The Problem Of Incels

…Is that incels are innocent.

Rollo Tomassi has a very thought-provoking post on Incels that I’ve been mulling over for a few days. The incel’s place in society is a difficult concept even for a incel like me (if I haven’t timed out of inceldom by age curing my libido) because there’s two types of incels being used in common parlance today. One type is imaginary.


The issue of potentially violent sexless men is not hard to understand. Our society is entirely gynocentric today; low-SMV men are forced to participate in the gynocracy while simultaneously being punished for not being part of the gynocracy. Cue all kinds of psychiatric issues like sex changes and persecution complexes. But violence, at least in the form of mass murder, is actually rare because it takes a serious level of nihilism to kill lots of strangers for no gain, enough that I doubt virgins on killing sprees is ever going to be a real problem.

Rollo theorizes that such a level of nihilism can be created by the inability to participate in the Blue Pill narrative. I believe that’s not true because lesser levels of violence (drugs, rape-rape, thrill-seeking) can acquire sex even for the most unsexy, not to mention legal alternatives such as porn. Some men are violent and some are sexless; the occasional intersection of the two groups is never going to be a systemic problem for society. While men want to support the gynocracy as a consequence of the Fall, the primary driving force in sexuality for men is sex not approval. Supporting my theory, Rollo himself identifies contributing factors such as fatherlessness & autism.

This is where I segue into the imaginary type of incel, at the fact that male participation in the gynocracy is motivated by the Fall of Eden.

The easiest way for a man to appear high-value to women is to destroy the other men around him. Literally in the case of warlords, metaphorically or rhetorically more commonly. Destroying is always easier than creating.

With the restraint of lifetime monogamy gone, men are in a state of constant competition for female approval. Incels make the easiest target so they’re attacked savagely. Reminiscent of the schoolyard, it’s the manginas at midlevel SMV that do the most bullying because they’re the most insecure about their status.

But their target of violently unstable incels doesn’t exist. It’s still incredibly rare for an incel to go on a killing spree or even force himself on a woman. The hatred is entirely unwarranted with no rationale offered. The manginas NEED incels to be a threat in order to justify the attacks & hatred they want to express regardless.

And there’s the devilish fix. An ever-shrinking pool of men must try ever harder to destroy the men around them ever more thoroughly until his own turn inevitably comes. Cthulhu will eat him last… or not.

Rollo suggests that the problem incels face is having the emotional agility to adopt the Red Pill when it is forced on them before they’re ready. But he doesn’t realize, incels aren’t a byproduct of feminism. They’re the strawman that fuels feminism. If one could push a button and make all incels vanish, feminism would immediately produce a new crop.

The problem our society faces is religious, not sociosexual. Unchecked feminism will leave no survivors, no winners of any kind, yet our society is hurtling into that void as eagerly as it can because supporting Eve’s rebellion is more important than even self-preservation.

That’s why unplugging men from the Matrix is so difficult in the first place. Men want to be led by women. Even successful men. The Goddess is our default religion.

I don’t wonder that the likes of PUAhate exist. Those who’ve been barred from any chance of success naturally hate those who have success, especially if the success appears to come easily–PUA gurus should maybe not sell themselves so aggressively. But it’s one thing to resent success and another to kill Bob because Mike gets laid like tile.

I close with a prediction: most incel rampages will be false flags because the gynocracy NEEDS to hate incels much more than incels need to lash out ineffectively at society.


2 thoughts on “The Problem Of Incels

  1. The issue of potentially violent sexless men is not hard to understand.

    No expert on the topic but seems to me most of the incle’s I can recall who did something violent werent ugly, misshapen etc etc so my guess is their whole inability to get laid stemmed from their mental problems.

    Tldr, I reckon they were headed on that path way before lack of sex became an issue.


  2. ‘That’s why unplugging men from the Matrix is so difficult in the first place. Men want to be led by women. Even successful men. The Goddess is our default religion.’

    And that’s why weak men don’t screw feminism up….they keep it going.


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