Putting His Eyeballs Where His Mouth Is

Levi Tillemann, political hopeful and former Obama butt-kisser, gets pepper-sprayed voluntarily to demonstrate its suitability as a replacement for firearms. It's worth watching just for the lulz: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6UYurrW7GVg I must say, the demonstration was convincing... at showing how useless pepper spray is. Please contrast it to this randomly chosen demonstration of the suitability of the … Continue reading Putting His Eyeballs Where His Mouth Is

Sola Fide

Confusion between faith and works is perennial because the two can't be separated. Humans are irrational. We tend to do what we believe and believe in whatever we happen to do. The simplest way to make sense of it is this: God owes you nothing, ever. You can live an amazing life and accomplish great … Continue reading Sola Fide

Congress Votes To Nationalize Law Enforcement

An opinion piece from The Hill clues me in to a quiet yet ominous vote: http://thehill.com/opinion/criminal-justice/392121-our-police-deserve-to-be-protected-but-congress-proposes-wrong-idea The House of Representatives recently observed Police Week by passing the Protect and Serve Act. The vote, at 382-35, was as lopsided as the bill is misguided. Although paved with good intentions, the bill would duplicate state laws, erode federalism, and … Continue reading Congress Votes To Nationalize Law Enforcement

Why Don’t You Want To Register Your Guns?

This is why. http://freebeacon.com/issues/california-man-home-raided-guns-confiscated-trying-register-firearm A California man had his home raided, guns seized, and will appear in court this week to face a dozen state felony charges after attempting to register a rifle in accordance with state law. Jeffrey Scott Kirschenmann attempted to register an AR-15 with the California Department of Justice last month but … Continue reading Why Don’t You Want To Register Your Guns?

Why Nobody Noticed

The remarkable part of the feminist takeover of the Southern Baptists is that very few of the laity appear to notice. This suggests that there aren't any Christians in the Baptists. The truth is worse: Christians are nonparticipants in the Church. Nothing we say or do is allowed to change anything. We don't care about the … Continue reading Why Nobody Noticed

Wicked Witch Nancy Carol Hastings Sehested

What a mouthful. It's like she gave a name to every voice inside her head. Dalrock unearthed her feminist vendetta against Paige Patterson for disfellowing her, a worse punishment in Christian circles than excommunication, but he only scratched the tip of this Ice Queen-berg. First, a picture to warn away the weak-minded: "Reverend" Nancy Carol … Continue reading Wicked Witch Nancy Carol Hastings Sehested

California Chooses to Die

More specifically, Sacramento is trying to kill us Californians. http://pjmedia.com/trending/californians-may-have-to-choose-between-showers-and-laundry-with-new-55-gallon-water-limit/ Late last week California Governor Jerry Brown signed into law two bills aimed at conserving water in the drought-stricken state. Unfortunately for California residents, the draconian measures will severely curtail their ability to complete acts of daily living that people in the rest of the … Continue reading California Chooses to Die