A Self-Destructing Alpha

For the funny files.

A Marin County rape suspect told a judge Thursday that he would not have committed such a crime because “I’m a good-looking guy” and the accuser “is 300 pounds, no exaggeration.”

Izell Lewis, 26, of San Rafael, also denied the allegations in a separate case in which he is charged with exposing himself to an Uber driver and masturbating in front of her. That allegedly occurred while he was free on bail in the rape case.

Lewis, a competitive boxer and fitness trainer, made the comments after a lengthy day of court proceedings in which he asserted his constitutional right to be his own lawyer.

Judge Andrew Sweet consented reluctantly after vetting Lewis’ comprehension of his actions.

“This is a terrible idea,” Sweet said.


Izell Lewis. (IJ photo/2016)

Izell Lewis

Gotta agree with the judge on this one, although an “I’m a small guy and she’s 300 pounds, who forced who upon whom?” defense is worth exploring. Presuming innocence until conviction is hard when one is charged with indecent exposure while on parole for rape after firing his lawyer to make an “I’m too sexy to dumpster dive” defense.

The lawyer had just completed the legwork on invalidating the evidence’s search warrant.

They say that hypergamy encourages women to breed with the genetic fittest of men. But who would have guessed that the genetic fittest of men are overwhelmingly convicted felons and gymbros? Meanwhile, Izell is living proof that being Alpha doesn’t mean you have a future.


5 thoughts on “A Self-Destructing Alpha

  1. Probably because the wattering down of the definition of hypergamy is visible.

    Hypergamy is all about marrying into a higher class…having sex with random men you think are tingle inducing isn’t really hypergamy, it’s being a promiscous slut.


  2. No hyper gammy is about acquiring genes that will produce childern who can surrive brutal, nasty shit. Social classes with a large distinction is rather recent. Violent men who are not risk averse tend to surrive all sorts of shit storms because they will do things nice guy betas will not. Course too violent/ to risk taking creates it’s own problems but surviving our not to distant evolutionary pass favored men who were to some degree more violent and less risk averse then cooperative

    Once again earl you are doing the betas are the real alpha falacey.


  3. Hyper gammy as commonly understood in the man o sphere has never been about social class earl. I know you are not a rookie in the man o sphere so your attempts to redefine things is bush league


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