Have A Reason For Your Beliefs

Listening to Coltaine at my work for inspiration–Father’s Day season is a low point for MGTOWs as well as many fathers–he made a side accusation against Christians that is worth consideration. He complained that the reasons Christians give for believing as we do are not the reasons we believe; that we’re only giving reasons to justify what we would believe anyway. (Context was the alt-right’s “race realism” fixations.)

On one hand, this is what you’d expect in a debate. The purpose of debate is to convince other people, not yourself, so you use arguments that other people might find convincing whether you do or not. On the other hand, I look at the holy ground wasteland of certified emo-manginas and it’s not hard at all to believe they’re Christian because they believe in free child care, happy feelings and a guaranteed pension. If the Sky God turns out to be real, too, then happy coincidences all around. Consequently, fraud and deceit have become the new normal of Christendom.

I follow Christ for two reasons. One, life on Earth was created; it is not plausibly the result of random events. Two, women will destroy themselves rebelling against men and men will destroy themselves to follow women in their rebellion. Only Christianity can account for this fatal flaw in the human soul.

Note that my reasons are falsifiable. If someone shows me how random mutations could easily have created life as we know it, or if someone proves that dominant women & submissive men is actually good for society, then my faith in Christ would collapse. I doubt such proofs will appear but they could. My ultimate loyalty is to truth, not Jesus, so I’m open to my beliefs being proven wrong. Jesus Himself is okay with this, having claimed to be the embodiment of truth, and thus far His claim seems correct.

It’s plausible for someone to follow Christ for reasons that can’t be proven, for example visions & dreams. This worked for no less than Saint Paul on the famous Road to Damascus, whereas God living as an easily verifiable man and miracle worker was barely convincing for Saint Peter. In fact, hallucinations seem more effective at convincing people to believe in Christ than facts. For all my careful reasoning, I’ve not converted a single soul that I know of.

I have the same complaint about atheists. Too many times, I’ve explained away one objection after another only to watch the goalposts move like Mexican jumping beans. The level of ego protection with respect to religion is insane for all sides.

Have a reason for whatever you believe but please, stop a moment and ensure it is the real reason. The world has enough insanity and hidden motives already.


3 thoughts on “Have A Reason For Your Beliefs

  1. ‘For all my careful reasoning, I’ve not converted a single soul that I know of.’

    Conversion seems to be more of a heart matter than a intellect matter.


  2. One, life on Earth was created; it is not plausibly the result of random events.
    My maternal grandfather had a phd in physics. He helped create the US nuclear arsenal then they switched him to guidance systems and then he desgined nuclear reactors for aircraft carriers.

    He always claimed the math on evolution didn’t hold up. In the darkest days of my faith, that’s what I clinged to.

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  3. He always claimed the math on evolution didn’t hold up.

    Which part I wonder.

    The near infinite series of sequentially ordered and mutually supporting chance events? Unbridled high speed and chaotic expansion of previously eternally existing matter, that continues to this day, nevertheless sustaining the planetary and solar juxtaposition such that earth as we know it (whilst a little wobbly on its axis) remains precisely positioned relative to its sun so that it’s not too hot, not too cold, retains drinking water and an atmosphere with a breathable nitrogen/oxygen mix?

    Previously eternally existing non-living chemicals spontaneously aggregating themselves into a living organism, complete with mitochondrial DNA, that eventually develops eyeballs and locomotion such that it can emerge from the ocean, evolve into a hyper-advanced version of the mighty monkey on its way to becoming the Soy Boy that we all know and sneer at today?

    Surely our luck can be mapped mathematically. We have supercomputers for that.

    He who sits in the heavens laughs.

    Soli Deo Gloria my friends.

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