Tim Draper’s Non-Solution

Draper’s ballot initiative to break up California 3-way is cleared for the November election.

While breaking up California in any way will end Sacramento’s junta, this particular solution is unacceptable because we have a democracy, where one high-population city can rule like a dictator over thousands of square miles of agricultural/rural land.

NorCal would be controlled exclusively by the Gay Area from the Golden Gate Bridge to Sacramento. Everybody outside that corridor wouldn’t see or hear a politician for their entire lives, only their Commissars.

Cal would be better named Los Angeles And Its Salinas Valley Breadbasket Bitch. Gerrymandering, hello?

SoCal is Baja Norte. It’d make a perfect dumping ground for Latino migrant hordes, a straight shot from the non-border to Central Valley slave plantations. Notice how Gerrymandered Cal forces SoCal to be effectively landlocked, ensuring poverty and Elite control of the water supply.

And the new states are still too big, if the goal here is “more manageable size”.

Liberals won’t support this plan, either, because the southern half of California is entirely dependent on the aqueducts from Northern California for survival. A less malicious leadership would embrace desalination of the ocean next door instead of relying exclusively on thousands of miles of aqueduct running through earthquake county for drinking water but hey, these are the Crazy Years. Why build antifragile infrastructure when you can pay illegal immigrants to trash it all instead?

That’s why I don’t have a solution to California myself. It’s not that California is ungovernably large, it’s that every politician at every level of government hates First-World Western Christianity and wants us all to die at the exact moment they can no longer run up more debts in our names. I mean that literally.

Why break up California when all the new governments will be the exact same? Until evil starts getting punished, there’s just no point.

Tim Draper… hmm, he was one of the original investors in Theranos and stood by Elizabeth Holmes to the end. Also a proponent of school vouchers, a stupid idea, and funded previous breakup efforts. While I don’t object to the idea that California would be better off split up, the fact of the idea being pushed by a big-league venture capitalist sounds like a serious conflict of interest. Just a couple strategic land acquisitions in “Cal” could make Draper a modern-day robber baron.

Edit: Graphic with better names.


Another edit, a poll that shows why breaking up California is not a solution:

San Fransisco


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