Alt-Hero #2 Review

This was a better effort than the first one. Production values remain excellent. More superhero characters are still being introduced but this time, the comic does a better job of presenting motivations and abilities. In #1, the protagonist was introduced as a ready-made superhero able to fend off a large paramilitary ambush before being recruited … Continue reading Alt-Hero #2 Review

They Woke the Cops

Several media outlets have recently been complaining that hate crimes are systematically under-reported. California even passed legislation trying to force police to increase their discovery rates of hate crimes. Behold glorious pushback! Cops Arrested a Black Man. He Called Them Nazis, So He Was Charged With a Hate Crime. Police officers in Crafton, Pennsylvania, arrested … Continue reading They Woke the Cops

Fried Ice the Handgun Edition

I guess we'll see if all those NRA "from my cold, dead fingers" types actually meant it. SAN FRANCISCO  — The California Supreme Court on Thursday threw out a lawsuit that sought to invalidate a state law requiring new models of semi-automatic handguns to stamp identifying information on bullet casings. The court ruled unanimously … Continue reading Fried Ice the Handgun Edition

Radioactive Barbie

The following was posted on Davis Aurini's blog with the notation that it had been scrubbed off LinkedIn after two weeks of popularity. Taking him at his word, I'm reposting it here for archival purposes... but I still gotta be me and fisk it good. Congratulations #Metoo…You’ve Made Women Employees Radioactive Published on June … Continue reading Radioactive Barbie

Breeding Ignorance

Having large families in times of crisis/instability is BAD. Not a sin, mind, but something you want to consider very carefully before going against God's advice to not marry (ref. 1 Corinthians 7). It's quite possible that the swiftly declining birth rate among whites today will prove to be God's final kindness to the human … Continue reading Breeding Ignorance

Feminism Spares Nobody

This is an epitaph for Roseanne Bar, who just had a public, final meltdown while apologizing on a Jewish rabbi's show. Roseanne Barr Breaks Down While Explaining Her Racist Tweet: 'I've Lost Everything' Roseanne Barr broke down in tears during a podcast interview posted on Saturday, as she apologized for her racist tweet that resulted in the cancellation of her … Continue reading Feminism Spares Nobody

Eurydice Dixon Died Stupid

A woman on Dalrock's requested a review of the Eurydice Dixon murder in Melbourne. It's tame by Los Angeles standards but I do enjoy true-crime stories and it's significant to MGTOW, so I'll break my rule and give advice to women. One time. When Eurydice Dixon finished her comedy gig at a Melbourne bar last … Continue reading Eurydice Dixon Died Stupid