Radioactive Barbie

The following was posted on Davis Aurini’s blog with the notation that it had been scrubbed off LinkedIn after two weeks of popularity. Taking him at his word, I’m reposting it here for archival purposes… but I still gotta be me and fisk it good.

Congratulations #Metoo…You’ve Made Women Employees Radioactive
Published on June 10, 2018

As a corporate CEO I now have a fiduciary duty to avoid hiring women

We. Told. You. So. Signed, your every male employee with fuck-you money.

I was having lunch the other day with my group of fellow CEOs…some current and some former. I asked the question: “Well, who has gotten that visit from the corporate lawyer, advising you to avoid hiring women executives”. Every one in the group groaned and looked away. The message was clear. They had ALL gotten that visit.

As a corporate CEO, I have an fiduciary and moral obligation to my employees, NOT to do something stupid that will destroy the company and throw them out into a very hard and dangerous world. The streets of Silicon Valley are full of RVs and campers with homeless former engineers and former managers, many with no health insurance. I am obligated by law and by custom not to add my people to that list.

A bit of an exaggeration but not by much. It’s mostly technicians and service workers–food, hotel, schoolteachers, law enforcement–living la vida dumpster. I can tell this guy is a flaming liberal of a CEO because he talks about health insurance as if it was equally important to shelter.

That’s why I can’t hire women.

Are you apologizing? Please don’t tell me you WANT to hire women instead of men, you… flaming liberal… uh-oh.

Even before #Metoo, hiring women came with a significant risk. I’ve seen several small companies wiped out by some angry ex-employee claiming some sort of sexual harassment. In each and every case, the company leaders honestly tried to prevent the problem, but were wiped out anyway. “$150K just to walk in the front door” says any law firm. That’s enough to destroy most startups.

Any law firm that doesn’t want to live in an RV. It’s actually not a bad idea–everybody can have a corner office!

As a CEO I have a legal obligation to avoid risk. Because of #Mettoo, women walk in the door with the metaphorical equivalent of a suicide bomb strapped to their back. The slightest wrong move, the slightest insult, and BANG. Everybody is dead.

In the past it was just a few women who had this tendency to use lawsuits to destroy. Now in the era of #Metoo, it has become fashionable. Even the not-so-bright receptionist I hire as a temp is on the lookout for her moment of perceived fame.

As a CEO there is absolutely nothing I can do to prevent a clash, when women are so eager to take offense. Human sexuality is wired into every man and women. Even if I install webcams and watch every single second of every interaction, having training classes, and instill fear in my male employees, there will inevitably be some action that some man will take, maybe on purpose, maybe accidentally, that will cause some woman to take offense and sue. I am unable to prevent it, just as I can’t prevent someone from passing gas after lunch.

Three words: Sexual Harassment Waiver. Call that corporate lawyer back into the room and order him to make it happen. Or, require a $150k deposit from new female hires void upon the filing of a lawsuit. Now you aren’t refusing to hire women; they’re refusing to work for you! Not your fault!

Litigation is the business equivalent of nuclear war. It only destroys. Now every woman walking into my HR department is carrying a nuclear launch button on her sleeve, and is being goaded by their friends to USE IT! Every other employee in that company — male and female — has a mortgage and family expenses, and is looking with fear at that new female hire.

This is what generals call an “asymmetric threat”. I have zero control, almost no preventative measures, and huge, deadly risk.

That leaves me and other smart CEOs with only one solution: stop hiring women. And that is what’s happening, quickly or slowly, at every small startup all over the country. Will we be sued for not hiring women? Nope. Hard to prove. Penalties actually quite unlikely.

Good point. I’ve noticed that men are so eager to please women that the incidence of civil disobedience is nil in USA. Forget about a hot civil war, I’d be happy to see business leaders simply ignore gov’t decrees and see if it ever notices.

To my granddaughters who are just entering the workforce, and to the many wonderful women who long ago learned to ignore male clumsiness and just get the job done — I can only say how sorry and sad I am to see this. Unfortunately, you women have been betrayed by a group of radical women who are, to put it bluntly, fools. They are dragging you into a conflict which will leave you burned and the men in your lives burned. Everyone will get burned except the lawyers and the activists who will, as always, sit back and profit from the war they created.

You pussy-slurping white knight. You ARE apologizing for not being able to continue hiring women instead of men! “The many wonderful women who long ago learned to ignore male clumsiness,” bah. Here, let me help with with your man card.  *rip*

Maybe there will be comments from women telling me “I don’t get it” or “You’ll get sued.” Um, no. I get it just fine. I’m just speaking a harsh truth, that people don’t like. Listen.

And that’s why you posted this anonymously, because ‘maybe’ there’ll be ‘a group of radical women’ threatening to sue you. You know who the enemy is–women wanting to compete against men in the workplace instead of serving them in the kitchen & bed–and you’re upset you cannot safely continue to underwrite their destructive behavior.


6 thoughts on “Radioactive Barbie

  1. If the white knights, the simps, the CONservatives and the liberals are starting to even get the smallest hint of red pill…that’s a good thing. I don’t expect them to give up their fantasy easily…but they are showing signs of coming out of willful ignorance.

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  2. Appeasement only lasts until the crocodile starts eating them.

    What male femininst don’t get until the very end…feminists hate them anyway, loyalty to the ethos doesn’t matter.

    They’d get much more knowledge in learning the things that make them repellent to feminists than to try and get them to like them.

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  3. That was fun. I hope some more true confessions along those lines turn up.

    “The many wonderful women who long ago learned to ignore male clumsiness,”

    So conditioned he is, that writing in anonymity he still can’t take the chance of not including something like that. Winning will be when guys like that say it ironically instead of fearfully looking over the shoulder.


  4. I work in the oil industry, in an on-site (out on the oil rigs for weeks at a time) job called “mudlogging”. I know of multiple small- to medium-sized companies that do what I do that will NOT hire a single female for this work. Two of those companies have a woman as one of their top two principals; both hired ONE female, and saw trouble and drama of a level and deviousness they’d never seen from any male employee, even the worst ones.
    Related: the percentage of women in my major in my graduating class: about 35%.
    The percentage I have seen doing the same job as me, out on oil rigs? Under 5%.


  5. Maybe I should switch to oil work next time I’m on the market. I’m sorely tempted to put on my resume “For my professional safety, I refuse to ever work alongside or under a woman.” I’d be either blacklisted or moved to the front of the line and either would be acceptable.

    I’m burned out on working with women. They’re inferior to men, don’t respect me and ruin the workplace as a way to make friends. But changing jobs in order to avoid women is a problematic endeavor.


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