Divine Eros

Had an exchange on Dalrock’s in which I proposed that God’s desire for human companionship is comparable to male sexuality in strength.


I didn’t think it would be as objectionable as it turned out to be; after all, it’s commonly accepted that God designed marriage (and by extension, human sexuality) to be symbolic of the desired relationship between Christ and the Church. Is it unreasonable, then, to think the male sex drive is meant to illustrate the strength of God’s jealous desire for human followers? We always focus on the Church “bride” being loyal and obedient without thinking much about the male side. What’s in it for God?

Here’s the situation: We humans have nothing of material value to offer God. He can make servants more capable and loyal than humans in unlimited numbers. He made reality in one week. And yet, God is constantly involved with humanity to the point of living and dying as a human. He sacrificed Himself “while we were yet sinners”. (Romans 5:8) Maybe we Christians are just overexposed to this but come on, Crucifying yourself to forgive your enemies is not a rational, calm, impartial decision.

If all God wanted was obedient humans then He would have nuked Adam & Eve and started over. He wouldn’t have spared Noah when He finally resorted to the hard reset. He would not be tolerating the devil running loose today.

Again, what is God getting for His sacrifice? For all the centuries He’s invested in us? He’s either getting something of great value or behaving randomly. Answer, what He *is* getting from us is gratitude. Hero worship. Respect. So, that’s what God must want… badly enough to literally die for it.

We live in an age in which nobody asks what the husband wants out of a marriage. We simply assume that men keep jumping into the marriage grinder. I don’t just mean the feminists and Churchians, either; common Manosphere advice is that the only reason to marry is to have children. Which is still neglecting men’s primary motivation to get married. We’re never going to have healthy marriages until the male desire for sex is acknowledged, emphasized and centralized.

Similarly, we aren’t going to understand God’s involvement with humanity until we understand and cooperate with His motivation in doing so. It isn’t obedience; that was the lesson of the Old Testament. “Follow my rules and I’ll be nice to you.” Epic fail. Pharisaical letter-perfect obedience. Epic fail. New Testament: “God with us”. Epic win. Even in the OT, badly disobedient men like Samson and Jonah were still highly regarded, or at least never abandoned, by God.

Feral women who won’t put out for hubby remind me of the Book of Judges. The people suffer, God cares and rescues them, but instead of being grateful the people turn on Him the moment immediate danger has passed. Stupid for the humans… but God kept falling for the scam like He didn’t know any better. One would think a purely rational God wouldn’t make mistakes like that. One would be right.

Simply put, God is eager for our admiration and respect in the same way an ordinary guy is eager for porn star sex, up to and including making a fool of himself in the effort to get it. This is apparently a scandalous thought. People would rather think of God as some impartial, remote observer who doesn’t really care about us but wants to help us get things right on general principles, or something. To the contrary, God chose to live His mortal life almost entirely as an ordinary guy in small-town Israel. He chose to have friends instead of being a superhero demigod righting all the wrongs of the blood-soaked Roman Empire.

God’s problem with humanity is not that we do wrong or have problems or are limited in capability. His problem is we don’t appreciate Him as much as He badly wants us to.

They say Hell hath no fury like a jilted lover. They’re mistaken. The architect of Hell IS the Jilted Lover: God. Consider that after God claims His followers, He’s going to torture the remainder of humanity for eternity in order to savor the pleasure of their hopeless, doomed screams. Deleting them from reality instead would be more efficient and merciful; God clearly doesn’t intend to be efficient or merciful with them ever again.

Meanwhile, I plan to get a free ride through eternity by being useless, fun and grateful. I’ll be useless anyway so yeah, I’ll make a point of getting the frisky on however God likes it.


3 thoughts on “Divine Eros

  1. Well there are two things about God which are evident through both OT and NT.

    He has the greatest ocean of mercy for our sins if we repent and turn to Him…and He has the greatest wrath if we don’t.

    As powerful as the male sex drive is…it’s is but a dim reflection of the desire God has for us.


  2. I believe you are correct. The Song of Solomon alludes to a number of religious symbols. And, if you’ll excuse the expression, “cock worship” is a real thing… secretly desired by both men and women. And we know that the marriage union reveals Christ and the Church.


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