release dates of undocumented immigrants in local custody.

“California’s decision not to assist federal immigration enforcement in its endeavors is not an ‘obstacle’ to that enforcement effort,” said the judge, an appointee of President George W. Bush. “Standing aside does not equate to standing in the way.”


No, you backstabbing-from-the-bench Judge of Color, California didn’t decide to not cooperate with federal border control. It decided to outlaw cooperation with federal border control at the local & county levels in addition to state level. That is clear-cut obstruction of justice. Maybe Judge Mendez’s on-the-record lying will be enough to convince President Trump to stop wasting time cooperating with the bureaucracy that hates his guts.

I’m actually disappointed he overturned the private employer law. Implementing it would have pitted Federal cops squarely against local cops. I’d bring popcorn to a circus like that.

Per Wikipedia, Mendez was born in Oakland, did college at Stanford and law school at Harvard. No need to say more, save that President Bush was a scumbag. How could even a nominal conservative think about giving this fully credentialed socialist a judgeship?


One thought on “Federal Judge John Mendez Lied

  1. So tired of “republicans” out here in California telling me that “W Bush” was a Conservative in the tradition of Barry Goldwater. Excrement. He was a Texan. He spent just as much dollar for dollar as LBJ did. Got us embroiled in overseas war…..and somehow, someway…he’s “hailed” as protector of conservatism.

    Texans spend big, and talk big. LBJ was a Texan as well. So was former “lifetime” Speaker of the California Assembly / former Mayor of San Francisco Willie Brown.

    I am one of the five people in this fair state that would love to see the Congress and Senate say:

    Cut all federal money off to California until compliance with the federal government. That would get attention quickly………wishful thinking I know.

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