You Think Idaho Will Save You?

I stay in Commiefornia because there’s nowhere to go. A popular destination for Californian expats is Idaho. This post begins with the Narrative Failure that brought Idahoan refugees to my attention and ends with a picture of Satan’s Harem.

I’ll save you the effort of reading the article. A (((male))) went on a stabbing spree in a low-income housing complex for refugees in Boise. Nine victims including six children. Right off the bat, you know the unidentified suspect is not white. Whites from Idaho don’t butcher random children. In point of fact, the police had made an arrest before most of the initial news stories were published. Mug shot:

Color me shocked. Timmy Kinner… of Los Angeles? Stabbing children in Boise? Meh, it’s obviously drug trafficking, maybe some child trafficking, too. But what surprised me about all this is that Idaho has a state refugee resettlement program. A portrait emerges of NGO convergence and anti-nationalist malice.

Idaho entered the refugee resettlement arena in 1975 when Governor John Evans established the Indochinese Refugee Assistance Program in response to the need for all states to participate in the resettlement of refugees fleeing the overthrow of U.S. supported governments in Southeast Asia.  While the resettlement effort initially focused on refugees from Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos, it soon expanded in scope to include Eastern European refugees fleeing oppressive regimes of the Soviet era.  Over the years, the refugee groups resettling in Idaho have changed and become remarkably diverse, but the essential resettlement experience has remained constant throughout. 

The Hmong of Southeast Asia were America’s neoconservatism’s first experiment in planting ethnic colonies in America’s heartland like cancerous tumors. It was a poor experience for all concerned, which didn’t stop liberals and their Republican water-carriers from expanding the effort as quickly as possible.

1980’s:  Refugees arriving in Idaho during the decade of the 1980’s were primarily Southeast Asian and Eastern European.  Those coming from Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia were part of the ongoing exodus from the Communist domination of those countries. At the same time, refugees from Soviet-dominated Czechoslovakia, Poland, Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria were being resettled in increasing numbers.

Eastern Europe was fine; many Americans have backgrounds in those countries and those peoples have a history of assimilating. The Asians could have been written off as a good-intentioned but failed experiment… but wasn’t.

1990’s:  During the 1990’s Idaho resettled over 5,000 refugees, more than half of which were from Bosnia and Herzegovina.  Civil war, ethnic cleansing and unchecked violence forced millions of Bosnians to flee their homeland, and the subsequent impossibility of return for many led to a major resettlement effort by the U.S.  The other half of the refugees arriving in the 1990’s originated from other European countries, Africa, East Asia, the Near East, Central Asia and the Caribbean.

  • Bosnian Muslims subjected to ethnic cleansing and genocide
  • Croatian Serbs caught up in border conflicts and territorial disputes
  • Roma who were caught in the conflict ensuing from the breakup of Yugoslavia
  • Ethnic Albanians from Kosovo

What the hell? They settled Yugoslavia’s Muslims, Christian Serbs, Gypsies AND Albanians in the same place in the US? They were at war with each other over there! Thank God it’s didn’t happen in large enough numbers to import the conflict wholesale, although I suspect Ada County crime archives have some tales to tell.

2000’s:  Idaho has resettled individuals from  different countries between 2000 and 2017. While arrivals from these countries has grown and shrunk, recent arrivals include a large number of individuals from Iraq, Congo, Burma, Bhutan, Afghanistan, and Somalia.

Convergence achieved. Instead of importing victims of Communism, our refugee system began flooding USA with human trash. The Gulf Wars… we American people were lied to by the Bushes & media about EVERYTHING concerning those wars, weren’t we? Liberating poor Kuwait and changing hearts & minds, bah. It was a globalist offensive to build a pipeline for human trafficking. Also, oil.


One glance says these numbers are bullshit. The three largest categories alone add up to 139% and I doubt it’s a result of allowing multiple selections like “Somali Cubans”. Whatever. Of all those nations listed, the Russians and Mexicans are the only two nations I’m comfortable about having for a neighbor. Most of those nations are either Muslim nations and/or African cesspits… people who have no business existing in North America. This is a portrait of a white extinction program.

How can they do this to us, their own people? The answer is at the bottom of the linked page.

The [Idaho Office for Refugees] is a program of Jannus, Inc.

That sounds sinister. From Wikipedia: In ancient Roman religion and myth, Janus is the god of beginnings, gates, transitions, time, duality, doorways, passages, and endings. He is usually depicted as having two faces, since he looks to the future and to the past. … Janus presided over the beginning and ending of conflict, and hence war and peace. Notice that a state-level office overseeing refugee programs is being run by a private group. Let’s keep following the bread crumbs. Seems a very generic NGO from its webpage. I checked the staff directory, however, and of ten company officers nine are women. The one guy is the network admin. Here’s the CEO, Karan Tucker, middle, from Idaho Business Review:

Related image

She’s definitely a veteran of the carousel. On the left is Priscilla Salant, 2015 recipient of the Amiga del Año award from the Idaho Commission on Hispanic Affairs for political support of “the human rights issues that affect… Idaho’s growing Hispanic population.” On the right is a Somali Muslim owner of a children’s daycare and graduate of the University of Nairobi. Gotta teach the kids early! And Manosphere tribalists think Islam is a patriarchy.

An affiliate:

Jannus Economic Opportunity (EO) is one of three major initiatives of Jannus Inc., a nonprofit human services organization that also includes Public Policy and Community Health. Jannus EO removes barriers to transform lives and expand economic opportunity through education and support for those in need, especially underserved  groups such as women, immigrants, refugees, Latinos, Native Americans and Veterans.


Six women, one man. All look like ex-carousellers. Apologies for the picture not being right-sized.

Jannus is a witch coven named after the two-faced Roman god of change and is dedicated to white genocide.

Conservatives fleeing California and other liberal hellpits frequently choose Idaho as a “safe zone” but it took me one news story plus fifteen minutes on the Net to discover that the liberal corruption they flee is already institutionalized there at the state level. What began as a misguided effort to protect the victims of Communism has become a feminist-operated Dirty Needle of Color jabbed directly into our nation’s heart.


4 thoughts on “You Think Idaho Will Save You?

  1. Brave California liberals also move to Idaho to escape taxes, and then implement the same polices for the reasons why they came to Idaho. Singer / songwriter Carole King comes to mind.


  2. ‘Jannus is a witch coven named after the two-faced Roman god of change and is dedicated to white genocide.’

    It’s all out there in plain sight. Ex- carousel women and their blatant pagan idolatry of feminism and open borders. Only it goes from letting any man into them to letting any immigrant into their land.


  3. “Brave California liberals also move to Idaho to escape taxes, and then implement the same polices for the reasons why they came to Idaho.”

    I know it’s a thing but they aren’t doing more than accelerating a preexisting trend. I was able to check the bios of about half these women and none came from California. Mostly native Idahoans.

    If your women vote then you’re next.

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