Putting His Eyeballs Where His Mouth Is

Levi Tillemann, political hopeful and former Obama butt-kisser, gets pepper-sprayed voluntarily to demonstrate its suitability as a replacement for firearms. It’s worth watching just for the lulz:

I must say, the demonstration was convincing… at showing how useless pepper spray is. Please contrast it to this randomly chosen demonstration of the suitability of the firearm as a gun violence deterrent:

In one of these demonstrations, the affected target remains capable of running to a bucket of water, rinsing off and worst of all, complaining about how much it hurts. In the other demonstration, the target stops and doesn’t move or talk again until the meat wagon pick-up. Which do you think would be more effective at stopping a school shooting?

The “gun control issue” has been iterated to the point we can all acknowledge what it’s really about: liberals want law-abiding citizens disarmed so the Elites’ dark utopia can be coerced upon us. They’ve been using Orwell’s 1984 as a how-to manual long enough that nobody keeping up the pretenses of “public safety” can possibly be honest.

The simple fact that Mr. Tillemann was willing to be sprayed in the first place demonstrates how weak pepper is at disabling a man. I will not be demonstrating the effectiveness of my guns upon myself because they ARE effective at disabling a man. Meanwhile, leave pepper spray to its primary job of dispersing mobs.

Police: “Protesters! Go home! You are blocking the streets!”

SJWs: [chanting] “No justice no peace!”

*Police deploy pepper*

SJWs: “IT BURNS! I’m going home to wash it off.” *drives away*

And that’s about all it’s good for.


One thought on “Putting His Eyeballs Where His Mouth Is

  1. Way back when I use to teach a rape safe class I would start the 1st day of the class by spraying myself in the face with whatever the ladies had, then I would teach the class.

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